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Valentine Valentino

Country United States
State Oklahoma
City Oklahoma City
Address 2301 NW 122nd St
Phone 405-326-4525

Valentine Valentino Reviews

  • Jul 4, 2017

Valentine, a guy based in Oklahoma city, sold me a car he didn't hold the title to. It all started 5months ago, when I bought this blue 04 saturn ion 3, my very 1st car from valentine, a Cameroonian based here in Oklahoma city. Initially I didn't bother because when I bought the car then, I dint have the money to transfer the title, and being a newbie in the car business I didn't question the title not being in his name. So just about 2months ago, I started requesting the title from him, he toiled me around a good while before I could get hold of him.

Nonetheless, I had insurance paid on the car about 3weeks ago and have pleaded with him to provide me with doc so I can transfer the car title to my name. He took my docs and for 3weeks he did nothing. He lazily return my text or call and basically did nothing. Yesterday when I went over to his place to collect my car docs regardless of whether he had it ready or not, he gave me the doc just as I gave them to him. He clearly was not bothered... After all, I paid him in full already. So now after a hassle filled day at over 3tag agencies, I sent him a message saying I might end up suing if he doesn't provide me with proper doc.

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