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Unified Caring Association UCA

Country United States
State California
City Mount Shasta
Address 404 N Mt Shasta Blvd
Phone 1-866-522-5841

Unified Caring Association UCA Reviews

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  • Oct 26, 2015

Recently searching for Health Care Insurance for family and was contacted by this company referred to as: Unified Caring Association; Freedom Life Insurance Company of America; and Patriot Health Florida, Inc. (MultiPlan / PremierSeries program). The representative (phone) came across as if they were selling major medical or comprehensive insurance coverage as they proceeded to ask medical questions and gain 'approval' for acceptance. However, it is really just a savings program that ranges anywhere from 15-50% advertised savings with participates. The representative guided me to an online site that indicated that care in my area was covered.

Upon further investigation, I found this not to be the case. My checking account was debited for $1200 to set up my program which included dental, Accidental Death Benefit, and an RX package. Again, each of these programs (with exception to ADB of course) represents merely a savings plan (15-50% potential in savings). I would dare to even test the percentage of savings in actual experience. I was unable to receive the program detail about the policy until the initial premium and start-up fees were paid. Upon review of the program details, I quickly realized I had been ripped-off.

That nauseating feeling hit the pit of my stomach to realize I had been played. After a quick perusal online, I quickly discovered similar accounts with this company dating back as far as 2013. Unbelievable. Automated deductions are in place for the services rendered. Consequently, I will close the account affected tomorrow and try to get reimbursed monies spent. Naturally, I'm not optimistic that I will even make contact with anyone within this organization. I can't imagine the number of people who have been scammed by this outfit through the years. People like myself are growing desperate for any kind of coverage in response to the Obamacare debacle. These bottom-feeders are fleecing the vulnerable. Another blight upon humanity indeed.

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  • Nov 27, 2018

Unified Caring Association

my phone has been ringing off the hook since I tried looking for something more "affordable" than the "affordable care act". Whenever I tried to ask them any questions they said "oh we'll tell you anything you need to know AFTER you give us your card information! Yeah okay -- hung up and went to computer to see what I could find and it was just like I thought -- another ripoff! Thanks for your review. Sorry you got taken.

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  • Mar 26, 2017

they are also part of humanity for horses mount shasta

They are also part of humanity for horses mount shasta

wich is ran by dylan coleman and denali jordan

a non profit company.

LOCATION mt shasta and in montague california

notify state ins com calif

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  • Mar 8, 2019

Me too!

So deceptive and I’m freaking out because I thought I had comprehensive health care. The “sales agent” misrepresented the product. It is not comprehensive health care! I asked questions anoit deductibles and out of pocket. He knew I was being mislead and yet he took my CC and I’m out $1200.

This is a scam!!! How does one stop thieves like this?!

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  • Oct 11, 2016

They are still active,

They are still active,They keep calling and charging Peale. After I read this I canceled my credit card and close the checking account. today is 10/11/2016

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  • Nov 9, 2017

Phone number

Do you have the phone number for the prescription to cancel

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  • Sep 28, 2015

Mind you at the first, I was searching on line for insurance coverage. I eas contacted by this "Insurance Company" to buy affordable insurance. He offered $279.00 down, $179.00 monthly including vision, hearing, dental, and catastropic coverage.

However, he kept calling the insurance the "Multiplan". It took a while to get out the words "GetMed 360". I felt uncomfortable because He seemed unable to answer any direct questions. I was told if I was not happy I could get my money back after a month's trial. I was supposed to get a package and a Insurance card within days. I had to call not less than 5 times. First they said they got our address wrong, then they said my email was wrong. It took forever to get a card.

I decided to forget them, closed my checking account and got a call by Premier Series, which I thought was a BCBS plan, but turns out to be the same company as GetMed 360. Both of them supposed to be underwritten by United Caring Association.

Since I got my card in the mail just the other day, I will be closing them out too. Scammed 2 months in a row. These guys are luing through their teeth and will tell you just what you expect to hear.


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  • Nov 1, 2016

When researching our options for Obama Care (Afforadable Health Care) we were contacted by a lady named Amber stating the had health care plans(PPO Plans) for under $300. When we contacted them we were swithched over to a Broker. We were told about a plan where we my husband would be able to continue to see his regular doctor and we were told it would probably cost him about $25 when he goes. When asked who the carrier was (I had though I heard them say Atena) and the conversation slowly got turned to where I was never told who the carrier was. When asked about if this fell into the Obama Care I was told there would be probably a 2% tax and they were not financial advisors and could not tell me anything else but they would be saving us well over $1000.

It all sounded like it was ligit and a health care plan so we agreed. After getting off the phone, and when we received the e-mail, I got on line to check out the company only to learn it was not a PPO or health care plan. We immediately called to cancel and were able to do the Perennial part but told to cancel the rest (dental, prescription, vision, wellness) we had to call the other number. We called the number and were told we were going to have to call on Monday because that part was now closed. We were also told that our first mistake was reading reviews on the internet and we were making a big mistake. When we called back Monday it was almost an arguement to cancel the rest and they told us we would not be getting back the enrollment fee and it would be 3 to 5 days before we would get it back. They were also going to automatically deduct charges from our checking account that I did not authorize and I asked them about that and they said nothing else would be taking out of my account. They are very deceptive and unclear about the program and what it really is.

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  • Jan 13, 2019


My favorite doctor did not take the insurance plan my company was offering, so I went on the Kaiser Foundation site to see what I could find. I made the mistake of answering the phone and letting the broker talk me into signing up. He told me everything I wanted to hear and I stupidly provided information. After hanging up, I looked them up and found what others had posted, and scam alerts. I called my credit union and they worked with me to close my account and open a new one before these scam artists could get at my money. So yes, here we are 2018-19

these folks are still at it. Beware!!!

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  • Mar 8, 2018

This is exactly what has happened to me!!!

I was in a time crunch to find health care coverage after leaving the company I was working for to move to something else. I didn't know that the new company didn't offer health Insurance. So I inquired online and OMG! I had to turn my phone off! I was bombarded with calls from every Insurance broker in the USA. Finally one got through to me because I was not paying attention and I answered a call from a number I didn't know, That was the biggest mistake I could have ever made. From there I was lead down an imaginary path of no deductible PPO health insurance that was in the same groups as Atena and Cigna. Where groups who did not have enough participants to qualify for the group rates were adding individuals to their group plans so they would still qualify for the low rates. So, here I am thinking wow I just got so lucky to have stumbled on this and jump on a company's group health plan at amazing rates so low that 198.00 a month I would have Cigna Health coverage on a PPO plan with no! that's right! "NO DEDUCTIBLE!", dental and vision included as well as Prescription Drug coverage. After receiving the welcome email I have not had a break at work to even open the email and register for my account, then I receive the card in the mail and a brochure, Then before I know it the 2nd payment has come out yesterday and that's when I decided I need to stop and register my account and get my butt to my doctor again. That's when I saw it... in the brochure "This is not Major Medical Insurance Coverage! and are NEITHER Minimum Essential Coverage under federal law nor Worker's Compensation Insurance under state law". My heart sank as I read it... I have been struggling for the last 6 months to try and afford health insurance so I don't get penalized for going uncovered under the ACA (Thanks Obama) and instead I just got ripped off... These people just stole $400.00 from me and I can't get it back. It also says on the brochure that if you cancel within 30 days of signing you can get your money back. Of course yesterday was my 30 days and they debited my bank account and stole from me again! I'm sickened by the fact that I just lost all that $ that I worked hard to get... They told me a pack of lies that sounded so real... of course... people rent out rooms in their houses and they lease their cars to others why not accept individuals onto your company policy in order to fill the number of required participants so to receive the best health insurance coverage? Why? because it isn't true and this MultiPlan/UCA/Perennial plan is not insurance at all... It's a savings or discount program like supplemental insurance. And now they have my bank account info and are stealing money out of my account. I am going to spend the rest of my evening and night trying to cancel this plan and trying to get my $ back and then I'm going to call and cancel my bank account and open another one... Just my luck...

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  • Oct 11, 2016

it is a big fat scam

it is a big scam Do not even listen to them. Violet

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  • Sep 23, 2017


Same exact process as other have stated. Talked to the following people on Sept 22,2017 and they sounded convincing about this Health insurance coverage. First it is all a lie from the start. I should have hung up when I asked about my local doctors and hospitals taking this plan. None of them has either never heard of them or has had previous people asking the same question about acceptance. RUN RUN RUN!!! Here are the companies I have investigated on the internet that are part of this scam. Federated Multiplan, Encore, UCA know as Unified Caring Association. They are somehow under the Chubb Insurance company. I have dealt with Chubb for commercial insurance for years. Upon contacting my old representative form Chubb I was informed the July 1, 2015 it was announced Chubb was being purchased by Ace Limited who has been headquartered in Switzerland. Chubb is NOT the same as the original Chubb. I had been handed off to a few people during the sales pitch. If you talk to ANY of these people JUST HANG UP!!! JACKIE,ARON,SHELDON FISHER and one other. The number I called was !-888-997-3651 supposed to be out of Boca Roton ,FL. They are connected to Unified Caring Association USA in Mount Shata, CA. Cancell anything you used to pay them immediately and call credit reporting company, put fraud alerts on everything as you gave them your Soc. Sec. number. Don't believe you will paid back upon cancellation if you actually get that far with anyone.As a side note, Ace Limited appears legitimate but Google their name and read about their past business practices including legal actions in the past and them stating about changing their mode of operation. This was all started by an online search for health insurance, I was called within one minute of pressing the enter key. Also got other calls basically stating the same lies. HANG UP and RUN from these ripoff clowns. It is NOT a real Heathcare plan but a strange twist on discount coverage for a discount price. I should have know better. Good luck with these brokers. Call the actual company or use the ACA at and make sure it is a secure connection and not a redirect to a broker or scam.

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  • Dec 6, 2016

Taking advantage of college student

called to get insurance was they were very helpful in answering all questions except where to go online to review the plan or what it was called even told us that her Dr. was listed and covered by their insurance which is a lie..... They have no dr's even listed.

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  • Oct 26, 2016

GetMED360 & UCA Scam, Misleading, Scam, Disrespectful, Rude, Only Discount & $65 per doc visit, Prescription orders from Canada

I bought this with John Aye his # is 800-594-4046 ext 1667 (that the # no longer works if you try to get him & his Managers name Mimi ext 1601) Because I have evidence & recording of the calls, that I would have dental & vision that would be provided & no deductible with my dentist in Mountain Home AR, that would be in network, also the local vision centers & on doctor visits & no deductible on medical, but basically nothing is covered, if you were going to have surgery, it says up to $2k & everybody knows that here in the US, you cant have any surgery done for that. I purchased this in good faith, but have called & spoken to Jennifer (been very disrespectful several times & mistreated by her, very rude) & other representatives, that inform me that the closest places for dental & vision are in Branson MO, that is 3+hrs drive away. And only says that is what the policy is & that is what it says... But None of that info was said or told when purchased. Only Everything is covered & no deductible...

The initial payment in May 2016 of $284.95 & $60 for the dental and vision, then $149.95 a month (total already paid $1034.70) & $30 a month (total already paid $210) have been made & I do have evidence of all the payments. This is a scam & the amounts that they pay up to Do NOT equal up to the amounts paid in per year, so requested a refund or prorate & they dont want to give any money back.

I request a refund or prorated amount back, since it is NOT or what was sold or promised. Cause only covering up to $65 per doc visit and only up to 3 visits a year for medical, is not fair or what I purchased.

I know they font sell, but I want a refund of the full amount or at least haft the amount I paid in. Cause it isn't fair that pay them all that money for just $195 in doc visits in a year of coverage, plus the medicine, they make you order it thru Canada...

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  • Jul 30, 2019

NOT a medical insurance plan!!!

I work at a doctors office. We got a phone call from a patient who wanted to make an appointment with us. When she gave me her "insurance" information, it did not sound like anything we encounter on a regular basis. I told her I would need to call her back. She was very concerned that she was scammed by the person who sold her the policy, and I tried to assure her that it was probably just a lesser known plan that I wasn't familiar with. Well, now that I have talked with our Billing Department and done some online research, I realize that she really was scammed. This is NOT an insurance plan that will reimburse medical providers (ie. DOCTORS), so no doctors office is going to ever accept this as medical insurance. I feel badly for her and anybody else who is under the impression that this UCA service is an insurance company.

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  • Feb 12, 2019

Unified Caring Association Inc.


Beware of this Life/ Medical Insurance. Supposedly I authorized them to sign me up back on 11/12/18 at $160.81 a month. They came up with a voice recording of me agreeing to sign-up. But on the recording I never furnished my Credit Card Debt account number, expiration date, and 3 digit security code. This part is scary to me on how they got this information and charge the amount to my card. I am happy to announce one full refund for 2/19, but am waiting for the 11/18 refund as of this date. I was not aware of this Company until 2/4/2019 when I saw the 2/19 withdrawn charge of $160.80 from my bank account. I did not even know of this company since I never received any paper work from them since November 12, 2018 when supposedly I sign-up. The first time I dealt with them at 1-855-556-5049 was when I called to dispute the charges. The person I dealt with the most was Janette Greco ext 150. She is the one who refund the 2/19 of $160.80 on 2/12/2019. I got to know the company and my member I.D from their web-site ( They are Life/Dental/Vision/Prescription Insurance. Found out about them on 2/4/2019 and cancelled on 2/5/2019. I learned from the Review website on all the past complaints back since 2013 and earlier. Wish me luck on getting my 2nd refund. Good luck all of you who have been scam/deceived by them.

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  • Mar 8, 2019

Total Scam

Help! They misrepresented themselves as comprehensive healthcare. I had just finished COBRA and they contacted me. How is a consumer to know these days with national healthcare and penalties if you don’t have health insurance?

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  • Jan 11, 2019

Can not speak to the Insurance salesman.

Rip Off. I don't know how this so called company is in business. It is a scam. They promise to pay all these benefits and they only pay a small portion. The providers act as if they have no knowledge of this company when I called to find out if they are providers.

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  • Jan 15, 2018

I visited looking for insurance needs since I'm joining a small company with very expensive insurance options. Alternative options popped up and suddenly, I'm getting a call from a licensed, insurance agent.

He said I could get insurance for $300/month. ( Low premium ). I asked about co-pays ( none ), maximum coverage ( Obamacare outlays any maximums ), maximum out of pocket ( 70% coverage ). I'm in an extreme hurry and stupidly say, “So you want to have my credit card?” He pauses and says ,”How about your checking account instead?” I say no on the checking account and give him my credit card. He somehow was able to process my credit card.

The agent is having “trouble” with my email address, even though it's my name and he already has that. I spell it back twice. He still can't get it right and No information arrives in my email box.

I spend a busy day in preparation for my departure and realize immediately, “This is a scam.” I got nothing from this “licensed” agent. I have no idea what I received. Prior to requesting a charge back, I see for the first time a phone number on the credit card charge.

A search on the web could find only one reference for this company. It is of course a fraud report. This is a classic bait and switch organization. They are selling you something, but they are going to keep you uninformed about you purchased so as to avoid a chargeback. If I had given him my checking account number, the money would have been gone.

Scam altert:

Repetitive answers to different questions. Same answer over and over. “ 70% “

Bait and switch – Catastraphic insurance requested, something else is paid for with unknown coverage

Low Premium without any information on benefits

Unable to type in your email address correctly so that you obtain the policy, even when it's your own name

Wanting to take payment from your checking account – Once the item hits your checking account, you have no recourse but to work with the vendor.

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  • Mar 9, 2017

Thought i was getting a health insurance plan instead i received a discount plan only covering sickness and accident.

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  • Aug 28, 2020

I was told the insurance would be 99.00 first month. After 30 days it would be 151.00. But after they got my card number they wanted to charge me 250.00 instead of the 99.00 said an additional 99.00 would be needed for a memember ship fee. Then they tryed to pressure me into signing a pre dated check which i did not do...So i told them to take my card out of the system because they were not doing what they told me. Also found out that they have scammed other people as well. I called and cancelled my bank card so they could not send it thru. This company is telling people one thing and it is doing another. The guys name is shannon and denali...Beware of this company. Glad i did not let them take me...Beware...Beware. Also saying the company is a ppo company and you only have to pay 10.00 co pay...Read the reviews and see how many other people they have lied to...They also tryed to send papers to me to sign and it would not go thru on my phone... Or my email i gave them. That should of been a red flag as well. Beware..Beware... Please pass this on...They are also associated with other companies as well. Look up reviews before dealing with them...

  • Oct 24, 2019

Was looking for health insurance and filled something out on line. I was basicly mobbed by every insurance salesmen in the country. At least 75 text messages, 75 e-mails, 75+ phone calls …. It was every 3 or 4 minutes …. Had to turn my phone off it was so bad. When i turn it back on... It all comes pouring in" ……. Phone vibrated for over 5 minutes as it downloaded all the calls, text and e-mails i was bombed with. I was contact by test by someone from the uca unified caring association) …… they told me i was buying a 60/40 policy with no deductible, and the policy was only 285 per month …. It sounded good and i was told that dental and vision was also part of this program. They took my bank info and i was told my policy would start in about 4 or 5 days. I tried to "register" the next day and very simply couldn't …. I called the customer service number and was told the payment was still being processed and i cant register until it clears ….. Lucky for me. I did a simple google search on the uca and omg !!! …. They were totally trying to rip me off, just as they had seemingly 100 or maybe 1000s of other people ….. They are not selling health insurance ….. They seem to be selling you more like a membership in a club where you might ….. Might might might !!!! …. Get a discount on some procedure …. I was asked what my regular dr. Name was and then was told "that's great !! he is in the network !!" …. Called my dr. The next day to check …. They had never heard of uca and very simply do not accept it. I was told that i was buying a 60/40 coverage plan with a $5000 er coverage ….. I even asked the rep "o.K.. So if i fall off a roof and break both legs and hit my head and the total cost if $15,000 what am i going to end up paying ? I was told it would be about $1000.00 due to the 60% that was immediately covered and then the automatic $5000.00 paid for any emergency room coverage" this was a total f'ing lie ……. The plan documents i received said absolutely nothing about the plan paying 60% or the $5,000 emergency room coverage …….. What they sent me was a joke !! …. It covered pretty much nothing !!! …... The plan documents they sent me said they pay a whopping $200.00 maximum per day of hospitalization !! 200 bucks ??!!! … anyone knows that a day rate at a hospital is at least $1500.00 a day …. Most likely more … also i was told dr. Visits at their office were covered no deductible) …. Not true …. They pay $50.00, 2 times a year and that's it …. And thats assuming your dr. Even accepts this "plan" which mine did not... Even though i was told that he did ….. I started to get a sick feeling that i was being scammed and ripped off …. I went and did a simple google search …. And my fears were confirmed ….. I read tons and tons of reviews on line after signing up with uca ….. The horror stories go on and on and on... Nothing covered, no doctors or hospitals accepting their plan ... Automatic billing/debit from credit cards and checking accounts where they promise to take care of it and not bill you again …. Then its a viscous cycle of auto billing and no refunds …. I took the advice of the many many many !!! people who had been totally screwed by this company and i went to my bank to very next morning and closed my account before they could get a dime. You should do the same if you have signed up with these scam artists …. They mislead you, lie to you and will tell you everything you want to hear and make it sound good …. And then pull a classic bait and switch where they continue to rip you off.

There was even a comment made by one of their representatives where he said "if the coverage that you receive is different that what a representative has told you …. The policy will control …. Do you accept and agree ??? …………. Wtf ??? …… if you are contacted by these scum bags …. Hang up immediatly …… if you happen to be reading this after you have already signed up and provided credit card or bank info …. Cancel your credit card or bank account immediatly and open a new one ….. This is a total scam ……….. Read all these reviews and look at all and i mean all … like 100%) one star reviews on this ……….. I am here to tell you …. These reviews are telling you the truth ……….. Run from these misleading scum bags or you will regret it !!!

  • Jul 4, 2019

In September of 2018 I joined Continental Care Insurance company. Part of the UCA network and the CHUBB network, I verified through their agent that my primary care doctor, cardio doctor, podiatrist and the hospital (including emergency room) that I would be transferred to if I had a heart related incident, that they were all in-network. Considering that I have congestive heart failure, I would not have signed up for the plan if they were a scam.

When I changed primary care doctors (he moved) the 1st doctor in the clinic stated that I had to go to ER to get a seizure control medication refilled. Continental paid nothing, leaving me with a $900 debt. They paid nothing to my podiatrist leaving me with a $450 debt. They paid nothing to my cardiologist, leaving me with a $550 debt. Ten monthly payments of $186 per month. In total, including the payments, the amount I have paid in is $3760. To this date they have paid...$0.

I now have Blue Shield through Covered California,similar to "Obamacare" and it is $142 per month pays for things.

If you are approached by this!!

  • May 15, 2018

The "representatives" from unified caring association are dishonest and are taking advantage of desperate people in their time of need. They are not representing their services honestly and are stealing money from middle class citizens in need of insurance coverage through skilled "salesmen". It is deceptive and shameful. Their 30 day guarantee is perfection because they tell their clients that they will not have "coverage" until after 30 days while they finagle $500+ dollars. Then when their trusting clients are trying to figure out what they can get from their "coverage" they aren't given any reasonable, timely answers... Then another week or two pass by and... Charged again... This time about $700. But still no "benefits" have worked at the pharmacy or doctor's offices. Nothing is adding up but the amount of money deducted from these trusting middle-class americans. I will be fighting this for my mother, and others that are taken advantage of in their time of need. I know how to find resources to fight this kind of injustice. Trust that!

  • May 8, 2018

Their sales pitch is deceptive. They need to be required to verbalize, print in bold red lettering and ensure each potential client understands this coverage does not meet ACA requirements. Consquently, the potential client may still be subject to additional tax at year end for not having maintained "major" medical insurance coverage.

They are sure to ask multiple times if you understand this is not "major" medical insurance coverage. But they do not make sure you understand this does not satisfy the ACA.

This is extremely deceptive!

Perennial Care (UCA) Unified Caring Association (888) 633-5085 DO NOT PURCHASE!!!!! This health care does NOT satisfy the Affordable Care Act (ACA). At no time during my registration did they disclose this does NOT satisfy the ACA requirement. Neither did they disclose you may still have to pay additional taxes at year end for not having DO NOT PURCHASE!!!!! This health care does NOT satisfy the Affordable Care Act (ACA). At no time during my registration did they disclose this does NOT satisfy the ACA requirement. Neither did they disclose you may still have to pay additional taxes at year end for not having DO NOT PURCHASE!!!!! This health care does NOT satisfy the Affordable Care Act (ACA). At no time during my registration did they disclose this does NOT satisfy the ACA requirement. Neither did they disclose you may still have to pay additional taxes at year end for not have Having understood I was seeking health insurance to meet ACA requirements, they mislead me in purchasing their health coverage stating the only difference was no coverage for pregnancy and subtance abuse. Syosset New York

  • Mar 26, 2018

Because of health problems which bring other problems I looked for Obama Care and received message from this people with offer which was unbeleivable.I asked for "catch" because it was too good to be truth.They denied any wrongdoing and rip me off for 410.00 $ for nothing.I received e-mails which are confusing and "amaterish".First time I open their guide I saw it is scam.Does it helps me?NOT.How in the world they can freely operate on govement site (obama care) bor such long time and ripped off who knows how many people and NOBODY paid attention what yhey are doing.This is HUGE money.Only reasonable answer is that they cooperate and goverment close one eye and eveybody happy except we who are stuck with life threathing ilnesses and thinking how to make another day.Nothing else,just how to make another day even not thinking about day after because that is for us distant future.I don't think this will bring something good for me,probably some another problem or another thief who will try to rip off more from me.This is not firs time that I been tried for scamm from people pretending they are from goverment and when I compied to Police with phone number and name of company they didn't want to talk about that.So,thank you for your time and wait for another scamm because NOBODY,I mean NOBODY care about this today.SAD,sad sad.

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