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University of Denver

Country United States
State Colorado
City Denver
Address 1981 S University Blvd
Phone 1 303-871-2205

University of Denver Reviews

  • Jul 14, 2020

This event occured in May 2019:

Came here to take a court ordered assessment only to be told I am in fact not the client and its actually probation that is. And that anything I say will be forwarded to them for further review. And added that if I make any threat to harm someone else, or myself, or the state I run the risk of being arrested. Really? As if thats somehow more incentive to want therapy? I dont think so.

The person doing the assessment even had to profile me because she thought I was a drug addict for having my birthday fall on 420. Despite the fact that I have never been on drugs in my life. And this is what you can expect from DU? The $60,000 a year sh*thole? You know you can only judge a society by how it treats its lowest people correct? Not its highest ones.

And sure, you may all get to rub it in my face about how I am such a criminal and are forced to be here for an assessment and possibly treatment but, the thing you lack is the unfortunate inability to get the last word.

Just because you're sentenced in no way entails being forced to pay for it at every turn and waking moment. And actually is more about a persons right and ability to move on. Once you have paid the price-you're done. You get to move on. Even when that entails things like probation or other tasks. You have done your time, that doesn't mean you're going to be "put through it," every time you open you're mouth.

You would be a goddamn f*cking idiot if you believed I would willingly subject my self to your worthless idiocy. Not to mention so obvious abuse, gaslighting and innate narcoleptic obsession from your counselors to try and act like the legal systems militia and "sniff out the conscientious objectors." If you're confused as to what I am trying to say, I would suggest reading the texts Ive recommended here to further enlighten you. Thomas Szasz is exemplary in this regard.

Doesn't matter if its psychology or psychiatry. The roots are the same.…

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