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Vancouver Theatre

Country United Kingdom
State England
City London
Address 64 Kimber Road
Phone 44-208-871-1777

Vancouver Theatre Reviews

  • Dec 3, 2015

Scam website. Takes your credit card asks what section you are interested in then without giving you a map or seat charges you. You have no clue they've just charged you for a section F last row balcony in US funds until it's done and nonrefundable. Ps the website states 125percent guaranteed everywhere but this means nothing. Who assumes they will be charged in US when the site is called Vancouvertheatre?? Tried to phone 3-4 different people give you the run around and no one claims any responsibility. Who assumes 125 percent guarantee money back means applicable to a cancelled show only. I think they know exactly their false advertisements but no one would ever give them the time of day if they were honest. Tickeymasters prices were 3-4x cheaper with minus the 40$ postage fee for mailing them to you. Wow. Ps if you are unfortunate enough to book for 4 or more friends they reserve the right to split you up in tiny print ona different page. How's that for service?

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