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Country United States
State Alabama

Vacolex Reviews

  • Nov 10, 2018

I made a purchase on-line , 6//4/18 in amt. of $67.98 for a Spin wand scrubber with accessories as advertised from TREND ZIPY. after numberous emails because there was no Consumer Contact Telephone Number to reach them, was told thru emails, that it was a manufactor problem and that a tracking number would be sent "shortly"

Today is NOV. 11, 2018. still no product. Emails stoppedd in Sept..2018. Finally went to my bank to see if I could obtain some telephone # to reach them and yes, found out the company name was VACOLEX AND # (310) 435-2332!

I proceeded to call the number for it to only go right into voicemail on the first ring. No company name or individual voice came on. which right away brought up the Red Flag! I have been "scammed".

This is a disgrace! I found the TREND ZIPY advertisement on FACEBOOK which I have "bought" other products thru from other companies and never encountered a problem!

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