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United States Postal Service

Country United States
State Indiana
City Huntington
Address 330 W Market St
Phone 260-356-0920

United States Postal Service Reviews

  • Feb 20, 2021

I ordered something online and it stated 2 days for delivery? I ordered it on February 13th 2021 and it is now February 20th 2021 and I'm still waiting for my package and I can't track it because United States Postal tracking service won't give me any information? Is this is the way the government does business when stamps were $0.29 the packages came quicker and look what they charge now?

First Class Mail Letter (1 oz.) - Retail/Post Office Rate* $0.55

and it takes a week to get a Bill delivered when you were lucky and they don't lose it? I also have problem my credit card was cancelled until I call them too ask them what's going on with my card? they told me they mailed 3 letters to my post office box which were never delivered. After I got off the phone they told me on Wednesday they will mail me another statement I never received that 1 also. And we wonder why we have so many people with identity theft? What's going on with the post office losing people's mail?

The post office needs too be shut down and everybody needs to be retrained. And new people need to be hired and trained how to run the post office in the proper way? When I order something from Russia St Petersburg like the covid-19 vaccination I received it in 2 days?

But it was delivered via UPS That tells you that the postal service is not run properly and they need to fire everybody and replace them with people that can do the job in the proper fashion. Remember back in the early days when they had horses and carriages they delivered the mail across the country in less than 4 days.

I ordered February 13th 2021 and it is now February 20th 2021 my package was never delivered and nobody seems to know where it is at? the post office? This country is absolutely a*s backwards.

Delayed - Arrives by Sat, Feb 20 by end of day In Transit

Shipped by Mon, Feb 15

3:00 pm

Departed USPS regional origin facility


2:59 pm

Arrived at USPS regional origin facility


1:44 pm

Accepted at USPS origin facility


12:00 am

Pre-shipment info sent to USPS, usps awaiting item

But when I buy stuff from St Petersburg Russia? I receive it in 2 days now how can you explain that?

2 days from Russia to get my insulin and my covid-19 vaccination but America can't even give us a covid-19 vaccinations to get our shots?

  • Nov 15, 2020

So, I shipped a package on 10/29/20 from the Arlington Heights, IL post office. The package was going to FL. It was one of the speakers in my antique car. It needed to be repaired. Needless to say finding a replacement was not an option. Anyhow when I was at the Post Office the person behind the counter asked me if I wanted it to ship regular or priority. I wanted it there fast so I could get it back quickly. So I paid the extra so it would arrive in 3-4 days. Well they lost the package. Finally after calling and registering a complaint they found it.

It arrived to the destination on 11/12/20. Needless to say it would have arrived sooner if I sent it out on the 5-7 day option. I was relieved it was found. I finally had to go back to my post office so I figured I would take my receipts for this lost shipment and ask for the $2 plus refund since the package did not arrive in the 3-4 days. They proceeded to tell me that the arrival date was just an estimate and not a guarantee. I said as usual the this post office takes no responsibility or accountability for anything that goes wrong.

The USPS has to be the worst business I have ever dealt with. Just constant problems with them. It should be noted that the Arlington Heights location did not loose the package. The distribution center did. However, it was the Arlington Heights Post Office that would not give a refund of the deifference between the expedited shipment I paid for and the slower shipment cost that I should have paid for. They said that the delivery date was only an estimate and not a guarantee. How lame. Recommendation, ship your package with UPS not USPS.

  • Jul 31, 2020

On 07/28/2020 I had went the local post office in my hometown of Winona, MS. I had asked the employee Tasha for 2 money orders for $127 and $122. She had handed me a $27 money order and a $122 money order that had said SPOILED on it. She was having issues when the money orders had printed out and was busy having a casual/work related conversation with another employee while also trying to handle my business.

I had took her back both of the money orders. I had told her that I had wanted a $127 money order instead of a $27 money order and the money order for $122 had said SPOLED on it. She had took back both of the money orders. She handed me the other $122 money that was clear without any writing on it. She had charged me $128 and told me to swipe my debit card. She had told me that that is for the $127 money order that she is going to hand me.

I had asked her why do I still have to pay her $128+ after I had just handed her back the $27 money order. She said that she is going to give me back $27 out of the cash drawer. I had swiped my debit card, and she had handed me $27 out of the cash drawer. When I had got home to check my debit card for the current amount that I have on my debit card, the recent deposits, the credits, and decline purchased information; I had heard that I had two recent USPS charges on my account for both $253 and $127. There is no reason why it should be both a $127 and a $253 charge on my account.

When I brought up this attention to another employee at the post office and the supervisor Dee, they had tried to justify the transactions. There is no listing for the $27 money order that she had originally charged me. She had obviously charged me $127 for the $27 money order that she had originally gave me and then charged me another $127 with the $122 money order charge. I had sent an email to USPS and opened up a case about it on 07/28/2020.

They have obviously overcharged me: $127, $100, or $27.44 I had got an email back from Dee on USPS's website stating: This message is to let you know that we have received your inquiry at the Mississippi District Consumer & Industry Contact Office.

After we review and investigate the information you have provided, we will contact you and work with you until the issue is resolved.

We appreciate your patience while we investigate this matter.



I would like United States Postal Service to admit their mistake, apologize, and refund my money that they owe me.

  • Apr 27, 2020

I Ordered some oils from this company and the apartment number was not on the box. However, My name is inside my Mailbox which has my apartment number on it. The Mailman could have put a note in my box and then returned to the post office with my box and held it longer expecting that I wouldn't check right away due to COVID-19. However, they left no notice and they just returned the package to the sender without any communication to me.

This disaster could have been avoided if the mailman would have put just the smallest amount of effort into locating the apartment number. The only acceptable fix for this is to get the new order and deliver to my door and apologize for the mistake and assure me that measures are in place to prevent this. And they should refund the sender for the original postage fee.

  • Dec 6, 2019

USPS chaos continues: Parcels for P O Box customers are disappearing from 7-14 days at 3232 Clifton Ave, STL 63139. The African American employees expect customers to repeatedly show up looking for their packages, while greeted with non-chalance and chaos from Manager David Smith, Reginald, etc.

The employees are giving dumb, ridiculous excuses to P O Box holders (who've repeatedly shown up) just to get rid of them. David Smith replies "there's a Crazy amount of packages back there" (unquote). Maybe Smith would be better suited for a "McDonald's hamburger" job.

Smith refuses to followup with phone calls, regarding lost-stolen packages.

  • Nov 22, 2019

I won an auction for a expensive pair of justin ladies work boots. after inquiring about what was happening with my package after many days of NO movement, the postal service imformed me that the package had gone missing. The only scan that had been done was when the seller dropped the package off.

It was like the package had never left the post office it was sent from. The seller snd I were both told to wait until they did their complementary search for the package. They said the tracking number was intact but did not have my or the sellers name on the box.

After waiting a long time the seller recieved an email stating the serch came up with NO results. I tracked it one last time , only this time I tracked via the internet not EBays tracking system. Well low and behold it showed that the package had been recovered the same day the seller got the email saying they could not find it.

I wanted to know how that happens that they didnt find it but they did? So I called my local post office and started asking questions, I was told that they would call me back. When they called I was told that my package was indeed at this so calle mail recovery facility in atlanta Georgia, And that I was not going to get the Boots back and that they were going to auction them off.

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME? They say that their service is a complementary service to the people who loose mail. #1 I did not loose anything! THEY DID. And I paid them to do it. This is like the joke is on me lol!

I do not except this and Im going to right reviews, file complaints and anything else I can do to expose this fraud until I get my boots back. There is a small amount of insurance on the boots as they will only pay what the auction price was.

So if and when you read this Mr Recovery facility person, Because you took almost 83 days to say you had not found my package. And then you did find it, but will not say where you found it. This is on you. I will pay the amount of any insurance you payed the seller as my boots are worth way more than that. And im sure you are going to eant waymore for them when you put them up for your auction. also it has become very apparent that the recovery facility is none other than the USPS them selfs, but you try to convince people that its not... SHAME ON YOU!

I have put many hours into trying to recover my boots that you were paid to deliver to me. and then recovered after YOU loosing them. But you make it so hard for me and others to recover our merchandise back from you. Are you really that hard up for funds that you have become a laughing stalk?

you know it may be funny if some of these things that have found their way into your auction wearhouse are very sentamental to some people. When is somebody going to care enought to do the right thing and make a change?

I also filed with the BBB Against your facility and they asked if I would be willing to speak with the media... And the answer is YES I will


Thank you! Cheryl in Oregon

  • Nov 12, 2019

UPS is always showing up late at night. 9-11pm every time they deliver to my house. This is unacceptable and very unprofessional when their tracker shows 2-4 pm and never changes the whole day. So many other companies have text and updated tracking and do not show up late at night.

UPS is the worst company to use for deliveries. I have started changing all deliveries to other service not only for home deliveries but also for the business I work for, that will be 7 figure loss a year for this company.

I have complained and spoken with multiple supervisors, division managers etc. I am done with this company and want to warn other people and businesses of these very poor practices. UPS is the next Blockbuster. Lost in the horse and buggy days.

  • Mar 13, 2019

Got a job offer for a postal exam with a full refund if I didn't pass the test or pass the interview. Did check him out online to see what he was all about and found him to be fraud at what he does.

How can people like him get away with stuff like that and never get caught and be put in jail? Can anything be done to stop this and other scams like it as well as scams you get on the phone?

  • Feb 11, 2019

I sent someone $40 in the mail through a regular long envelope with a stamp on it. This person used to always receive the mail that I sent them on time without a problem. If I sent it to them on a Saturday, they got it on that Wednesday. If I send it to them on a Tuesday, then they got it on that Friday. One time I sent it to them on Monday morning and they still got it on Wednesday.

I sent this person the $40 on a Wednesday, and that person never received the $40 that I sent to them. It has now been 13 days, and this person still never received it. I have been calling USPS for a week now trying to figure out what happened. USPS submitted an inquiry last week. Then, a person in the local post office in that city/state took my name and information as well as the person who I had sent it to name and information & told me that they will find out what happened to it and will get back to me.

She never called me back all of that week. I called back yesterday on Monday trying to figure out what happened to it. They took my information and said that someone will get back to me in 3 business days. Today on Tuesday, 02/12/2019 someone from USPS called me back. They told me that without a tracking # that it will be impossible to locate it. She told me that it has to pass through so many cities and could be in Memphis, TN because their mail there has been slow.

I asked her could she call around & find out if an envelope with my name on it is still in Memphis, TN. She told me that she could not do that because post offices & USPS get thousands of mail. I told her that I am sure that all of their mail including envelopes has to pass through something electronical that scans it for national security reasons, so they should be able to digitally locate that information.

She said that they could not do that without a tracking #, which I believe & know is a big, fat lie. USPS has ripped me off many times. They try to force people to pay for insurance. I am living in poverty as it & cannot afford to buy and keep buying insurance for USPS. I bet even if a person had insurance with them they would still find reasons why they cannot find & replace people’s mail. It is funny how I received & every other place received mail that I had sent that week except the $40 that I had sent to that person.

3I believe that someone works at USPS opened the envelope & stole the money. They probably know what happened to it based on how she was sounding. I hope USPS goes out a business. If there was an alternative way for me to give and receive every mail or most mail without going through USPS, then I would do it. Their workers have nasty attitudes & “I do not care” attitudes.

  • Nov 30, 2018

Have had over a dozen packages disapear once picked up and or dropped off at USPS Downtown facility. Recently, two have gone missing in one weeks time.

Not one has ever been recovered and even after filing a "lost mail search" all you receive (if lucky) is a canned reply. Opperators on phone have just given the run around and passing blame on others.

Some of the packages when tracking come up with this error "Label Created, not yet in system" which means most likely that the postal carrier has decided to become the new recepient.

The other tracking message is "Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility LAS VEGAS NV DISTRIBUTION CENTER ANNEX" only to never be seen again. :/

A quick look on YouTube shows tons of horror stories and proof that USPS workers are stealing from customers and many, even though thet were insured never receive compensation from USPS.

Ship FedEx or UPS for better luck on your items getting where you want them to and USPS consider to PLEASE put cameras in your mail sorting facilities, your federal criminal employees are robbing us blind.

  • Nov 30, 2018

They lost my package! First, they hold onto it for 3 days. Then it doesn't move or get updated, and they don't ship and deliver to the East Stroudsburg Post Office! This place should be shut down! It should have been delivered NOVEMBER 29. INSTEAD, they hold onto it for days and don't ship! Now they lost it! They shouldn't even be in business.

  • Jun 3, 2018

I'm doing this complaint out of complete frustration. It involves my subscription to Prevention magazine, which until recently was owned by Rodale Press. Now it has been aquired by Hearst Publishing, Inc.

I paid $72 for a 2 year, 24 issues subcription. In February, I was temporarily relocated. I filed for a temporary change of address. It was only after I didn't receive my March Prevention magazine that I realized I'd been given the wrong address, and had to refile with the postoffice the correct address.

I contacted Prevention. They claimed not to know what happened, and offered to extend my subcription. I was forced to buy the march issue. then in April I still didn't receive the April issue, andi had to pay for a second magazine; although Prevention did send me a copy. Prevention's policy is if you must have a copy you can get one.

Then in May the same thing happened, this time Prevention didn't send me a copy. I had to, for the third time pay for a magazine, which because of my subcription I shouldn't have had to.

When I called Prevention I was told they were out of may preventions. If I paid for a subscription, how could they be out of them?

Every piece of mail with the exception of my missing Preventions I've received with the yellow USPS forwarding label. When in March I didn't receive the magazine I let it go; but when it happened twice more, I knew it was too much of a coincidence to let go. Something is going on.

When I complained to customer service in the USPS, they never responded. When i complained to the NYS Attorney General, all that happened was they mis-spelled my name.

So, now I'm out $15, so far because sa I stated, I'm only temporarily relocated. What happens when I move back, am I again going to end up paying for magazines I've already paid for with my subcription, at twice the price?

No one cares, not the USPS, not the Attorney General; and certainly not Hearst. $72 is a lot of money to pay, and then to have someone take advantage of you, and worse the system complicit in what happened.

I'd like to be reimbursed for what I was forced to shell out. My father started getting Prevention in 1972. We have been loyal subscribers, even when the price skyrocketed from $32 to $72 we still subscribed.

It's a slap in the face from organizations that don't care about their customers (USPS), (Hearst); the government watchdogs that are supposed to police companies (AG) but don't.

Where is the accountability, ethics, honesty, decentcy?

  • Mar 16, 2018

A unique piece of majolica was sold on ebay for the high bid of $152.50. The buyer paid, the item was well-packed and shipped, and was smashed in transit. When I filed a damage claim in person at the post officet, the postmaster asked for "comparables in order to determine value."

It did not matter that the item was unique, making comparables impossible. It did not matter that the item sold at auction, where by definition value is set by the high bid.

IMO this is outrageous. As mailers know, with auction items the PO never pays the real world value of the item, even when insured for that. Regardless of insured value, it will pay what the high bidder paid, no more, real world value notwithstanding.

Now, faced with value determined by bidders, the PO is reneging on the insurance contract.

The claim was filed today. They still have a chance to pay. If it's not the demonstrated value, this will go to small claims court.

  • Mar 14, 2018

The PO asked that mailers file an insured damage claim on line. There is a claim form at the web site. The form is thorough and takes several minutes to fill out. Afterwards the user is told to SAVE the form. It is saved.

We are told that the claim will expire if not submitted within 3 days. There is no SUBMIT button anywhere. It cannot be submitted.

When USPS Technical Support is told of this, we receive a boilerplate response ignoring the issue. On follow-up to tech support, they tell us how to obtain a claim form (Form 1000) by telephone. They ignore the issue of no SUBMIT function.

  • Mar 7, 2018

Two boxes mailed from NM to CA:

First box is a reused regular size Amazon box, weighing 4 lbs., 0.80 oz = $9.56

Second box is easily less than 1/3 the size and weighs 1 lb., 3.60 oz = $9.56

→Photo of price gouging receipt attached.

This isn't the first time this has happened and I am sick of your price gouging. It is bad enough having to pay close to one hundred dollars a year for a PO Box smaller than a loaf of bread. When the American people finally wake up and decide it is time for open competition of mail services, you will only have a century of your own mismanagement followed by this type of price gouging to blame.

I intend to write our state Senators and Congress as well because your federally supported monopoly offers a result no better than that of the American people paying to bail out the automakers after their decades of mismanagement and price gouging.

-They should be ashamed.

  • Dec 21, 2017

USPS failed to deliever express priority mail to Russia, with 3-5 business days delivery. it is already 3 weeks and nothing delivered, i paid 50$ for shipment with tracking. Customer service just opened case and no other action. Stay away from USPS, they dont deliever what they promise. Nobody can say where the mail. Tracking ek049436944us

  • Oct 25, 2017

Received a phone call that they were unable to ship a package to our business. Problem with the mailing label. Started out by saing they were with the USPS. Then they transfer the call to Kara to verify what was in the package. She said the package was from USSP and "probably contained a sports jersy, gloves, catalog and other promotial items, totally free". Asking a lot of questions about my business. Continually trying to get me to say yes.

  • Oct 12, 2017

Dear Friends, our charity IAMHopeNow received its first donation, a 1961 Pontiac Bonneville valued at between $100-$170K,000.

We sent the title via Priority Mail with signature delivery to the Kalispell, Montana Treasurer's office.

USPS attempted to deliver to a Government agency on Saturday 9-30-2017 when it was closed. Then never attempted a redelivery.

On 10-5-2017, USPS was contacted and a slight address correction was made (#2, to 2nd Floor). On the 6th and until today the 11th, no delivery was even attempted to be made. We have been on hold for 25 minutes twice, 45 minutes, today we have a hold time of 1 hour+. Currently, I have been on hold for 30 minutes.

I have no way to redirect the package online, no way to reach an operator. NOTHING.

So if you have an important document and you cannot send it Fedex, DHL or UPS and must use the United States Postal Service, I have a free alternative service that has the same outcome that will not leave you envelope required..and here it is:

FLUSH TWICE RAPID DELIVERY, AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCAL COMMODE. Properly tear your vital document in small pieces, place in the lavatory. Flush once. Once complete flush again. There you have it, you will never see your document again, for sure. Now wasn't that easier than paying for a shipping label, putting it in a USPS envelope then delivering it to a mailbox, and worrying about whether it will arrive at the addressee?

  • Aug 23, 2017

On august the first i mailed two letters both containing money orders one to capital one for $150.00 the othe to fingerhut $80.00 neither one of them reached its destination.i mailed them at the same time same location the bexley post office.please help me for absolutely nobody will! thank you titozamora59

  • Aug 16, 2017

I have emailed and called the post office several times about the same situation and still, nothing has been done to correct the problem. I live in an apartment complex on the 1st floor no more than 20 to 30 feet directly in front of the mail boxes on the inside of the building. The carriers come by and drop the yellow slip in the box and keep going. There is no delivery attempt at all so my packages just sit there until I can get someone to go and get it for me or they have to send it back. I tried contacting a supervisor about it and I called the 800 customer service department and they had me on hold for 40 something minutes and still didn't get the help I needed. I'm going to get in contact with a lawyer to see if there is some kind of legal action that I can take against them because this is wrong and I'm tired of it.

  • Feb 9, 2017

The Golden Post office on Johnson Road will not pay insurance damage claims


Does anyone else see damage to the shipping container?

Call Barbara at the Golden Post Office at 303-445-8990 and ask why she doesn't honor insurance claims when a box like this shows obvious damage.

Let the people all ban together and help stop this abuse inside the postal service!!!!

  • Feb 2, 2017

I have noticed the same happening to me, here in Groveport, the same thing happening. Last September I did not receive a birthday card, check in tow, nor a Christmas card, also check inside. Although the checks were never cashed, I still didn't receive cards or checks. In addition, the gas company is threatening to cut off our gas because we haven't been paying. It's really hard to pay; however, if you have not received any bills, which I have not. I question, now, just how much mail we do NOT receive, where it is going, and if this person/people are going to pay me back. At this point, we are talking grand larceny, since total amount stolen is over $500? Please check this out for us. We are not a rich family. I am on permanent and total S.S. Disability and don 't make much money. My husband is working 2 jobs, and it is still EXTREMELY difficult to pay our bills. These people need to be put in jail and pay back the money to the people, such as our family, the money that has been stolen! These are supposed to be trustworthy people, but I think not. In addition, we seem to have a different mail collector every day. To me, this just creates more chaos on top of an already unprofessional and chaotic environment!

See report above, already written. To sum up: The post office in Groveport, OH, in which town my family and i live, are not delivering all of our mail. Since September, 2015, I know I have not received birthday or Christmas cards, both containing checks, from my mother in Nevada. They were not cashed. I just didn't receive the cards or checks. In addition, we did not receive our last gas bill and the gas company is going to shut off our gas! We are not well off, and we cannot afford the gas bill right now; therefore, I expect it is going to get terribly cold for us! I saw a story of the very same nature on 'Six on Your Side,' in which Bexley (?) residents were not receiving their mail! Please help!

  • Jan 30, 2017

Back in July 2016, I had ordered some pills online. I was tracking my item online & got a notification that it had been delivered on a Monday. I went to my local post office to check my post office box to see if it was there. It was not there. I asked the woman who works at my post office is there package for me. That day and the next day on Tuesday she said that there is no package. What is worse than that is that she did not even try to go look for it. I called the company and see what is the problem. They confirmed that it was delivered on Monday. When I had told her that on Tuesday, she still said that there is no package. I called the post office's national number and complained about it. I told them everything that happened. They kept giving me a case # and had people returning my calls and investigating what is happening. The manager at the post office in my town lied and told them that the woman searched for my items when I asked her for it. The manager even called me and trying to tell me that her worker did try to look for it. I told her that it is a lie and there was witnesses there to confirm it. She said that that is besides the point, and I should call the company and explained what happened and see if they can give me another one. The people on the national number told me to do the same thing. I e-mailed the company who sent me the pills and told them what had happened. As they perfectly stated, they would not do that since it did not get lost on there end (which makes sense & what I understand). Someone who is over the national post office in my state even went to the local post office in my town and investigated. They said that they went & looked and send that the item was scanned. I kept telling them that I did not get it. When I called the person back who was over things like that in my state and to see what is going on, she told me since the item that I ordered did not have insurance on it, there is nothing that they can do about it. Even though it was there fault that my item got lost, they would not pay to replace it.

  • Jan 18, 2017

I posted a package on October 3, 2016 and to this day the package didnt arrive at destination or wasnt found by USPS. The tracking number is 9534615263856277047303.

I asked them via website what happened but they dont answer me.

  • Dec 30, 2016

The pittsburgh pa post office caused me a mild heart attack and still not looking into why I'm not getting my mail and where are the mail I got my mail for two weeks but. nothing after. they don't care .please help me to talk with them .I'm so depressed because they are violating me for what reason I don't know but I always show proof have no problem with that but they would rather play with y. Mail. at pgh pa if I

  • Dec 8, 2016

Our local post office, Jose Marti Branch, at 425 NW 27th Ave, Miami, FL 33125, has been falsifying on-line tracking/delivery status data. As of late, since 12/13/16, their carriers have not been turning up to make their delvieries on a timely or daily basis. To cver their tracks, this Branch falsifies the tracking data by marking the package or packages as "Attempted to deliver . notice left", which is a downright like.

After filing a Re-Delivery request for one package, this branch marked the shipment as delivered, when no package was left at the time the on-line data was posted - another downright lie. The driver finally turned up hours later - after 6 PM.

Now I'm chasing yet another package in which this branch pulled the exact same stunt as they did on the first one - including falsifying thier records with a fake "notice left". I've spoken to our local Consumer Affairs office and they're apparently just as lazy and useless as the Jose Marti Branch is - no wonder nothing ever gets done or resolved in a proper, professional manner!

This is nothing new ... this is the normal business habits I've experienced with the Jose Marti Branch. After numerous phone calls and emails to the head USPS office, I'm still unable to sort out all this on-going nonsense.

  • Dec 7, 2016

Ray Charles Station / West Adams Needs A Lot Of Drastic Improvements

This Has Got To Be The Worst Ray Charles Station/West Adams 90016 Post Offices Around!

Regarding: USPS Tracking # 23151470000041624468

Around Saturday, November 26, 2016, I received another Pink Slip Form #3849 Delivery Notice to pick up a parcel and once again, the sender's name was purposely and deliberately Not Written On The Pink Slip.

I can Not Reiterate On How Many Times I Contacted Ms. Hall, the Station Manager at (323) 933-1471 to make a Proper Arrangement to have the package dropped off, but Always Unsuccessfully!

When I had several conversations with her, I told her that I would print and sign my name and write in my home mailing address on the Pink Slip and leave it on top of my mailbox in order for her carrier to pick up and drop off my parcel in which was Never Done!

Instead the Postal Carrier just Ignored My Pink Slip and just kept on leaving more pink slips inside the mailbox.

Furthermore, during my last conversation with Ms. Hall which was on Friday, December 2, 2016, she gave me instructions to go online and make a re-delivery attempt in which I did and was told that the postal carrier would drop off the package back on Saturday, December 3, 2016. Sadly that Never Happened!

When it did Not Happen, I contacted the post office almost immediately and was told that the postal carrier will Not Drop Off The Package regardless of whether I sign and fill in the Pink Slip and Leave It On My Mailbox Or Not!

I was then told to come back to the Ray Charles Station / West Adams, 4960 West Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90016 Post Office on Monday, December 5, 2016 and bring with me my Pink Slip and pick up my package on that date.

Well the situation gets only Worst!

Therefore, back on Monday, December 5th, 2016, when I went inside the Post Office with my Pink Slip that I presented, I was told that the Package Is No Longer Waiting For Me At The Post Office and was On Its' Way Back To The Sender!

I was also told that they Only Hold The Package For Five (5) Days And That Is All!

For Your Information: Being Given And Fed Lies, Games and Purposeful Misinformation is Totally Disgusting, Dishonest and Highly Unacceptable!

All That I Wanted Was My Package In The First Place And I Followed The Instructions Of Leaving The Pink Slip On The Mailbox Signed And Filled Out and then the Mail Courier Purposely And Deliberately Ignored It!

Then after speaking with Ms. Hall, the Station Manager, I followed her Rules and had arranged for a New Delivery Date For The Very Next Day After Going On To Their Website To Process The Request which Never Happened because it was Never Redelivered!

Then I go inside the Post Office since those were the Last Instructions from the Last United States Postal Representative Whom I Had Spoken to bring in the Pink Slip and Pick Up The Package in which the Package Was No Longer There!

How Would You Feel If You Went Through All Of The Hoops, Chains and Whistles Only To End Up Nowhere In Trying To Pick Up Your Package?

Now The Package Is Going Back To The Sender In Florida For Invalid Reasons!

I Will Never Get To Pick Up And/Or Receive My Package Now Because As Of Wednesday, December 7, 2016, I will be on a Flight One Way To Buenos Aires, Argentina for about Eight (8) Months In Order To Finish A Promotional, Research Project With Tourism In Promoting The Country!

Yes, I Have More Than Every Right To Be Angry And Pissed Off And Upset!

I do Not Trust The United States Postal Service Any Longer!

If this would have been with United Parcel Service, DHL or Federal Express, then this would have

  • Oct 26, 2016

I operate a small web design firm out of my home in Naples, FL

One more than one occassion the post office decided to withhold mail that was not addressed to my name, although the address was valid.

One time they stopped ALL my mail because I did not fill out their card to tell them who lives with me.


These CRIMINALS once again have withheld my mail except I did not find out for 3 weeks.

Because of their stupidity and invasion of my privacy and interfering with mail delivery, I have to pay extra in fees per week to conduct business.

I ordered an additional debit card for a person that works with me to streamline operations.

The USPS has decided since the mail did not have my name, it must be fraud I am committing.

They have decided I am attempting to commit identity fraud, no investigation, absolutely no reason in my entire history for this, no complaints against me or my business, no law enforcement intervention - the low IQ carrier or moron at the postal center chose, in their infinite wisdom to not deliver my mail, causing me additional problems and stress.

They did not even have the decency to alert me of their action and give me an opportunity to rectify the confusion.

It is none of their business what I do.

However, if they asked nicely, I could have easily provided evidence to support that debit card.

By the way post office - it is a known fact the government employs morons and criminals. PayPal has validated me and found me to be credible and credit worthy. Their vetting process is 100x more than you can ever offer.

I will be getting a UPS box

All my mail will go there - do not use the USPS - criminals criminals criminals -

This location is so vicious too - they have massive attitudes - because they are not held to any standard they are free to do as they wish and RipOff hard working people.

I had enough!

  • Aug 31, 2016

The prices the postal service charges for packages are completely unfair. They also deliver damaged items that they have demaded you pay extra for them NOT to DAMAGE "insurance". The effort it takes to get your money if an item is damaged is insane. They ship it off possibly damaging it further, the post master determines how much you get if anything. Also you have to pay them extra to make sure they DELIVER the item, shouldnt that be assumed ? It should also be assumed if you mark fragile , your package won't be treated like a football. As I have been told that a worker having a bad day will throw packages marked fragile, attempting to break them. I peronally have had packages lost damaged stolen undelivered or taken forever to deliver , returned from coast to coast because it was short 1 dollar on postage. I had a package delivered with a $1000 item in it so badly beat up, the item inside was broken beyond repair, there is no excuse , this package was adequately wrapped, holes had been punched in the box all the way through the padding to the item. I was told if it was broken to ship it back for a refund, return shipping was 100 dollars. The CARRIER was sweating profusely and had his SHIRT open wide to see his entire chest, totally unprofessional.

why do we have to pay extra to make sure that our items arrive and arrive safely ? that should be assumed and included since the prices are extreme for delivery nowadays. Any way thie USPS sucks. I also had a 400 dollar item, arrived broken, it was triple boxed and padded inside each layer. It cost 75 dollars to send it snce it was so large having nested boxes, upon arriving , it took me 20 minutes to get to the item due to the extensive wrapping, before shipping the pictures of the iem showed it in perfect condition, inside it was broken from being kicked or thrown and the ousde box was black scuffed and smashed. Obviously abused, I was told I needed to note the damage on delivery, TELL ME what carrier is going to wait 20 minutes for yu to see if damage has occurred , NONE and you know it. They won't wait 1 minute. I have had packaes with expensive items left on my porch for anyone to take with signature delivery required. What excuse can USPS offer for all this BS ???

Bottom line, USPS rips you off and there is almost nothing you can do about it, you are literally gambling when you put anything into their hands.

A teller once denied me one piece of tape requiring me to buy tape and this was backed by the post master. just wanted to secure the package a wee bit more having Paid PRIORITY PRICE. Then I noticed the same teller help another customer wrap an entire package, WTF !!! The only difference between us was color and sex. I will not tell you which. Since discrimination is discrimination.

I challenge you to jusrify this USPS crap , its going to be lame, I wouldnt advise you to try. This is from years of experience with the postal service. They simply suck and know you really don't have much choice since the items you send cant be afforded to send for more than the item is worth. Which is frequent at todays prices. Fedex is more and UPS is more too. While your package may arrive, you might as well not bother, the person should just buy the item locally if possible. So basically you afre stcuk with a buch of crap that has been taxed ten times, shipped 2 or three times, charged ebay and paypal fees, etc, who made the money ??? Not you as a buyer, and as a seller you are ripped off obviously too.

WHO WILL HELP US TO GET WHAT WE PAY FOR ?? How do I ever break even ?

  • Jul 27, 2016

My name is Ely Samuel. My location is New York, NY . I am a rather casual seller on ebay. I also sell directly to clients via paypal website. I am creating this report because it seems rather obvious that there's a problem with mail theft in the state of Missouri. After filing a complaint with USPS (Unfortunately, the package did not quality for a claim since I didn't use Priority Mail/and or insurance) on May 2016, for USPS tracking label: 9402109699937755062210. Weeks later, I received a letter from the Hazelwood, MO distrubution center stating that the label was recovered but the missing contents (gift card & coupons) of the package wasn't. How come I received a letter from Hazelwood, MO when according to the information for the tracking number, it never left New York, NY 10199 location? Although the destination of the package was heading too:

Mary Coleman

Potosi, MO

This raised a red flag for me. Neverthelesss, the letter of apology suggested to fill out a form and send it to the Mail Recover Center in Atlanta, GA 30378.

On July 13, 2016, I received a letter of apology from the Mail Recovery center with a reference search Id#346322 stating that the package has not ben recovered as of yet and if the package is retrieved; it will be forwaded to the address I provided on label. That case went unresolved. I went ahead and refunded the buyer for this transaction ($110) and suffered the financial loss on this one. Unfortunately, In my innocence, I dealt with this client earlier this week.

On July 19, 2016, the buyer went ahead and made a purchased from me again. This time I mailed out the package via First class mail but with signature confirmation (totally useless, but at the moment I thought it granted some reassurance of delivery). I even wrote the addresss with the use of marker and in big lettering so that if the label were to be missing again; they have an address on the envelope. The contents of the package was worth much more this time around; $180. On July 26, 2016 (today) I filed yet a complaint with the USPS because I perceived the mishap was going to occur yet again; after seeing no progress of the package the past 48 hours. I opened a case with the USPS (HQ129281918) today because the package had a delivery date of (7/26/16) and according to the information of the USPS tracking label: 9402109699937755062210, the package never left the New York, NY 10199 facility. At this point I was very concerned. Began to think all kinds of conspiracy theories. 1 of the 2 of them had to be correct:

1. Post office in your particular area is negligent and is mishandling packages

2. The recipient may be affiliated with someone from inside the post office who is

intercepting packages from within

Its very hard to call this one but after looking up some information on line on the Hazelwood, MO mail facility, I came across very helpful information. It furthered my belief that the recipient may be in cahoots with a postal service employee. The recipient is very passive about this matter and it seems like I'm the only one dealing with the hardships (Hopefully, paypal seller protection would consider this report if a case is filed by buyer.) I may not be 100% certain but after reading the entire article and reading the reviews online for this particular post office; I felt I was in the ballpark so to speak. There's a very large number of packages missing at this location. There was also arrest made for several fraudulent postal employees too. This information can be retreived online if you copy & paste the link here :

Earlier today, (7/26/16) I waited nearly an hour to speak to a USPS representative and was then redirected to USPS consumer affairs division (816) 374-9186 which is based in a neighboring state of Missouri. I was told that I should've used not only signature confirmaiton but insurance as well. So me and a million other people who mail letters and packages to Missiouri should use these services; all the time when mailing to this destination?? The personnel was not trying to acccept the concept that there may be malpractice by employees rather alluding to packages being damaged on route. I was told that I would have to wait 15 days or so before a determination is made on this case. All I can say for now be careful mailing your packages not so much to the state of Missiouri but if your package has to be processed by the Hazelwood, MO facility make sure its insured. I don't expect this location to be installing cameras in the mail room anytime soon. Possible fraud & theft at this post office? I most certainly believe so.

  • Apr 21, 2016

My mother and sister died in 2015, and I was given items of clothing and other semential items. These items were mailed from Illinois on August 25, 2015 to be sent to Mesa, AZ. It wads mailed in a "computer paper" sized box, and was securely taped. It was only supposed to take 8-10 business days for me to receive the items. After waiting for months, contacting the Postal Service as well as numerouss trips to our local Post Office, the box was finally delivered to me on November 12, 2015. The box was sent to me totally empty! All of the items I had in the box were gone!! In the empty box was a generic form letter from the Postal Service in Phoenix, AZ, which stated "the enclosed item was found loos in the mail or was damaged in handling by the Postal Service". How could it have been found loose or damaged? The box was securely fastened, and if there had been any problem in the sealing of the box, it would have been found by the original sender, the Postal Service in Illinois. The Postal Services offers a basic insurance of $300.00, if items are lost through the process from one location to another. I have been trying since November 12, 2015 to March, 2016 to receive the $300.00 insurance for the items the Postal Service lost. I filled out all the documentation the Postal Service required to receive the insurance, and I have sent letters requesting assistance to the Postal Service to settle this matter on December 21, 2015, February 2, 2016, February 16, 2016, March 9, 2016, and April 7, 2016. I sent all the documentation the Postal Service requested to settle this matter. Instead of assisting me and giving me the $300.00 insurance, they sent me a denial letter on April 7, 2016. They mentioned their rationale for this decision is the 'supporting documentation'; however, they never made the 'documentaion' available to me.

I realize in the large scheme of things, my issue may not be seen as important as a consumer being ripped off for thousands by some crooked organization; but I was ripped off by an organization that prides itself on professional service from one location to another. This service was not honored by the Postal Service; instead, my cherished items were stolen out of my properly sealed box. Pleasae also accept the pain and suffering I have received by having sentimental items stolen from me from 2 deceased people that I will never see again. This horrific incident has made it impossible for me to receive any closure from dealing with my mother and sister's deaths. Instead of the Postal Service handling this situation on an indivudual level, treating it with professionalism and compassion, I received unprofessional and inexcusable behavior from this institution.

I have detailed documentation for each interaction I have had with the Postal Service, and if you choose to handle my case, can prove everything I am telling you is true.

Please help me! Please help me right a serious wrong!

  • Apr 20, 2016

I provide the number for USPS in the box that wanted the number. I know it by heart because of the MANY TIMES of having to deal with USPS. DO NOT BOTHER TO CALL THAT NUMBER. YOU WILL BE SHOUTING AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS AT A COMPUTER THAT WILL NOT CONNECT YOU TO A LIVE OPERATOR.

The local post offices are just as bad.

Meanwhile other delivery companies I really have ZERO problems with. There were some issues which are resolved and they are resolved EASILY. The problems with USPS are NOT RESOLVED.

I have had packages delivered to my front porch EVERY TIME with other shipping companies. Meanwhile with USPS they refuse delivery when it is raining?! They also CONSTANTLY have left mail and packages in the WRONG MAILBOXES or the WRONG ADDRESSES.

Also, every online merchant must stop using these CRIMINALS. These items are very expensive so it is important to use a trusted shipping companies instead of U.S.P.S..

  • Apr 1, 2016

My name is Luz V****-B**** and I am a Bookkeeper, living in the City of Plano-Texas, and working for Sales Mexico Lindo Restaurant, at 7515 E. Grand Ave. Dallas Texas 75214. Last Saturday March 27,2016 I mailed a package, priority mail from the Post Office of Plano which is at 3400 COIT RD. PLANO TX. 75075. I was told that the mail would be delivered on Monday March 28,2016 at it's destination.

The mail was for Ms. Karen C*****, CPA at the address of-C PLANO, TEXAS 75075 it was a letter sized manila envelope. inside the package was the 2015 paperwork for Mexico Lindo Restaurant. On Monday at 1pm. I checked with the CPA, Ms. Karen C**** to verify if she had received my mail and she told me that she did not receive anything. I inmediately called the Post Office on COIT/PLANO and ask to talk with Ms. RACHEL. The reason that I asked for her is because last year in 2015 the same thing happened at the end of February. Thanks God they found the package; the Post-man delivered to the wrong BOX. Aafter 3 or 4 days in March 02/2015 they delivered the package to the right person. This time it is now already 4 days and they can not find my mail.

I also called another number 1800-275-8777 and a lady MS. EDITH took my report and she told me that she will call me back, but nobody has called. I have been calling Ms. RACHEL, but she told me yesterday 3/30/2016, that she sent a driver to the address that it was supposed to be deliverd but the driver didn't find anything. I asked her if that was the driver who was scheduled TO DELIVER THE MAIL THAT MONDAY 3/28/016 and she said that she didn't know who delivered that day (I SAIDTO MY SELF..WHAT IS GOING ON..WHO IS WORKING THERE..NOBODY CARES ABOUT IT) I called again to 1800-275-8777 and again another person took my report, but she told me that she would transfer me to a Supervisor by the name of MS. JOSEPHINE...I don't know it she had a bad day. She took my report but she said that her system shows that they delivered to the address 2828 W. Parker Rd. Plano TX and they still investigating; and I ask her what about the SUITE #...??? she say that her system doesn't show SUITE....that she can not do anything else and she hung up on me, I could loose my job now, until now March 31,2016 I don"t know nothing....PLEASE WHAT CAN I DO!!!!!!!!!!IF i KNOW this it will happen again to me I will not send by mail...i will delivery my self.

  • Jan 16, 2016

For decades we have had residents living here with the same mailbox. Our mail carrier has always driven his own vehicle beings we are a rural neighborhood. Recently he has moved into the LLV mail vehicle and is making his own set of regulations to convenience his new ride. Issuing the vast majority of our neighborhood a letter saying we need to raise our mailboxes to the postal mailbox regulation height of 48"-52" from road surface. I have contacted and confirmed with USPS that postal mailbox regulation is 41"-45" from road surface. Which is the measurement of all our mailboxes. The mail carrier has threatened one resident that they are going to issue one more notice then they will start cutting down our mailboxes. Help this neighborhood out and expose the action of this location for their fraudulent notices, threats, and their horrible representation of USPS! I have opened a case against this location through the USPS consumer affairs. Who feels we are being mislead on the postal regulations from these two people. But we need help now.

  • Dec 9, 2015

For the past four months our mail has NOT been delivered by the USPS Sherman, Texas. The local carrier, as well as the postmaster, had approved our mailbox and location – yet, to date our clients have been calling complaining our address is invalid, and therefore our mail undeliverable. We researched, “Look up a zip code” – USPS consistently shows

We were told by David at the Sherman post office nothing can be done and could be 5 to 6 months, maybe 8, until my address is in the system. Numerous conversations with Steve Fuhr, the postmaster at Sherman, have been absolutely useless. Steve stated he has entered the address into the database. Steve stated every week my address should be updated by Monday. EVERY WEEK the same lie, for months.

  • Sep 5, 2015

I am so very angry with the postal service I mean they are a government agency they've been around for 100’s of years delivering mail. So how do items just get lost especially a 25 pound box.

My son just finished basic training in Illinois and was sent to Pensacola, Florida he was excited because after their 1st 2 weeks thy get to where there civilian clothes. So he asked that I ship him his belongings. Which I gathered and called UPS 1st had and told them how the measurements and weight of package they said cost would run me pretty high so I said let me try the post office weren’t they saying not too long ago they wouldn’t be doing Saturday delivery because there wasn’t enough business or bankruptcy making all these cut backs. So I’m all about supporting my local post office. Went in on 8/1/15 bought a box that cost $5.99 packed it up delivery cost $46.96. Awesome save me about $20. Did I ever think it would not get to where it was going? NO, big mistake. Paid for general delivery not priority or anything because I was told it would be there by 8/7/15 and was given a tracking #. My son said he didn’t receive it I said give it till Monday. Checked tracking number and it said it left Casa Grande on 8/1/15. I’m like ok no other update that is weird. I called 1-800 # given same results they were no help the employees are rude and I was told to just deal with local post office because they are only a call center take the message and re-direct it to the local post office, fine. Called my local post office and was told that since it wasn’t priority mail it could take longer and to give it up to 20 days and a bunch of gibberish about why didn’t I just get priority mail of course I had no insurance on the package they may have offered it but recalling that day I am not even sure I was asked. I checked every day since and no changes on the tracking number. I called her back and she apologized and stated you know sometimes boxes get missed and are not scanned so now they would forward my information to a place out of PHX and I had another employee call me back and she would be handling my case. So there I go repeating the same story with this woman on 8/18/15 and she told me just to wait it out that hopefully it would just appear they have been having delays to Florida and I was like OK then how are his roommates getting there packages and my son isn’t? I said how a box weighing 25 pounds can just disappear. Both addresses were very clearly written on the box if something label did come off well why wouldn’t it just come back to me. She said you did see them put a label on there didn’t you? Obviously I was given a tracking # and it shows it leaving at a different time then when I was at the post office. I got the whole song and dance about these things happening and since it’s not priority and standard mail it gets there when it does. Well the dang employees should relate this message and not tell customers it will get there on a certain date. She just asked to be patient and to call her back 9/1/15. So that was my next step in the meantime nothing ever changed. I called her back on 9/1 and she was able to see the same information as me she stated that I needed to give her a detailed list of all items in the box sizes everything (mind you this is over $500.00 worth of my sons clothes) and if the item(s) were found where would we like them sent to) There next step in “procedure” is to contact the Processing Center in Atlanta, Georgia with them information I have provided once they send the information to them and if the “items” are found it will be mailed to me. This person I spoke and the employees do not follow back up to see what is going on. Now what kind of customer service is this, how is this even allowed? She wasn’t able to give me no information on the processing center. Don’t you know with a tracking # what truck it got on and where did that truck go? She said mostly all items go to Bell Garden, California and then get sent on their way. Basically, I’ll just have to wait to see if something pops up in my mail today, next week, next month or even in January 2016 all I am told is to wait. So I am pretty well not me my son has just lost all of his clothing items. I feel he is serving his country & the d**n United States Postal Service has a crappy way of dealing with lost items. I will avoid spending any money at any post office as much as I can. I had to send him a few other items and most definitely I went to UPS on 8/28 and he got his items on the date I was promised 9/3/15 they will get my business.

Another lesson learned is to always, always buy or ask about insurance.

  • Sep 3, 2015

Little did I know that as I watched the mailman walk past my home on August 31, 2015 that it would lead to me gaining a totally different perspective on the way things are being done through the post office. At this time I do not know if this deception is through only my local branch or if it extends nationwide. What I do know is that I am concerned.

On August 31, 2015 I just kinda strugged at the fact that I wasn't receiving mail today after I had waited about ten minutes or so for mail delivery; prior I had observed the mail truck arrive on my street and park at it's usual spot. Nothing uncommon about going a day without a piece of mail right; then too yay no bills for me today.

A couple of weeks prior to today I had taken to writing a letter to the Consumer Advocate department in Washington DC as a result of an accummulation of issues with the local post office. I decided to phone the USPS hotline for two reasons. First I wanted to find out if I should expect a response to my letter; i.e. response time etc. Next I wanted to report that a package I was expecting to receive was showing as "delivered" on this very day; the same day that I had watched the guy walk pass my home without leaving not one piece of mailing. How could this be?

As a result the representative that I spoke with after a forty minute hold time; informed me that I would recieve a response within thirty days of the date they received my letter and in addition he issued me a case number in regards to the delivered but missing package.

The following day I checked my mailbox two hours earlier than the usual mail delivery time because I am aware that the local post office delivers packages earlier in the day than regular envelope mailings. Sure enough my box was filled with packages. Feeling apprehensive I removed the packages, took them inside, and took pictures of my clock as well as about five to seven packages; some were for other residents within my home. Letter mailings had also been included within the delivery.

Upon examining the packages I noticed a second package that had been sent to me via priority also. Out of curiosity I used the USPS tracking website to observe it's "expected" delivery date and well it was also showing as if it had been delievered the previous day. The other packages were all from places like China and were marked "untracked;" go figure. Two hours later I decided to check the mailbox again but this time around the usual delivery time just to confirm or put away my suspicions and well guess what? I unlocked my mailbox to find advertisements and flyers; there had been a second delivery.

It is not my intent to come across as a trouble maker nor a whiny consumer. However I am upset. I am upset that because of deception initially I didn't know if my neighbor had my delivery or if I should contact the seller of the item I was expecting and alert them to me not receiving it or what. I doubt that it's all a coincidence that both priority packages were marked as delivered when in fact neither of them were. It made me feel as though the post office or postal worker(s) would rather have me feel as though I'm crazy rather than to simply wait until the actual dilvery occurs to mark packages as delivered in/at the mailbox :(

  • Aug 12, 2015

We have had to file three complaints against this post office in the past eight months.

Violations include not providing services paid for, failure to deliver mail, refusing prepaid packages and possible mail tampering.

On JUly 24th, 2015, my son went to this post office to mail a certified letter to the local mayors office. For some reason clerk #11 (short stocky male with white hair approx. late 50's) refused to stamp the certified mail receipt.

When my son insisted that he stamp the receipt, the clerk became somewhat irate.

The next day using the USPS tracking device, this letter came up 'not found.' Calls to this post office were futile. So on 7/28/15 we typed another letter and mailed it via certified mail return receipt at a cost of $6.74.

Today, 7/30/2015 we received the missing letter in the mail stamped 'return for postage' with a sticky note attached to it stating that $3.94 was due. We have two receipts for payment. The supervisor at this post office (clerk # 4) said that there is no record of payment. I believe he was trying to insitgate an argument. I as said, we have had to file three complaints against these indivduals at this post office. We believe that they are possilby retaliating against us for these complaints.

We called the USPS 800-275-8777 customer service line today and the woman we spoke with said that there was no record of this letter sent certifed mail. She then said that we had insufficient postage on it. Well which one was it?

At the New Haven Indiana post office an employee there was arrested for stealing gift cards sent out by Kohl's deparment store twice a year to residents. We are going to continue with this problem until we find the person within the postal service that will finally do something about these obnoxious employees of the Huntingtington Indiana post office.

Someone needs to inform these postal employees that it is a crime to tamper with the US mail.

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