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True Vision Enterprises, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Orange
Address 171 S Anita Dr #102
Phone 1 714-938-1100

True Vision Enterprises, Inc. Reviews

  • Jun 24, 2019

Stay away from this business. Don't waste your time.

This company is run by Dewayne Long and Holly Long. It goes by the name of True Vision Enterprises, but has us DKL Marketing, Inc. and Dyasty Marketing Solutions. It's part of a giant pyraid scheme called Smart Circle. If you search these names, you'll discover what a scame this place is. Dynasty Marketing Solutions, Inc., is listed as Suspended by the California Franchise Tax Board.

Dewayne Long and his friends, use bait and switch tactics to recruit young people into the scam. They advertise on all the job search sites with misleading job descriptions about their marketing. The True Vision Enterprises website is intentionally vague to fool you.

They use recruiters to call you and say you're a "perfect fit" so they can interview you right away. Then they lie to you saying they're "developing a marketing campaign for Fortune 500 clients." Total BS. You'll be selling Direct TV at Costco and Sam's Club while standing on your feet 10hrs/day for 6 days a week working only for a commission.

Trouble is, you only get a small part of the commission because Smart Circle and Dewayne Long take most of it. It's a pyramid scheme and only the people at the top make money...not you. You'll go broke working for them.

When you show up for the interview, you'll notice a lot of other people waiting, too. True Vision Enterprises interviews non-stop because of the high turn-over...if you make it a month, that's unusual. They first interview you outside on a picnic bench. It seems the person interviewing has only worked a few weeks there, and they're reading off plastic cards.

Mostly it's propaganda telling you how much money you'll make with not much else...they hardly ask you any questions. Basically, if you have a pulse and can fog a mirror, you're hired!

If you take the job, you'll spend each morning at "impact meetings" where you stand in a circle and hear more propaganda so you get excited and not notice that you're not the one making any money. This is in addition to the 10hrs/day you'll stand at Costco each day!

Don't get suckered into this scam!!!

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