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Country United States
State New York
City New York City
Address 133 E 58th St Midtown East
Phone 973-9101306


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  • Dec 6, 2018

I purchased one of Ventus' products with the intent of trying it out, seeing as they had a guarantee on their site. Eventually, I began noticing a lot of sketchy things which confirmed my disposition that i should of never bought from these scammers things such as: - Ventus changing its refund policy to make it technically impossible to claim a refund. Here's a supporting screenshot of their paradoxical refund guarantee: In order for you to receive the product, you need to sign a contract. As the screenshot above states, the act of signing the contract to receive what you paid for basically voids the refund policy. This is paradoxical in nature and pure BS.

After I called them out on it (As seen in the screenshot above). They changed their policy back to normal (Screenshot of current refund policy) So heres where the interesting part comes in.

I was assign to a person by the name of Liam Sven. Liam Sven claimed to work at a company called tribesocks and used the email [email protected] to communicate with me. Eventually, I decided to see if Liam Sven claimed to be who he was. I couldnt find any evidence to show Liam was associated with tribesocks so i decided to contact the company. What i was told was startling to say the least. In this screenshot, You see Bakdrop (also known as Tribesocks) mention that Liam Sven is NOT associated with their company and that it is a SCAM. I called them out on this and this is the last message they sent. I've made numerous attempts to contact them. All have been ignored. I even went on their live chat. The moment i mentioned the issue in the conversation was the moment the rep suddenly stop responding in live chat. It's honestly sickening and I hope my report prevents more people from getting scammed by this ''business''. There are other negative reviews of this company out there saying it is a scam.

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