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  • Jul 5, 2018

Tunji is a pathelogical liar. After working with connect4- business and investor services, i realized tunji's review was a complete lie. I decided to confront tunji regarding all the lies he wrote about connect4. In talking to tunji he lied 8 times on connect4- business and investor services. Please pay attention to to how he title it fraud and yet he writes how they tried to still him and yet it wasn't him. Like yscam should be able to see that this guy is lying through his teeth. Here are some other info about tunji i discovered. He had a bogus case against barclays bank delaware: he also poses as a therapist in texas which he is not. This guy is sick. Do not believe a word he says! i don't understand why dana tolerates his lies. The stuff he rights is not only dangerous but damaging to her company. However, tunji has left a trail of fraud. He brings everyone to the american aribitration association and make fake claims. This is one evil ba*rd.

  • May 18, 2018


I have been working with Tunji since March 15, 2018. We mediated a case where he sent money to a fake business funding site called Fast Financial Funding ran by craig Fenton - who fasified documents and Mr. Alade sent money to through Western Union.

While Mr. Alade had his money stolen, he's not that innocent. So far in working with Mr. Alade he lies about EVERYTHING!!! We have email and text showing just how mentally disturbed this customer is. HE'S SIMPLY AFTER MONEY!

Mr Alade has a signed agreement with us to provide consulting services and mediation at $300 a month. We were hired because people can see he is not all there and tend to take advantage of him.

However, Mr. Alade has entered in to several agreements where he is accusing others of wrong doing and fraud with investments accounts. When asked for proof of this, Mr. Alade could produce no documents. In our reserach and discoveries, we learned that Mr. Alade is a habitual liar and very dangerous. He's extremely manipulative and mentally off. He seems to be bi-polar and dyslexic.

First set of discoveries

Mr. Alade accused the American Arbitration Association of not providing him an award. He sent us paper that he claimed was proof of the award. However, the paper were just policy statements regarding what an award is and the process in obtaining an award from the courts. Like the EEOC, the American Arbitration Association can award you with a letter stating they feel you have a right to sue. This letter has the case number, names, and possibly award amount. When explaing this to Tunji he became offensive and irrate. He went to Arbitration for Bank Mobile Vibe who took over a previous bank that Mr. Alade claims to have had $1,000,000 is investments. Mr. Alade produced no documents from the orginial Investment Bank or had any information from Bank Mobile Vibe. Because he arbitrated in Consumer arbitration, there is no reward to receive, because it's a non-bonding arbitration.

We made some other discoveries about Mr. Tunji and nothing is quite the way he says it is. There is no documentation for anything he is saying. Within 3 days of working with him, Mr Alade behavior was so erratic we had to send him a SEPARATION LETTER The letter states the following:

"Mr. Alade,

This is an official letter of separation. We really tried to help you solve your problems and we cannot move forward with your cases due to neurotic behavior, lying on me and my company, and possible mental illness. You have accused ADR of providing you with an award of $100,000 to $1,000,000! Upon discovery no such things happened. You actually went to Consumer Court which is non binding. We have both signed contracts, emails , text showing all communication and the lies and how vindictive you become when you feel someone is not doing what you want then to do. NO LAWYER OR INSTITUTION can force any Bank or Investment Group to give you money that may not have existed in the first place. NO LAYWER OR INSTITUTION can force or promise that they will get you money that you do not have access toby having account numbers to those accounts or through simple documentation a standard complimentary services with all Financial Institutions. In one day you have lied on us over 10 times. You also began to threaten us when we did not agree with the way you wanted to pursue these cases.

When you initially contacted us on March 22, 2018 you explained there were two issues. Upon discovery you have 8 cases all with bogus charges and now tax problems in the amount of $95,000,000 that you want us to fix WITHOUT DOCUMENTATION. We even introduced you to our Partner and was able to get you funded $5,000 in which now you do not want to pay the company their fee for their work. Then you accused the company of pulling your credit report multiple times when it is on your credit report that you made inquiries for other loans. Then you accused me of going into your account when I never look at reports or had any account numbers. I'm not sure if you are Bi-Polar or Dsylexic or what but something is wrong and if someone doesn't help you get help, something really awful is going to happen. I'm so sorry that you have met so many people who have taken advantage of you, stolen from you, among other things. But you are not that innocent either. I pray as ADR is a witness that someone helped you get help. I cry out that someone sits you down and be honest with you instead of allowing you to file report after report being in full delusion about the issues. ADR, Lawyers, nor myself can help you with any case without you providing documentation and proof of what happens.

For now, I and my company is separating from you and we will only pick back up these cases and help you if you have a letter from the Doctor's Office. It's doesn't matter the outcome. The only thing that matters is that you get tested for mental illness. Please get checked for mental illness! I'll be praying for you! Dana" Mr. Alade continued to communicate and send threats. So I made a second effort to commincate some fair trade off where we will only work with him under certain conditions. He would have to see a Mental Health Specialist. Here is the copy of Guideline After Receiving Notice of Separation " Mr. Alade, I am glad that you would like to continue using our services at this time, but you have violated several policies that we have in place to protect our work. We have high profile Clients that often times we cannot disclose and we work in a business dealing with money and negotiations. We also work with the Government.It is imperative that people trust us!

The behvior you displayed in the last two days have been unacceptable. Let me provide clarity regarding the message you left today 5/18/2018. *I am very aware you need to be on the phone when calling Mr. Seibel. I got permission to reach out to him. You both saw the email and knew I was going to call, but I did not get a response. We are hired to do research. You complied. The idea is to get him on the phone and call you on 3 way. That did not happen, because he responded by email and said he did not know who you were. We are not in violation of an privacy clause set by homeland security and Client Privacy and Confidentiality Law. However, you are in violation of slander of our Entity. You blatantly lied and twisted what happened. We have it recorded on the voicemail you left accusing usof speaking with Mr. Seibel without you, which is not true. I left a message only and you were CCed on the email that I sent to Mr. Seibel and received from Mr. Seibel to me as well.

*In regards to false documents. You are the one who use the words "fasifying documents". I explained to you that the red and white papers are policy papers given to you. I KNOW YOU DID NOT MAKE THOSE. However, you use the wording that the word document which is not only about Bank Mobile Vibe and tons of other stuff is from American Arbitration Association. In protecting the integrity of our relationship and how we do business, I am within my right to call you out on a lie. The way the document is written is not from anyone who has a legal back ground. In all cases, the legal officer will only focus on one case that is filed and not 15 outside issues with other overlapping problem. I never once said the documents were false. I simply told you , you lied about where the document came from. The word document is what you submitted to the organization to start the Arbitration Process. All mediation and arbitration stamp their reports and use their logo. Yours is just a plain paper with a lot of scatter written thoughts. Once again, we are not in violation of an privacy clause set by homeland security and Client Privacy and Confidentiality Law. However, you are in violation of slander of our Entity.You automatically got defensive and put words in my mouth I never used in text or email. We know the document is real, but you wrote it.

*In regards to research, we do all the different kinds of research that does not require a lawyer license, which goes a long way. I have Partners on hand that I can go to who have those certifications and licenses who can pull whatever I need within legal terms. When you signed the contract, we are in agreement until the end of the contract to do whatever research is needed to get you a fair resolution *Violation - Please go over your contract. You hired us for the purpose of research and to help you get money back that has been illegally taken. So far there has been so much confusion over an award that doesn't exist. We will not continue to agree with you, when the Abitration Agency says what the award is and describe that you have nothing of that on hand. We can call whoever we want apart of the case as long as we do not use your name. When I called the American Arbitration Association to get information about their process that has nothing to do with you, I simply asked questions in reference to you, but explained I needed the information to understand their process. I also can call and get information you may have gotten mixed up or when you do not have documents to understand why you do not have documents. We are not obligated to confirm to your lies or delusions. Our job is to make sure what you are telling us is true and to pursue these cases in all truth. This is standard in this industry.

We are not in violation of an privacy clause set by homeland security and Client Privacy and Confidentiality Law. However, you are in violation of slander of our Entity. When you say such a big organization, like AAA, has not provided documents to an award and you are in slander of the organization and push my organizatio into a false pursuit over something that never happened, which can be a lawsuit. By law, ALL LEGAL ENTITIES are suppose to have documentation for all issues. By law, I am not obligated to keep any contract agreement when the Clients has been caught providing false information especially on a Business Entity. BY LAW you cannot tell us what is acceptable and not acceptable when it comes to discovery. You cannot control or threaten our process or do harm through slander to manipulate us in to doing what you want. *Violation - You received funding in the amount of $5000! Both Kyle and Angelo has really worked hard to get you funded despite all the overlapping problems with you, your long emails, etc. I have spoken with the entire team and you misunderstood a lot of simple stuff, and also accused them of issues with your credit report which names the places that you called and put out an inquiry. The credit report shows these entities. You lied on me and my partner and accused me of going into your account.

FOR THE RECORD - When working with Angelo, I never go into the accounts or look at the credit reports. Angelo looks for very different items on the report than what we look at on a merchant cash advance. I am a stickler about confidentiality and feel that it's best not to open the files at all. This is something Angelo doesn't like because if something is wrong he has to find out and send a reject email. However, it helps my clients to know that I'm not passing their application out to multiple people and that they will work closely with Angelo to secure funding. We are not in violation of an privacy clause set by homeland security and Client Privacy and Confidentiality Law. However, you are in violation of slander of our Entity. WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS BEHAVIOR! As of today we are in complete separation. You have gone overboard to slander and lie on the people who have tried to help you the most. Then you sent that Paypal email as a threat once again to control me to force me to work how you want me to work within the confines of your own ignorance and mental issues. We do not have to submit to such behavior. Do not call or text! You are allowed to send one email and that's to let me know when you have scheduled an appointment with the Doctors to be mentally tested. If you need help finding a Doctor, I am open to doing that. Hopefyully they text you for Dyslexia and Bi-Polar Disorder. The Doctor must be certified and a specialist in the mental health feild. Side Note: Mental Illness is a disorder that cause the bring to misfire in several different directions. This is something people cannot control. It can come from abuse, being in highly stressful situations for a long time, genetics, etc. There are signs and you have many. If a Doctor is able to discover the mental illness they will provide medication or mental theraphy excercises that will control the brain and keep it in the right direction. It will not misfire as much. Also, it legally protects.

So if you are doing business with Banks or Other large enities and they try to get over on you because they know your brain is misfiring, they can be held accountbale for trying to take advantage of you. It will also put you in a community of highly successful and not so successful people who are struggling with the same issues but in a different way. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! If you do the reserch, there are tons of organizations who protect those with mental illnesses and they would have handled these cases for you and provided the right kind of lawyers. So getting tested is for your protection and well being and to place you within a circle of powerful people who will make sure people are not taking advantage of you. You will be protected!!! Returning to our Services While the $300 is non-refundable, we want to honor the contract, but on positive good terms where we can trust you. You sent $300 on May 15th three days ago. The work started 2 days before that, because you had already told us you would be making the payment. You received 2 days free. The payment was made three days ago and there is 31 days in May. We will allocate the remaining 28 days for your return. When you return, after seeing a Mental Specialist, you do not have to make a payment. We will just pick up where we left off and all is forgiven. Your next payment will be at the end of those 28 days.

Required in order to come back and continue our services 1. See a Mental Help Speacialist/ Get tested and provide the results upon your return 2. Be ready to supply and requested documents to do our research 3. Pay Angelo his $750 Once all of those things have been done, we will schedule a new start date and start the research and discovery process again. Mental Clinics Houston - Houston - New York - New York - We do not separate with any ill will or ill intentions. We know there were several violations and that money has possibly been taken from you. However, we need you mentally healthy and able to comprehend fully what is going on so that you may not wrongfully accuse those who are trying to help you. Talk to you when you have the report from the Mental Health Specialist! God Bless! Dana" We have been fair in every sense of the word. However, Tunji is evil. He even went to PayPal opened a case and lied saying I took money from his account when I never take card information. With all transactions, I send my PayPal link or an Invoice with the services described in detail along with the terms and conditions. I explained to him that he lied and Paypal will see that he made the payment through the link. He then close the case and reopened it with another lie. I have 4 emails where he's holding using the PayPal false report to strong arm me into working the case. He is evil and wants you to provide service on the notion you believe everything he says and do everything he says regardless of him lying. When you refuse to violate any of the law he starts making up stories. I was also able to get him funded $5,000 through one of my Partners. Tunji is very aware of the backend fee that's not out of pocket, but from the funds you'll be getting. He owes the company $750. When it came time to pay Tunji starts lying and said the company made several inquiries, when they didn't do to poor credit. When looking at the report Tunji placed over 16 inquiries looking for funding. He was the cause of dropping his own score. Anytime he is confronted he will go on and on like he's done nothing wrong. It's like he put it out of his mind and he's refuses to look at reality and his true state.

Please beware when dealing with this Client. He writes scattered and talks scattered. While I have many friends with mental health there is a level of awareness. In full consciouness Tunji Jemi Alade III will lie and try to cause harm when he cannot get his way. He is one dark soul and he will find a way, if he thinks you have money, to create situations where he looks like the victim so he can get large amounts of money. Another alarmiing thing is we have discovered websites where Tunji is posing as a Doctor. He list several degrees and certifications and list an address. Tunji, from what he has told me, lives in New York, but has ahousein Texas in his name that he did not sign for. In all his business transactions he uses the house in Texas he has never been to and neither does he have the keys to. All of the websites have the address to this house and this is the location of his practice. This guy is sick and moraless and no telling what he has done to be so sick. Sometimes evil deeds create illnesses if they are done often. As soon as you see his bad side, find a way to part from him peacefully. If you show force, he will reach for control and do whatever he can to have you under his thumb. I hope I helped someone! Please be safe when dealing with Tunji Jemi Alade III

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