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United Patent Research Ltd

Country United States
State Maryland
City Olney
Address 2939 Olney Sandy Spring Rd # A
Phone 301-570-6875

United Patent Research Ltd Reviews

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  • Aug 1, 2015

My name is Patrick Ralston and I am the president of United Patent Research, Ltd. I would like to thank you for taking the time to review United Patent Research, Ltd. United Patent Research does what an inventor needs to do, but cannot do on his own, to bring an invention from idea to fruition. United Patent Research knows and has relationships with attorneys, licensing law firms, technical writers, draftsmen, manufacturers and product sellers. Since the general inventor does not have access to such resources, and generally does not know how to obtain such access, United Patent Research provides its services in connecting the inventor with each of these resources and then works with the inventor in managing those resources. Still further, the general inventor also does not know about tradeshows where his or her product can be exposed to potential sales, and often would not even be able to gain admission to some of these shows. United Patent Research has contacts with, and at, most major trade shows in the United States and thus represents these inventors at such shows.”

At United Patent Research, LTD. we pride ourselves in using the highest quality SERVICE.

At United Patent Research Ltd., we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality service to our clients. With regard to protecting the inventor’s invention, we only work with licensed patent attorneys who are members of the American Bar Association who are registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). They are qualified to handle all patent and trademark related matters before the USPTO. Then we only work with licensing law firms that have a proven record of successfully securing lucrative license deals for their clients. Our clients greatly benefit from our research services because we have a staff of engineers, physicists, biochemists, and technical writers with impressive backgrounds in the fields just mentioned, as well as degrees in journalism.

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  • Apr 14, 2020

Waste of Money, Poor Customer Service

Don't waste your time and money. The representatives at United Patent Research called and emailed me regularly when they were looking for payment of some kind. However, once I paid for the trade show representation, it suddenly became an inconvenience for them to talk to me. They will just tell you that you aren't doing enough and that they don't need to provide you with updates. I once called Pat Ralston to get an update on how the trade shows were going and it was clear that my phone call was nothing but an inconvenience. After all, they had already gotten nearly $5,000 for the trade show representation plus the money for the patent search. Contractually, they are not obligated to provide updates. However, good customer service would reach out to ensure the customer was satisfied. When I called to extend my provisional patent, I was again treated as an inconvenience. The money I paid United Patent Research was the worst $6,000 I ever spent. They will call and have good response time when soliciting you to pay for a service, but once you have paid, you will be nothing but an inconvenience to them. Save yourself the time and money and do not use this company. I regret ever contacting United Patent Research.

  • Dec 6, 2019

They Are Truly Scam Artist

Please read all the reviews especially the negative ones, because they are true. I dealt with a man who called himself George Henry, which is actually not his name, it’s George H Wood, I googled his phone number. I did lose money but not as much as he wanted from me. Also avoid a man by the name of David Moore.

  • Jan 19, 2018

The United Patent Research LTD is a scam. I requested information on an idea I had. This company, with very knowledgeable employees about the patent business, convinced me that I had a great invention. They sent me some documents to fill out and return. The individual I talked was Mr.Al Lever. He informed me that a one time payment of $795 would be needed to have everything I need, to get a patent. This also included a 'patent attorney,' which is needed to research my invention. Mr. Lever called me about a month after I sent him the information he requested along with the $795. The way he talked would have given anyone the idea that the invention was going through and that a patent was defiantly going to happen. He then sent me another document to fill out and send back. But this document wanted anywhere from $2,000 to $13,000 to continue. WOW! Then I decided to do a little more in depth research on their company. And guess what!! This has happened before to several other people. So, the $795 was a very hard lesson to learn, especially the way this economy is today. The hard part is trying to understand that when we come home from Iraq and Pakistan, we can get ripped-off by the very people we are fighting for. There is just something not right about this. If anyone would like to help a poor man get some of his $ back, please call them and let them know how you feel about them.

  • Aug 26, 2015

United patent resources ltd., npa, pti of america united patent resource ltd. Blackmailed me into writing retraction to keep record clean in return for a refund!!!! olney maryland.

United patent resources wanted me to call this person, and convince them they were a good up standing company which obviously is not true, but i made the call anyway. Honestly i couldn't in good consience stoop so low as to make them look good, so i gave that individual every piece of dirt i could drag up on them, and also recieved some even more startling information in return.

The patent search that the company had done for me is by no way an extensive search in fact i payed $795.00 for info. I could have reasearched for free, and most of the official ustpo patent numbers they supply aren't even on the ustpo website, because they are fake, they don't exist. Plus there is a negative paper trail a mile long on almost every employee working for this company, and even though they claim to have been in business for many years, this company has only existed under its current name for 1 year.

Having been associated with many companys that have been shutdown, they changed there name, so when you look them up on the bbb you will probaly see a 3 year no complaint record. This is actually what suckered me into trusting this company in the first place, i just figured if the bbb doesn't mark them with any complaints then they must be legit. When nothing could be farther from the truth, it is misleading, because the bbb only holds a record for 3 years, and anything that has happened before that time isn't listed. All the company has to do is changed there name, and they come out looking squeaky clean.

This company is already under investigation, and what goes around comes around, so please if you have any negative comments, or experiences to share, file a report. Lets shut this company down once, and for all. Have already saved one person since filing my reports from losing $20,000, so it's good to know one can make a difference, and i urge you to do the same.

  • Aug 8, 2015

UPR - United Patent Research - United Patent Resources, Patent And Trademark Instute Don't fall for UPR's bull! Company training manual proves they lie! Olney Maryland

News Flash!!!!!!!

I recently got my hands on a United Patent Research, ( Resources) report salesperson manual.

Wow!!!! What a load of crap. They want the employee to flat out lie to you. They tell everyone the same thing. Much of it makes reference to PTI being the company name. It switches back and forth from PTI to UPR. Busted!!!!

I will be posting it soon!

  • Aug 7, 2015

United Patent Research Ltd - UPR - United Patent Resources Don't be a sucker like I was. Olney Maryland

I was scammed out of $795.00 by United Patent Research. I am writing this complaint to let anyone who reads this not to believe anything they say. I talked to some guy named George Henry. He told me things like Walmart and Adidas were interested in my idea.

I asked them to refund my money" they never did", and I never heard from them again after that. So all I want now is to prevent this from happening to someone else. Do not become a victim of these scam artist.

I thought about writing a long explanation about my experience with this company. All I have to say is do not waste any of yoiur time or money with them. Hope you take my advice.

  • Aug 3, 2015

United patent research,upr I was told they were affiliated with the uspto, sent 795 dollars drawings, and pictures and cancelled within the 7 days got my money back but not my idea and pictures ,and as for upr this cancels our agreement, the authorites are on to youall...... olney Maryland

I was misled to believe that united patent research, upr, was affiliated with uspto , they sent me all there material and sounded lagit ; I sent them the 795 dollars and drawings , pictures, after I sent them I had a scam alert popup on my computer which I amediatley cancelled our agreement, and check for 795, but they promised to send back my photos and drawings which I have not recieved yet... I hope mr hecht , mr ralston, mrs walton dont try to profit off my idea you guys are very much under investigation if you dont know yet....... thanks

  • Aug 3, 2015

United Patent Research Selling me a patent knowing it would be invalid Olney, Maryland

I called United Patent Reseach in 2010 to help me patent my plant support called the tomato cradle.They wanted $790.00 to do a patent search,which I gladly paid. When they told me there was nothing else like it my wife & I decided to go for it! I told UPR from the beginning that my father & uncle had made these plant supports 30 years ago for their own personal use but never wanted to patent or sell them. I wanted to sell them but needed the patent protection UPR promised me.They needed $9,975 to continue the process which I paid. A year later I was issued a design patent & was told everything was good. In the meantime I have invested well over $2,000 in patent agents & help to get my product licensed only to find out my patent is invalid because I was not the original inventor! I am fine with that,but why didn't United Patent Research tell me right away that I could not patent my product because I did not invent it! They wanted my money & once they cashed the check they did not care! I know for a fact I told them the story about my family but of course they denide everything! So I guess it comes down to I said-he said & I know who will lose out there! I don't have the money to hire a lawyer because they robbed 75% of my retirement savings.I know I will never see my money again nor am I looking for sympathy,I just want the world to know about United Patent Research,thank you.

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