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Country United States
State California
City Santa Ana
Address 3007 N Main St
Phone 949.524.1325

Uwheels Reviews

  • Dec 16, 2015

So I bought this Segway type thing from the company Uwheel. It seemed cool and all, and it was in. Anyway I buy one and even use express shipping which cost me 80$, it came fast like 2 days later. Anyways when it came I tried it out and all and then I left it as I went it cause it was my birthday, I then came to try it again but if was dead, so I charged it and took a nap, after my hour nap I found the battery melted so I unplugged it and decided to turn on the uwheel, it stopped working correctly and would just go around and circles in full speed and hit stuff damaging itself while doing this. I immediately knew something was wrong and it needed repair, I went on their website to contact them, they seem to have no type of phone number just a chat box. I used it and didn't get a reply so I finally found one of the warehouse number where they have the uwheel and they so gladly have me their real email. Anyways I emailed them to make sure I could still send it back as the 14 days to return it hadn't passed yet, and they told me I was still okay, so after like two long weeks of trying to settle this they finally send me a new battery and a return shipping label, so long story short I used it and sent it back and still haven't gotten it back and it's been almost 2 months, I've contacted them and they see they'll get back to me and never did , I finally told them if they don't get back to me I'll get a lawyer so I will see what they say, what I have to say is don't order from them they don't even have a real form of communication, they ripped me off and i paid 80$ for express shipping and wasn't even worth it and the thing is their place of repair is in my state of California it shouldn't take this long .

  • Oct 16, 2015

I bought the Uwheels product because it looked like an established U.S based company. I understand I can buy the exact same product from Amazon but a fraction of the price. You can literally get the exact same product from the same factory for $550 cheaper.

Uwheels costs $750

Amazon brands cost: $200

I went with Uwheels because it was an impulse purchase I knew I would get bored and regret it shortly after so I wanted the product QUICKLY. I didn't want to wait 2/3 weeks for it to come directly from China.

I purchased the product and noticed 3 days in the ordered wasn't even processed, let alone shipped. I continuously called to which there was no answer and the mail box is full. I send emails and continued calling for weeks but nothing.

I eventually get the product 2 weeks later. The battery didn't work.

Now the phone number has been removed from their site, I don't have a working product and am out $750.

It's been a month since the purchase date, working with credit card company for a forced refund.

  • Oct 16, 2015

So around october 1st i order one of those self balancing scooters from a website called uwheels it cost about 700$. I was willing to pay that much because obviously i was really anxious to get one. October 8th they took the money out of my bank account and it was on its way to me, or so i thought. Maybe 2 days later frdex returned to shippier because uwheels put an incorrect mailing address . So i have been calling them non stop back to back, emailing and all im getting is lies after lies and now they wont respond at all! So not only do i not have the product i paid for but im out of 700$ i kept a copy of my tracking number from fed ex. I have everything to prove that that package never got me to and actually it never left california which is where it started. Im currently working with my bank to settle this and possibly get a refund.

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