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Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Milwaukee
Address P.O. Box 510949
Phone (414) 737-5348
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  • Nov 14, 2018

In my opinion this woman is one of the worst landlords I've ever had. I gave my two months notice 5 days late, so she charged me for another month.. fair enough. After falsely claiming I paid my rent late and trying to get a 50 dollar fee out of me, she also tried to charge me for furniture that was discarded by a different tenant. Every time I complain about something that's wrong with the apartment like unfair fees etc.. in my opinion::: she resorts to personal attacks and bragging about how rich she is and how she could legally destroy me without trying to rectify the situation. In my opinion:: this is a really horrible thing to do and not someone who deserves another dime from anyone.

I had also graciously given her permission to fix major issues in the apartment before the next tenant while I was still paying rent there, on the condition that they were able to move my things without damaging them, in my opinion she failed to do this because my things were thrown in a big pile, not only were my paintings and canvas ruined but everything is now coated in a layer of plaster, this is extremely upsetting and disrespectful to me. I also found out she had the maintainance man record our conversation without my consent or knowledge when I was showing him the problems, I have done nothing illegal or wrong so this doesn't concern me at all, besides the fact that she's having people record me without my consent.

Now i'm not only still paying rent for this place that is completely unliveable in my opinion, but I'm now apparently expected to clean up after the maintenance people who basically trashed the place. I also found out upon coming back to my apartment after being out of town for a week that she had the locks changed without my knowledge or consent. I was not contacted to get the new key for the apartment that I'm still paying for, and was left out in the cold waiting for said key. After I was let in was when I found my apartment completely trashed, in my opinion. It's not worth my time or effort or mental energy to pursue this legally, my things weren't worth enough monetarily to justify it, but if this can save someone else the trouble of renting from this horrible landlord, I hope that it helps someone else.

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