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Vance Brown Builders

Country United States
State California
Phone 650.849.9900

Vance Brown Builders Reviews

  • Oct 24, 2018

This report is not coming down this time. This multi million dollar company that builds some of the largest projects in the bay area. They force their employees to work free overtime with the promise of Free Schooling. I was hired as a project manager trainee. I was never told when i was hired that i would be forced to work 1 -2 hours a day for free!

They claimed since they would be paying for my schooling. I would have to work an unspecified overtime and NOT be paid for it! if i wanted to continue working for them i would be paid an hourly rate for 8 hours a day.. ANything after that would be unpaid.

I had to wait for all contractors at the end of the day sometimes that was 2.5 hours of Unpaid Labor a Day!

I have learned that any company we work for that has our Social Security number after 90 days they receive State and Federal benefits NOT US. This companies claim that they paid for my school was a blatant lie ..

Every employee that received schooling, that schooling was paid by their Social Security Trust account NOT Vance Brown's pocket.

This company as well as most other large coprporations make claims that are untrue. You want to find out the truth.

File a FOIA and see how much any company you have contracted with or not has pulled out of your account!

Most companies don't stoop this level of abuse. What they did to me as well as my supervisor who said.

"That's just how they do business if you want to work here"

It's sad that someone who i thought was my friend had been brainwashed into buying into their working for free nonsense years before. He didnt even tell me they do that to ALL project managers in training.

Working for free is Slavery!

This will stay up or im going to State Tax Franchise Board and IRS.

You can keep the 3 months of low paying overtime. Your being exposed on more sites if you attempt to hide your corruption.

This is put up so that others won't experience the same abuse by this rich and evil syndicate that takes advantage of its employees.

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