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Country Bangladesh
Phone 880-174-222-2227
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  • Oct 21, 2016

Miraz Hossain was contracted and was paid a large salary each month in order to work with our company. Miraz Hossain decided he would go behind the companies back and perform a back-room deal to provide our services at a lower rate to our clients. The clients are equally to blame, but we'll be posting a rip off of that experience as well.

Miraz Hossain has proven to be unrtustworthy, and we warn anyone who plans to do business with this person to avoid it at all costs. He cannot be trusted around clients and he cannot be trusted with ANY sort of information. He took the information of our clients and contacted them behind our backs in order to knowingly try and defraud our company.

I would highly suggest if you cross paths with this person not to pay them for any work, not to hire them, or even talk to them. It will only mean Miraz will try to defraud you.

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