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United Equitable Insurance Co.

Country United States
State Illinois
City Skokie
Address 5700 Old Orchard Road Suite 300
Phone 847-583-4600

United Equitable Insurance Co. Reviews

  • Jan 21, 2019

On December 26 2018 i was involved in a car accident it was a late monday night 8p.m. I called my insurance company asap to let them know (United Equitable Insurance) . i filed my claim. Finally it was able to get it to the body shop after paying to get my a vehicle release from from the police department. I did as follows. I filled police report anx emailed them all the documents they asked for. Paid 75 to get my things out the car. Finally my car was took to the body shop the insurance work witj. Jr auto body shop located in riverdale illinois. Not once did the insurance company contact me. January 11 2019 after calling every other day. Id be on hold 10 minutes at a time to get sent to voicemail leaving a message and getting no call back. January 11 coms i calles finally get through. They claim to have sent me mail i never recied so they emailes me with the wrong date saying that my car was considered a total loss. Weeks later after calling wvery other day to check status they say they sent me another letter saying my claim was denied for e reasons. 1 failure to disclose a violation of speeding in 2016 and the same day an accident that came with the ticket. I never was insures with them at the time to have to twll them that i was with another insurance company. Moving forward they denied my claim for not diaclosing that information. They never once lookes up my mvr to see what kind of driver i was thats standard protocal for insurance company from my knowledge. Know here i am cannot find an appeal letter on their website cant get through to them bcause no one amswers the phone. I have no car still paying on a car i nolonger have. Im looking for a lawyer. Ive complaines on the department of illinois of imsurance witj the attorney general.

  • Jan 19, 2019

I am sending this message today based on the decision your adjuster has made in regards to my claim(1001085144). I have been a customer of UEI since 2016. I was directed to this company from a peer of mine that currently uses Chicago Consumer insurance. I answered some questions online, was provided a quote for full coverage and an option to purchase.

At the time I purchased my insurance I included myself and my wife. The ONLY possible drivers in the house and my wife advise she has no intentions on drivers my car because it was mainly for work. I was involved in an accident on December 16th 2018. The car was towed. I makes sure I stayed in touch with your insurance of the status and there were no problems.

The car was picked up and delivered to Auto body tech in Waukegan. I continued to call to get the status. Some times before work, while at work or anytime I can find where I will have 15 to 20 minutes hold because that’s how long it takes for someone to answer the phone. I was advised the car was considered totaled and account was being reviewed.

Then last week I was advised my son was not on the insurance and this was an issue that needed to be addressed and a letter was mailed. I immediately provided the representative my sons ID number because he does not have nor has ever had a license, she added the information to what she needed to and disconnected the call.

I was never advised my son was an issue at anytime being a customer My son was diagnosed was a seizure disorder at 3 years old. Which currently we have been blessed that he has not had any seizures, so we attempt to provide a normal life for him My son currently has a ventricular shunt that drains spinal fluid from his brain into his stomach to prevent spinal fluid from building up and can possibly be deadly My son is not a driver, does not have a license After multiple conversations with my son and wife we allowed him to get a driving permit based on his progress.

His driving practices are done with his mom or grandmother I never received the letter I called yesterday to get a progress report on the status of the claim. Once again I was on hold for 15 minutes, the rep answered the phone, only to ask me to hold for another 18 minutes. The reps then returned back to the phone only to confirm my information all over again as if she forgot I was on the phone.

She then continues to advise me that due to a driving ticket in Kentucky I was given in 2015 and my son not being documented as only insurance my claim will not be honored and another letter will be issued. I attempted to ask some questions to get a better understanding, but the reps was getting frustrated. I remained respectful, but that did not help the situation because I was advised Ray ( who I found to be known as Ray Aviles) is the adjuster and if I can’t speak with him, I can speak with Angelica and was abruptly transferred to her voicemail.

I left 2 messages on her voicemail, with no calls back. At this point I am outraged. I was worried about this happening due to the reviews online, but my wife told me to wait and be patient. I cannot believe this treatment. I currently do not have a car, getting to work, doctors appointments and my father responsibilities however I can, but I am paying for car insurance. I will not stand for this because I can see how this makes money for you your company and I’m left without and expected to continue to pay month over month.

  • May 27, 2016

I was in an accident April 30th. My car still is not repaired. They avail me, are rude, and do not help at all! I went thru my own auto body repair shop and I am sure that is the reason . They do not pay the whole bill. Only cover 21 days rental. I am on my 4th week with a rental. I am eating the cost. They treat me like I am an idiot. I don't like that.

  • Dec 15, 2015

United equitable auto insurance are bad,and bad business scammers don't help their costumers with nothing Lord jesus fix this,they need to close their business they just bad not words for them horrible expirience ever...

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