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Ultra Body Fitness

Country United States
State Florida
Address P.O. BOX 4338
Phone (877) 800-0309

Ultra Body Fitness Reviews

  • May 6, 2018

When we joined Lifetime Fitness they setup a free one hour session with UBF. My wife and I attended that and then were given a well oiled sales pitch to use them as our personal trainer. We were very reluctant and we told them we could only do 3 months at $180 a month because we can't afford a whole year. We asked them if we can get out of the contract after 3 months and they said yes we can just send a written notice 30 days before the end of the 3 months is up and tell them you want to get out. They didn't allow me to physically review my contract on that date, stating there wasn't a reason for me to see the computer screen and I needed to do is sign electronically. We left feeling a bit uneasy but we trusted what she told us so we started meeting with a trainer for a few weeks.

Later we found out that people were complaining about this company and registering complaints with the BBB and this site and we read some that complained about not being able to get out of their contract and thay they had to pay alot of money to do that. We then discovered there was a "buyout clause" where you have to pay 1/2 of the remaining sessions of the contract to get out of it !! This "buyout clause" was not revealed to us when we signed up with Jasmine at UBF. We went back in to discuss this with her and she was not accomodating at all to my wife and adamant and confrontational and said you signed a contract and thats that there is no getting out of that.

We then met with her supervisor Clint to discuss that she did not tell us about the "buyout" and he said he would put a note on our account (which he did) and then call UBF corporate himself to see what he could do and get back to us. We also complained to the Lifetime Fitness Supervisor who said she felt very bad about this and it was not right and she would investigate it to make it right.

After 2 weeks we have not heard back from either of them despite seeing them a few times each week asking them for an update !

  • Sep 29, 2017

I signed up for gym with fitness connection of Allen TX. They are an amazing gym. Under them, is a group called the Ultra Body Fitness(UBF),this is a team of fitness trainers. The corporate office is in based in Hialeah Florida.

UBF was recommended to me by the Fitness Connection manager who signed me up for my gym membership. UBF worked a training schedule for me and made me sign all the paperwork and contract. While I was waiting for them to allocate a trainer to me, they started hitting my debit card and charging me for the sessions I signed up for, before assigning me with a trainer.

At the time I was very eager to get going, so I was doing other things in the gym while waiting for the trainer. After 3 months of waiting, they finally provided me with a trainer.I signed up in March of 2017 and my training got underway three months down the road. I had been ready to start in march and they seemed not ready.

They collected $105 on march 29, 2017. May 1, in the month of June they collected twice, on June 1 and June 29, 2017, by end of July I was 3 months ahead in my payments. In the second week of July, I told my trainer that I would be out of the country in August. He told me to speak to the manager, I mentioned that to the manager and stated that I would freeze my account while away and would not allow any payments to go through my card. I offered to pay cash in advance and he said that was not policy to pay by cash.

I had signed up for 3 sessions a month and in the 3 week of July I had 10 sessions to my credit, 9 of which were accumulated by my 3 months of payment before they allocated a trainer. By August 4, i was able to access 1 session and their computer shut me out for lack of payment.

Went out of the country for one month, upon my arrival I found a bill stating I owe them 2 months payment, no service yet, just based on the contract. I brought it to their attention that, I was also wondering about my 3 months advice payment. They don’t care about that. All they care about is a payment from me. Thieves thieves thieves. Ultra Body Fitness, they are not a training company they are setting bait and catching you so they can send collectors where they have not worked. Please help expose these guys.

  • Dec 10, 2016

My single mother daughter signed up for 4 trainings a month. It was more than she should have since she really didn't have the money. Instead of breaking the contract, she kept it for the full year. After a year, she didn't recall you had to send a certified letter 30 days in advance. So she called the training desk and was told she had to come up to the gym with me so she could transfer her unused training to me and cancel her membership. When we were both able to make it about a week later, she was told there was nothing to sign and someone would call us. Two days later I had to call and find out the status. The manager said he would call and find out and let us know. We were then finally told that it was in fact a 30 day cancelation and it had to be sent certified mail. We were now 2 days past the 30 notice. Had we been given the correct information, it would have been canceled 2 weeks in advance or even the day of rather than 2 days late.

After calling corporate and trying to get to a manger, was told, we have no way to reimburse? Right...

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