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Vanyil LLC

Country United States
State Virginia
City Herndon
Address 2508 Glenlawn Pl #100
Phone 703-596-3355

Vanyil LLC Reviews

  • Aug 9, 2017

My interection with this company was terrible to say the least (I never had to put up with such incompetence before). The socalled control freak 'co-founder' of this LLC contacted me after he was copied on a few emails that went back on forth on a contract position I initially accepted through them finding me for Bank of America (yea, go figure - BOA outsources to get an American back here in the states). First the recruiter mislabled my title, then because I was in a location (because I was celebrating my birthday) where I couldn't fax things back right away, they told me to print out the documents and scan them back to them using an app. The recruiterinitially only contacted me through text messages (I should have known better) and not email. I was then contacted (not introduced) by someone else in their office that requested I fill out paperwork now online and send it over. I resent them added info from my hand printed docs before because I didn't have a computer and then this co-founder got on the phone with me and talked to me like "I" was the stupid one.

He wouldn't let me talk, spoke to me in a demeaning and patronizing manner and belittled the fact that I have owned my S-Corporation (unlike them having an LLC) for 11 years. Stating MANY people do that in contracting". I ended up hanging up on them. And THEY're supposed to be representing Bank of America and belittling me as the contractor that Bank of America wants to hire?

This "guy" - don't know what his problem is - maybe he can't believe a woman should be in power. But I canceled the contract and unfort. Bank of America most likely thinks it's because of the person that wanted to hire me. They wouldn't even give me the name of the person initally at NIIT (another Indian company) to whom I was going to interview with.

TERRIBLY TERRIBLY angered by this socalled "American" recruitement company that shows on their websearches as an IT firm as well as the "international" IT company called NIIT.

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