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UST-Universal Service Tech

Country United States
State Texas
City Aubrey
Phone 940-597-3494

UST-Universal Service Tech Reviews

  • May 18, 2018

beware of this gentleman. better get everything in writing. i hired him before to do work at my restaurant, a little high, but whatever. i hired him again to do some residential work. i sent him pictures of what i wanted to replace and he instead he just replace the compressor. i gave him a quote from another vendor that was lower, but since he did work for me before, i went with the higher bid.(UST) the other bid was for brand new 3 ton goodman condenser (which is the whole unit) that comes with a 10 year warranty from Goodman. Instead, he replaced only the compressor putting it into a 20 year system and charged me more than the other bid by $250. so instead having a trouble free NEW unit that would have lasted more than 10 years , i have a brand new compressor in a old system. the other bid was a retrofit to new freon 410a, but he used a system that uses R22 ( not for sale) on the open market, so, to the public, i will not tell you how to proceed with this gentleman, but only to use extreme caution or he will dupe you, like he did to me. just let it know, that at least, you have been warned, proceed at your own risk. i suggest you use someone who is honest, then let me know who that is because i will never use this company again. i am going to check if not replacing a R22 system is legal in Texas. pick a better HVAC company other than this BEWARE BEWARE

alfonso rodriquez will not do as he says he will. UST Universal Tech - beware of them.

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