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United Family Advocates

Country United States
State California
City Santa Barbara
Address 3463 State St #483
Phone 844-301-2939

United Family Advocates Reviews

  • Feb 29, 2016

Charles Perrino and United Family Advocates refers bad lawyers. I'm a witness to this because Charles Perrino referred me to two bad lawyers. Charles' follow-up after I reported the bad experience with the two lawyers was even worse. He wouldn't leave his phone number on any of his email responses after charging me $100 for the referral and apologizing for the first lawyer. This whole entire system is a scam so be aware of it! Every lawyer that you obtain is on the other side and will lie to you in the beginning claiming that they'll do something for you and be different from any lawyer who ripped you off, but don't believe this. No lawyer in the USA is going to do anything for you when up against the State Attorney General. United Family Advocates claims that they get good lawyers willing to work for less on your case but that is not true either. Both lawyers that I was referred to complained about the reduced rates from the very beginning and made statements like they had to help their "regular paying customers first.

The first lawyer Charles Perrino referred me to was named Jefrey Faust out of Fort Worth, Texas. Jefrey came to court late, with his neck in a brace complaining that he had been in an accident. Jefrey told me that he was going through the same thing that I was going through and that he had to sell his car to get the money to pay back child support, which were all lies. Why would a lawyer tell you that he's going through the same thing that you're seeking his services for? Jefrey Faust then proceeded to act very unprofessional and even told me to call him back after the college football national championship game went off television. When I fired him, he sent me a text with profanity on it claiming that he "kept my a** from going to jail." The next lawyer was Donald Nemic also out of Fort Worth. Donald Nemic was late to court as well and complained about reduced fees from the start too. He never returned my calls 3 to 4 weeks prior to going back to court the second time giving the excuse that he had "family problems" and allowed the court to arrest me without lifting any objections. He acted as if he was afraid of the DA and Family Court Judge. I paid him prior to walking into the courtroom but his actions were as if I wasn't going to pay him. When I fired him, he sent me paperwork that clearly stated he was working for the other side. The fact of the matter is: none of these Family Rights or Father a Rights advocates or any lawyer that they refer can do anything for you that you can't do yourself with the proper advise from someone not affiliated with the bar association. There are people out there who can help but don't waste your money on these so-called family and father's rights advocates because they work for the courts. I repeat, all lawyers claiming to be able to help you in Family Court actually work for the other side and their job is to earn your trust and then set you up to be arrested!

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