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United Mission for Non-Profits of America

Country United States
State California
City Newport Beach
Address 620 Center Dr Ste. 1100
Phone 866-290-5673

United Mission for Non-Profits of America Reviews

  • Aug 22, 2017

United mission for non-profits of america was started not in 2009 by a single mother who wanted to do something great but under Travis Riley in 2016.

Travis Riley a man who was not to long before released from federal prison for bankfraud, stemming form a previous carepackage company owned n operted by him. As i persued my traveles and had a chance to work under this man i began to see everything i was reading about him come to light.

United mission for nonprofits of america aka unified mission for nonprofits of america aka Remember the Veterans started out as a for profit organization wich hired n trained thier people to go door to door saying that even though not a nonprofit people could still itemize it on thier taxes n write it off. That was theft by deception.

Since those days umnpa as its now known has gotten a bit good and not so good hype. The veteran house was announced for opening and turned out to be a rental property used to house the agents and a few guys of sober living.

The 501 c3 that the company has filed has been stated the irs only expects them to clear 50k of the peoples donations in a year when that is not the case it can clear 25k in a week so only 5k goes to the non profits then 20k goes to paying agents little and then to his pockets.

  • Aug 11, 2017

United missions for non profits of america gets young adults from all over and brainwashes them into going door to door claiming their a neighbor helping our veterans not recieveing help. They reciece thousands and thousands of dollars from the community and uses the money for the 3 million dollar home they JUST got since umnpa has been established and Indigo Allendorfs plastic surgery. Also buy armani and other name brands to keep their employers to stay. They have NEVER reported a dollar to the IRS. & they have RICHARD UNDERWOOD cooking their books while living in their house. For the kids they hire, when they dont want to work for them anymore or want a day off they leave you stranded thousands of miles away from home with nothing. Unless you get shot.... 1 shot and 1 pistol whipped in yorba linda was because TRAVIS RILEY. He only cares about money from our community. WHAT REHABILITATION CENTER??? Its just a weird situation. Own a 501c3 NON PROFIT..... yet since they have opened in december 2016 theyve established a 3 million dollar home, unicorns for their daughter, amazon fresh to their door, and over 30 thousand dollars in plastic surgery and thats not all. Somebody truly needs to look into this scam. Theyre using our veterans. Please someone stop them.

  • Jul 21, 2017

Hold on soldier boy, ya forgot your ammo...

Or shall we say... "Okay Indigo and Travis, the game is up!"

Let's get down to the first round of questions:

1) Why has the photo that Indigo posted of the IRS 501C form, conveniently NOT displaying any entity names, individual names, SS#s, etc? Why is there no filing of the UMNPA entity with the California Secretary of State's Corporate Commission? Why are there no licenses on record with Newport Beach or any agency in the state or country? Why such a vague, generic and nondescriptive name for a veteran's charity?

2) Indigo conveniently referred to an 'associate's ex-gf' as the source of the rather detailed and accurate description of everything taking place. Why didn't you respond to the allegations, Indigo? Is it maybe true that you're buying Louis Vuitton handbags and luxury SUVs with some of that door to door money? Is there possibly some drug and alcohol usage amongst Travis and your desperate door to door panhandlers?

Let's hear from Travis who is conveniently background...okay Travis? Why didn't you respond to the allegations against you? What is your criminal history? Did you go to prison for bank fraud, armed robbery, burglary, dealing dope, etc.? Are you on probation? You have an opportunity to set the record straight and to get the facts out before we do. Go for it!

3) Your IRS letter had a date of Nov. 2016, which is 3 months after your website came up in August of 2016. How then, has your organization been supporting veterans since 2004, as your generic website claims? How coud you have even helped 980 veterans in 2015, much less a total of 2,176 veterans by April 2016, if you only started your marketing strategy and door to door scam in August of 2016? Why don't you have a listing of the 2,176 veterans' names on your site with pictures and testimonials from said veterans and their families that you claim to have helped? And most importantly, why isn't there 1 shred of verification on your website, from the VA or any Veterans and/or Armed Forces agency?

4) As such an established outfit supposedly helping thousands of veterans, why do you use a virtual office in Newport Beach with no employees, and a 1-800 number that rolls over to your cell phone? Where are the pictures or videos (on your website) of the veterans homes you claim to have established? Where are the actual veterans in those homes? What are the addresses of the veterans homes? Rest assured, the staged Xmas photos of 1 supposed veteran family and 2 vets in a cafeteria, are really lame, amateur and not fooling anybody.

5) Why don't you tell the truth about your scam that's operating out of your shack in Costa Mesa, not far from your favorite pizza joint? Why have you not had a Facebook post since your big fundraiser at said pizza joint, to which nobody showed up?

We're going to leave it at 5 bullets for now, and we expect detailed answers to each and every question in said 5 bullets, by March 27th. For now, we're not going to get into details about drug usage. We're not going to get into details about the string of thefts in your wake. We're not going to judge you for the sins you've committed in the name of the poor, truly needy men and women that have served our country. Instead, we will be presenting the cold hard facts with conclusive evidence, should you not respond clearly and concisely to the 5 bullets above.

Everything has and will continue to be documented for federal and state authorities. The game is up...and it will be finished very soon.

Yours truly,

El Capitan

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