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Valvoline Instant Oil Change

Country United States
State Kentucky
City Covington
Address 50 E. RiverCenter Blvd. P.O. Box 391
Phone 800-327-8242

Valvoline Instant Oil Change Reviews

  • Oct 15, 2020

My brother brought his 2010 Nissan Cube to the Valvoline quick chage center on July 10th, 2020 prior to transfering the vehicle to me. Upon inspecting the vehicle myself, it was discovered that the trans dipstick was not properly seated in its locked position nor did the trans pan/drain plug show any evidence of removal or prior fluid contact. He insured me that he infact had all the fluids serviced. The oil and coolant service was infact done along with the cabin and engine air filter.

Knowing the issues surrounding Nissan CVT overheating issues I decided to have an external transmission cooler installed as well as replacing the fluid for Amsoil CVT instead. When the car was brought to an independent shop for the aforementioned services, it was discovered that the previously claimed trans service was not completed. The mechanic/owner recorded the process of the CVT draining which was not indicative of a recent fluid change. On the contrary, it was stated that the fluid looked as if there was a clutch pack pack failure and was old. Mind you a CVT has no clutch pack. Neither was the external CVT filter changed as is called for by the manufacturer.

After confronting the site manager on 10/3/2020 we were assured we would hear from them on Monday. After no contact that day I initiated contact with Valvoline and VOIC corporate. Eventually they claim there records record the service being done and video was reviewed which was not shown to us. They denied us a refund based on their findings with no acceptance of the video and pictorial evidence I had, no one even asked to see it.

After leaving Google and Yelp reviews, the "concerned cookie cutter" replies came in from "managers and owners". They gave us different case numbers on each review site. After contacting "customer care" again with these case numbers more delay ensued and there was no further recognition of the facts presented via picture evidence. The review response on Google went as far to make a claim that their website specifically states that a filter replacement is not a part of their transmission service.

The review replies by Valvoline entities were a mere ruse to appear to address serious issues they had no intention of rectifying. Not to mention the freudian slip of admiting their services are not inline with manufacturers policy. No need to 2nd guess if car dealers would deny a warranty due to neglect on Valvolines part.

I started to warn other customers that they should exercise more caution should they return, then I discovered that my reviews werent even listed, though my reviews were the most recent. All of this would not have been an issue had they simply employ good and ethical buisness practice and issued a refund for the CVT fluid and associated costs.

Now its pretty much theft and deceptive policy that seems to be more prevalent with them. Buyer beware, they have high overhead and will minimize it by overcharging you for fluids at a significant mark up and further more by retaining those fluids you already paid for.

  • Aug 6, 2020

Last month I had synthetic oil changes done on two of my vehicles. I use synthetic oil on all of my vehicles. Synthetic oil lasts 5000- 8000 miles. Other shops including my local Chevrolet dealership place a new sticker with a new recommended mileage change of 5000- 8000 based on the type of synthetic oil used. Synthetic oil comes out clean even after 5000+ miles! I noticed that Valvoline Instant Oil Change put the recommended service date for both of my vehicles at 3000 miles which is unnecessary and unneeded! On 8/6/20 I called them and waited patiently for ten minutes to speak to a service representative.

When I spoke to the rep, I asked her why they put the recommended oil change at 3000 miles since synthetic lasts 5-8000 miles. she stated that " This is our policy" I said that other shops do not do this and that this is unecessary work! She asked for a description of my vehicle which I provided. She was unable to give me any more information. I then asked to speak to the store manager. Again, I was put on hold. I waited to speak to the manager, when I spoke to the store manager , she was unable to give me a good reason for this unecessary work.

During the course of my conversation with both employees I was calm and collected and did not raise my voice, I was just trying to get a valid answer. Subsequently without answering my question the store manager, Hung Up on Me without any explanation or basic courtesy! I hope that othe people can learn from this experience because , I have had this type of experience previously with this shop where they recommended unnecessary work which I declined. After this experience I will not return. Hope that I can save people some money!

  • Apr 8, 2020

entered and was told "oil was down 3 quarts". no dipstick was shown - (always shown at end of service)

was also told that the oil had not been changed for 15,000 miles. WRONG - we are most diligent in these matters and attach our own windshield sticker with "next" oil change due mileage at next 5,000 mile point.

also told that the oil filter had not been changed for the same 15,000 miles. we had paid valvoline in NH for oil and filter change within past 5,000 miles.

either their records were screwed up or ?????? fishy when the "3 quarts down" dipstick was never shown to us

  • Aug 31, 2016

Serviced a car on 7/7/16 on routine oil change schedule but was offered a AC service special for the summer. Sadly, agreeing to this additional AC service special resulted in a horrible experience of complete negligence by staff. Normally, oil changes are performed while you sit in the car but as soon as we agreed to the AC service special, we were asked to leave the car and go to the waiting area. A staff member immediately entered the car and drove it away to another side of the building to perform the AC service. After a wait of over 40 minutes, the car was driven the front of the building from the AC service area without ever being returned to perform the Oil change. Two weeks later, the engine seized. After towing the car two repair shops who both confirm the oil was never changed and that there was no sign of burning oil or leaks, Valvoline rep accused us of driving above normal mileage since the last oil change (this was less than 200 miles from the day of the oil change to the time the engine seized. I pleaded with them to review their own security cameras to confirm that they performed the oil change but charged us for that service. After two weeks of waiting, no one has called and we are stuck with tow truck, rental, and engine replacement bill of more than $3000.00. After six years of using their service and numerous referrals, I am afraid this company has lost my business for life and I will preach to any one that listens to avoid their service as well.

  • Jul 20, 2016

I bought a PT Cruiser and the first time I took it on the freeway it started overheating. I paniced and tool it to the only place still open which happened to be an oil change place. Mistake #1. He gave me some coolant and said that should get me back hone and that he was able to fix whatever is wrong with my car. Feeling bad for me because I had only owned it for one day. So....mistake #2 I took it to the other business where he works, yet another oil change place and he told me the readiator was shot and it needed brakes all around for this is would cost me $900. I said go ahead and do the work Mistake #3. I picked the car up and he said it should run like a brand new car. It was still over heating so I took it back to them and he said that he hadn't properly bled the radiator, it also needs a transmission fush, and a couple other things totalling another $400. Once again he tells me that car is like brand new. I don't even make it to the first traffic light, the engine light is on, the car is jerking and it starts heating up, not 5 blocks, after he tells me that they had it on the freeway for 45 minutes and had no problem. They went 3 miles in 45 minutes then there is a problem. I had recorded the mileage so here is a lie. I wouldn't accept the car, in the meantine a friend of mine contacted an investigator and he went to the oil change place and found out that the guy who worked on my car, wasn't a mechanic and wasn't certified to work on cars there. No one was. I demanded my money back, which I did recieve. I am told by another of their employees that my head is shot the engine is blown. I had the car foir 6 days and drove it for 4. Before they returned my money they wanted to sell me a dependable car because the guy that worked on my car just so happens to sell cars. In face we can use that money for a down payment. Absolutely not. I towed my car to MY mechanic and he said the engine is not blown, but that there is a coolan leak. He is trying to replace parts that are simply missing. My transmission cooling fan is gone and in it's place is just duct tape. BEWARE they are con artists. I won't ever take any vehicle up there for an oil change. They can not be trusted.

  • Mar 14, 2016

Valvoline Oil Franchise is an absolute 100$ RipOff! My wife went to Valvoline Oil, as her windshield wiper came loose in a storm. So, she drove in to Valvoline and asked them to simply replace the windshield wipers. One would think that Valvoline would be grateful that they are gettin business in any fashion. But No! These pack of thieves at Valvoline asked my wife if they could "check out" the rest of her Honda CRV. Then these unethical people at Valvoline told my wife that she needed tons of work done, like automatic transmission flush, oil change, coolant flush and much more.

My wife came home and showed me what hese thieves at Valvoline billed her, which was a whopping $464 in total. I was so pissed off and called the Manager to ask him why he did an automatic transmission flush on a Honda CRV when you don't do that, the oil had been changed 1000 miles ago and the coolant still had another 50,000 miles to go on that. The Manager didn't seem to care and could not give me a coherent explanation for anything. I contacted the Valvoline Headquarters, which is in Kentucky if memory serves me correctly and all they do is con you too and just blow you off.

You never get anything resolved with Valvoline, as they know they are in the wrong and are quite adept in ripping off consumers across the USA. Simply put, you get what you pay for. If it looks to good to be true with Valvoline's oil change prices, then it is because Valvoline just want to bait you into their doors, then upsell you things that you don't even need and many times you are billed by Valvoline for work that they don't even do. We know this because a couple of days later the Honda Dealer told us that Valvoline never changed the transmission fluid or the coolant on my wife's Honda CRV.

So, we disputed this charge of $464 on the credit card. Any time that Valvoline does their upselling con pressure game on the public and you receive a huge bill, simply pay with a credit card, go to a Dealership for proof of work not performed by Valvoline and submit this to your credit card company for a full refund. Don't even try to complain to the Valvoline Headquarters about being ripped off because they are fully aware of it but just don't care, as its all about them making huge profits off of hard working citizens.

  • Mar 3, 2016

Today I went in for a quick oil change. The service worker was professional and down to earth. As the oil change was coming to an end(this is where it goes downhill) I start my engine and it's completely dead. Now I just recently purchased a certified vehicle and have had no issues with my battery ever, even on our recent negative temperature days. So now I'm being told that it's going to be $120 to replace, very convenient place to suddenly die. As they're giving me the service plans I'm online searching scams that have been noted from valvoline in the past, sure enough the car battery scam had happened to someone else. I quickly refused the battery exhange and told the manager (who was now suddenly wandering my car) to jump it and that I'd wait 10 mins to see if my battery was indeed dead. At this point the manager seemed to have this look in his face like oh f*** he's calling out the scam)( I was even asked if I wanted to smoke a cigarette with the serviceman working on my car, probably to get me away from from my car)I waited the time, cut the engine, turned it, and sure enough it started with no issues. A fair warning to all, be careful and if your gut tells you to call bs, act on it. I managed to save $120 on a bs dead battery scam. Don't go here.

  • Dec 19, 2015

They told my wife that she had to have a fuel system flush at 15000 miles or they would report her and it would void her warranty. I called my warranty company and they told me this was a lie. I then called the manager and he was very rude. He tried to bully me, just like he did her, into thinking they were right. They try to fool women who don't know any better. I looked on google reviews and this is not the first time this has happened. They have done it to many other women.

  • Oct 31, 2015

Took my car into this location on August 20, 2015 for an oil change. They aslo sold me an engine air filter. Total for services was $74.44

Two months later I take same car to an oil change shop near my house that does all of my oil service work. They discovered that the oil drain plug hd been over tightened to the point that the oil pan was damaged and could not be repaired.

My cost to replace oil pan was over $500.

Caled Valvoline location that same day and exlained what had taken place. MAnager was not in that day but worker said that Robert would call me back. Robert never did call back - even after several calls that same week. Finally started to call customer service for Valvoline.

On October 9th, Valvoline called me and said they would only offer me half of the repair bill.

Would not even waive the cost of my getting an oil change here.

Letters to company president on this issue have also gone unanswered.

Very sad way to treat a paying customer - make him chase you down for a resolution to a problem the business caused and then not cover the entire cost fo teh repair bill. Hardly fair to the consumer.

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