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Country United States
State Florida
City Maitland
Address 1060 Maitland Center Commons Suite 305
Phone 1 (866) 581-4705
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  • Aug 3, 2017

7/27 @ 3pm EST - I called a bad number for a health insurance company. What I got, was Valu-Pass. The salesman got on the phone and told me about a new trial offer and I'd get a $100 gift card. I listened to the speel, uneasy about what was going on, I did give my credit card information for a SINGLE trial product they offered, Call on a DR (Doctor). I was then told, by the salesman, to say "yes" on the prompted verification system and that I would be asked to enroll, for $1 for two other offers. (Identity Theft @ $24 per month and some grocery offer for $19 per month) He said "just say yes" so I could get my confirmation number at the end. I listened, and when it asked me to say "yes" or "no" to the original trial product, I said "no". I was disconnected and the salesman immediately called my phone. He stated that I had to say "yes" to all of the prompts to get my "confirmation" number at the end or he could not gaurantee that my credit card number and personal information would be kept private. Again, I said "no". Disconnected. He called me back again, screaming at me that I had to say "yes" because he was doing this for "my protection" because until I got my confirmation number, my information would not be locked into their system and I could not cancel without a confirmation number. Keep in mind, all of this is allegedly recorded. The salesman gave the name of Nathan Vincent. I started yelling back at him that I did not want any of the products, this is a scam and he said he didn't have time to waste on me and that he had already put through my original product charge (which I was looking at my credit card online and nothing showed up) and hung up. I immediately called my credit card company and put a freeze on my card and explained what had happened. I was being threatened by way of my personal information & credit card information not being kept confidential by this company if I didn't agree to all of their product offers. Like a hostage! On 8/1 a temporary authorization showed on my statement for "Call on a DR". I called my credit card company immediately and they stated the charge was denied, but I closed my credit card down anyway. That night, my phone rang and it was them, but I let it go to voicemail. Best advice: If you think you have been scammed, FREEZE your credit card or close it. Say you lost it, because if you tell them you don't want a charge to go on it, they will not close it. I avoided this hostile, coercion by immediately taking the steps to block them from having access to my account. I blocked them on my phone and reported them to the Attorney General Office and DO NOT CALL website/complaint. It was terrible how threatened they made me feel if I did not say "yes". Don't even talk to these people. Criminals!

  • Apr 18, 2017

I too fell into the Valu-Pass hell hole. I couldn't hear the recording and the live person had to come online and tell me what the recording just said/asked. I finally said, forget this! I told him I don't want it. Unfortunately, I had given him my debit card number, so they had me at that point. They charged me $4.95 anyway for the supposed $100 gift card I was supposed to get (but didn't). Now 12 days later, they hit my checking account for $29.95, the first month's payment. I called my bank the minute I discovered this (I'm now overdrawn) and filed a claim. The bank has stopped payment on future charges coming from this company, so hopefully I won't see any more charges. They are also reversing the overdrawn charge, which will take days. So I have $65 tied up until it gets reversed. Stay away from this company. I didn't call them. I was on hold for another company (magicJack, I think) and they answered and said because the wait time is so long, I'm eligible to receive this gift card. Bad mistake. I should have hung up at that point. I wish I had their address - I would file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency. I think I will send a letter to the Florida state attorney general's office. This has been going on for years and someone needs to stop them! One thing I should mention....I wrote an email to Valu-Pass for the first $4.95 charge and never got a response. Today I sent an email and got an automated response from Global Travel. They need to detach themselves from Valu-Pass if they aren't the actual company making these calls.

  • Apr 17, 2017

After listening to the telemarketer and asking questions, and then having to listen to the recording to "COMPLETE" the transaction. I advised the telemarketer that she was not forth coming because what she said and what the recording was saying, was two different things and that I just wanted to understand before making my decision.

She plasced me on hold after I advised her to cancell and got her "SUPERVISOR" who came on the line and he he told me "I AM NOT GOING TO CANCELL ANYTHING". I asked him what his name was and he stated James. So I said to him, "LET ME MAKE SURE THAT I AM UNDERSTANDING YOU ...YOU SAID THAT YOU WERE NOT GOING TO CANCELL ANYTHING". He said yes. At that point I advised him that I was going to hang up the phone, he could do what he had to do and that I would do what I had to do. So we "NEVER" finished the recording/transaction.

I received the welcome letter in the mail...NO gift card ......and my acct was debited on 03/30/17 for the $4.95 and submitted 04/13/17 to be withdrawn from my acct on 04/16/17 for $29.95.

  • Dec 2, 2016

Value pass has called me 23 times wanted me to get a gift card, got my bank info and pulled money off my card, when i was supose to be getting a 200 walmart gift card and 50 dining gift card for answering survey questions......ITS A SCAM

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