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Country United States
State Alaska
Website Reviews

  • Sep 6, 2017

This guy is just the true embodiment of a scam. You can smell him a mile away. Smells like curry mixed with feces because he doesn't wipe good. Guy has so many negative reviews on him, it is beyond me on why people still buy. Hello people, do you do google searches on this guy? Everyone says he is a scam, yet people still complain that they got scammed after the fact.

Listen people, if he has so many negative reviews, then there is a good reason for it.

Do yourself a favor, save the headaches and buy from trusted sellers like the aspkin forums or even auction essistance.

This guy's website is down for a reason, because he has scammed so many people, the fbi is after him.

  • May 15, 2017

Wouldn't Bother - Like Everyone Said - Scam

Bought from this thief despite reading the reviews. Thought people were making stuff up, but me being me, I was stupid enough to not believe them.

After 1 week and no response, I realized I got scammed. Should have thought twice and believe the reviews.

Wish I would have bought from Auction Essistance instead because they did actually provide.

  • Jan 15, 2017

Been Scammed Just Like The Rest Of Them

He will make you believe that he is not a scammer when you talk to him on skype, but the moment you send money, he will make up excuses on why he cannot provide. After 24 hours, he will delete you from skype and block you from his website. You cannot get your money back because he only accepts payments with no seller protection.

Avoid this guy and save your money.

Only sellers I found that were trustworthy are and

  • Oct 8, 2016

Was Openly Scammed By Them & Had My Identity Stolen

This website is full of malicious spyware, adware and malware that steals information from your computer. He not only stole my credit cards, bank accounts and my identity, but he emptied my bank and maxed out my credit cards.

He does not deliver anything and he also asks you for identification to complete the transaction. Many have fallen victim to that which is why he is wanted by all authorities. Do not trust this website at all.

I buy all of my VCCs and VBAs from Auction Essistance.

  • Jun 30, 2016

Pure Scam And Owner Of Other Scam Websites

Absolutely trash of a website. This scammer as stole millions off of people. He is the owner of lightvcc, cheapvccs, buyvcc, cheapvba, vccghana and a host of other scam websites.

Do not do business with this guy or he will steal your money, hack your computer and empty your bank accounts.

Only buy from sellers on the Aspkin forums or Auction Essistance.

  • Apr 16, 2016

Dont use to buy vcc cards because this site is scam.

They promises up to 24-hour delivery. I didn't recieved nothing 3 days and afther many emails to them, they send me two cards wich are expired months

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