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UK Business Bbrokers

Country United Kingdom
State England
City London
Address Clinton Lee, UK Business Brokers., 2 Old Court Mews, 311A Chase Road,
Phone 01268 742 944

UK Business Bbrokers Reviews

  • Sep 19, 2017

A complete, but nonetheless, amusing fabrication

From Clinton Lee:

This is an amusing fabrication on this page, from an anonymous user. My reputation and integrity are easily verifiable with a little research on LinkedIn, Google or elsewhere, so I won't bother with a blow-by-blow reply to what's a funny but imaginary case. However, I will clear up that

- I'm not a "key principal", I'm an independent consultant and I charge by the hour.

- This is not an "international business brokerage". I'm a UK specialist, the clue is in the name of the firm ;)

- I don't offer a "low cost business brokerage" or a low cost anything. I'm a recognised expert in my field and I charge a high price for consultancy services.

- If I find any prospective client's website (or business) isn't worth a lot, I simply would not take them on as a client, that's not my market.

I've extensive advice on my site for owners of small businesses, and my advice to them has always been is to sell their website (or business) THEMSELVES and WITHOUT using any third parties. I've even put together various resources on my website for owners of small websites and small businesses (under £1 million) to sell their businesses on their own. If you own a small business, don't pay a third party, don't hire a broker, you're better off selling it yourself and the information on how to do it is available for free on my website:

  • Aug 18, 2017

This company is a fairly elaborate international business brokerage scam. The key principal is a person name Clinton Lee who promises low cost business brokerage services and guidance for the do it yourself business seller. He claims to have a specific expertise with internet websites and to have the contact and resource base to maximize value for the sale of your site while minimizing commissions and cost. This is the primary draw and what attracted me to his service. As a website owner I contacted him about guidance with the sale of my internet company. I was drawn in t the offering as I wanted to get the most out of my sale and had read some of the free ebooks he provided. When I got in touch w him he asserted that he was a market leader in the category and cited his ownership of a website forum where he claims he has mentored hundreds of people with the sale of their web companies.

I reviewed the site and it looked like an established site. His presentation was impressive and he listed various other testimonials on his website for the business brokerage business. I took a leap of faith because after all he was this purported global leader in the category and he promised me he could give me the guidance and leadership I needed to sell my website with the help of his expertise and guidance or through a broker contact of his if needed. What I soon discovered is the moment a contract is signed with Clinton Lee your experience with him is going to be strictly about how he can manipulate you on price so that he can convey your website to an industry contacts at below market value prices. From his side, its a great scam. The values of business online are generally hard to ascertain for a first time seller and he takes advantage of this asymmetrical market knowledge. He will convince you your site is worth less than half of what it is. Then he surprises you with a qualified buyer who will purchase your site quickly and in a trouble free format. Then the pressure begins to just take the offer. He picks up a commission on the sale and then conveys the website or business to one of his own contacts who in turn resells the business at the full market value. The sad thing is trying to go after him from the United States is next to impossible because he is well insulated in the UK although I have the records to prove that what I experienced was fraud. Anyway, long story short, I took his advice only to see the website relisted a few weeks later at twice what I got. I did some digging and can prove this was all a deliberate and well orchestrated scam. Anyway, I wanted to share my experience with others so that they do not also get burned the way I was. I feel like a total fool and the internet business was something I had worked so hard on over the years. It was meant to be my retirement when I sold it so it was a huge loss for my family and I. Hope this helps others.

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