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Universal KIA Hickory Hollow

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Nashville
Address 5406 Target Dr
Phone 615-731-0099

Universal KIA Hickory Hollow Reviews

  • Oct 19, 2015

I went to Carnival Kia in June 2010 to look at a new car. I had seen their ads and the owner states "If you have $149.00 and a job, you can buy any car on my lot" Plus they run an ad that says 40% off any new car. I was alone as my hubby was working out of state. I test drove a car and had a salesman by the name of Doug. He was an idiot. He did not know the features of the vehicle or that it had a remote start. He is such a creepy guy. He is condescending towards women and looks like a 70's reject. I liked the vehicle and when we sat down to do the credit and financing, all of a sudden, you need $2000.00 down. And guess what, no 40% off, and no money on a trade in. I liked the vehicle, so I went ahead with the deal. They asked how much my hubby made and I gave them the amount and I drove the vehicle home. One month later, after I had sold our second car, I get a call from them saying that they were unable to arrange the financing and that I had to bring the vehicle back. Apparently, my hubby makes less than they want on his hourly wage, but has 40+ hours overtime each week and they could not base the sale on overtime hours. Whatever, I was disappointed with the vehicle anyway, as it never got the gas mileage they advertised and was not what I expected. When I returned it, they had a check for $1500.00 to return to me, I had to argue about the other $500.00. I finally got it back, but this has been the most frustrating experience I have had with buying a car. BUYER BEWARE

I am glad that I got out of this deal, as I have researched the dealer further and realized how they are a ripoff and are misleading with their ads. Maybe my experience will prevent someone else from going through this.

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