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Venetian Masonry

Country United States
State Michigan
City Clinton Township
Address 38378 Lesha St
Phone (586) 899-2022

Venetian Masonry Reviews

  • Jan 19, 2019

I found this company via home advisor. They came out and provided a quote to construct a 1000 sq. ft patio in my backyard in June. I had all the materials on hand, so the quote consisted of labor. To secure a start date, I provided a 50% deposit ($5800) to the company in early July via PayPal. They estimated the work would take 5 days and quoted me for $11,700 for the labor and their estimated start date in early August.

In August they came over when they were supposed to start the project and did not start. They claim that there were materials in the way of their work area and that I wasn't ready. These materials are for the patio and have been in my driveway for 6 months. Part of the quote was to install these materials. They are very manual in their technique. No heavy machinery was used, and the materials were easily passable. They also maintain that they had reserved 3 weeks in August for my job that they couldn't start due to these materials in the way.

The ones that they were supposed to install.

I have been contacting them for months asking when they would be coming back, and they continue to move the date around. I personally rearranged the materials to make their job easier. They finally came back to work in November and December for a few days. They put in some retaining wall and moved some crushed concrete and claim that it required more crushed than quoted and that is the cause for the delay.

They haven't been back since early December. Recently I received a citation from the city for the materials being in the driveway for over 6 mos. This could result in a misdemeanor and a large fine for every day they are not removed. I had to hire another landscaping company to move them. Venetian did not show up to help when I told them about it. They also said that there is no rush on the work because I can't use it anyways.

I purchased a hot tub last summer that I have not been able to use, and it may be broken due to being stored on its side while waiting for the patio to be built. They continue doing other jobs and make excuses. I have reached out to Venetian Masonry to resolve these issues and they have not showed up to our agreed upon meeting times. I currently have 0 sq. ft constructed of a 1000 sq. ft patio that was supposed to be completed in August that was quoted in June. They said it was no problem that they work throughout the Winter. Maybe at other jobs, but not at ours. It doesn’t seem to be very high on their priority list. I would not recommend this contractor.

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