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Valleywide Marketing

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 225 W Hatcher Rd
Phone 888-291-9931

Valleywide Marketing Reviews

  • Oct 3, 2015

Valleywide Marketing aka Valleywide Travel, is a telemarketing startup owned by Blain Scribner, and is in the business of cold calling individuals to set appointments for timeshare tours at Global Exchange Vacation Club vacation showrooms. They will also soon be marketing for Lawrence Welk Resorts, Travel Googan Vacation Club, and Connect4Apps.

They are using a predictive dialer to mass call consumers, including cell phone numbers, at a very high drop rate. Some consumers were called up to 20 times per day and no messages are permitted to be left. Calls are not recorded and high pressure sales tactics are encouraged to set appointments. One of the other partners made Blain aware that this is violating FCC regulations, but Blain refuses to alter methods.

Employees are hired with the promise of big commissions of up to $1500 per week or more but there was no paperwork done to hold them accountable. Employees requested a written agreement and commission schedule numerous times, to no avail, and were told to keep calling.

There are blatant and unwanted sexual comments made in the workplace. When a complaint is made, your paycheck is withheld, hours tampered with, and bonus structure changed on the spot to avoid payment of bonuses.

Blain is knowingly classifying employees as independent contractors to avoid taxes. He was made aware that employees expected SS & unemployment taxes to be paid by the company and employees requested a print out of the manifest showing total tours booked to verify pay. Employees were called delusional, and Blain stated their hours would be changed to suit his whim, and then they fired out of retaliation.

This is not the first time Blain has been in trouble with telemarketing business. Blain Scribner has also been named in another complaint with the Attorney General's office here:

His company needs to be stopped before he is allowed to hurt anyone else - both consumers and employees. There is no respect for laws nor any type of fairness in the workplace.

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