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Validity Research

Country Canada
City Toronto, Ontario
Address 10 Milner Business Ct, Suite 900
Phone 416-754-0009

Validity Research Reviews

  • Oct 13, 2016

Yesterday, October 11, 2016, we sent out 78 emails to our co-workers. Over HALF of them responded back to us stating they had not been paid. The MAJORITY of these people did have their money deposited into their PayPal accounts only to have the payment reversed due to the credit card that Validity Research was using to pay us being DECLINED. Other workers didn't see anything come into their PayPal accounts.


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Workers were owed payroll on October 7, 2016, for either 1 or 2 weeks pay. They are also HOLDING A WEEK BACK, meaning more payroll to deal with. We don’t know why anyone would want to work for FREE but at this point, that is exactly what those who remain with the company are doing.

Validity Research needs to pay everyone they owe IMMEDIATELY. They can go to their nearest Walmart, Western Union, or any check cashing facility and WIRE OUR MONEY TO US. Had the money been available for payroll to begin with, this could have been fixed over the weekend and even on the holiday. There is NO EXCUSE for what is happening. Even today, if they needed to fund payroll, they could have factored their receivables to pay us all and started the wire transfers.

Remote workers have already spoken to the Ontario Labor Board and to the U.S. Labor Board.

Contrary to what has been said in the worker's chatroom on Skype, there have always been issues with payroll, but never any that have been this serious and affected so many employees at one time. The biggest concern is the complete lack of communication between the main office and those who have tried to contact them. Phone calls have been made, messages to management and emails sent with little to no substantive response back from the company.

There have been serious technical issues ongoing for almost a week now. A shift was cancelled yesterday (October 11, 2016) during the middle of calling, and today (October 12, 2016), it was completely cancelled.

The company has an enormous turnover with many new people who have not been effected by the non-payment which is scary. If they continue to put in their two weeks hours, they too may not see any pay for their time and effort.

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