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vance devell williams

Country United States
State Alabama

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  • Oct 24, 2017

My sister debra renee hudson,risherakee hudson kinnard/kennerd/kinnerd,de'sohona hudson tilman,taylor hudson tilman. My ex husband vance devell williams & possibly his brother rhonnell lessie williams and other williams, velvie denise williams henry sharp,drake and possibly ex lovers and friends of her's both male and female, kiara menters/mentors/menters possibly,lachastity hudson baker,shameika hudson,monica hudson,dyxter hudson,ronnie hudson,nakiesha lacole or nicole hudson, tatianna hudson, tiandra hudson?, kendra hudson kent,dorneisha corbin and kimberley or kimberley or kim or kimberly vanessa corbin/willams, jabari duncan,king bri duncan, barbara jordan an alias used by another hacking me),james,josh,lawanda mckinley or mckinney, staff from park creek apartments and some residents aquainted by ms. Lawanda mckinley or mckinney as well as workers who are undocumented workers and some who are sex offenders and criminals of the gang latino crypts/mexican mofia crypts and more have been hacking into my devices .

Or it is very well possible that debra renee hudson and vance devell williams are using others info and pages to create fake one's. I

I found this in my phone.

Vance devell williams and others who he helped get on at the post office many who are family of his, friends he grew up with, co workers,swingers of his and more. Vance i do know is the only one who has all of my informations from our marriage and has used our information in past and present. He used my son information to obtain goods and services/cars/vans/trucks/and more. He is the only one i know has access to a government dormant phone number or phone numbers. That showed up in my phone. As i researched it the site: was the us postal service and stated that the phone number listed was a dormant government issued phone number that was placed out of circulation in 1979- presently. It is not to be used and stated if you know of anyone using these numbers please contact the office of the us oag. And the us postal service to report. And i did and now i am being stalked by these ppl and my life was threatened not one but many times. I made police reports that the police did not get. So therefore they are re-routing the calls. Also they pretend to be government offices and more. Or this is my sister and my ex doing this to make it seem that the person's listed are.

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