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True Plumbing & Drain Cleaning

Country United States
State Ohio
City Fairfield
Address 3120 Homeward Way #13
Phone 1 513-431-1342

True Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Reviews

  • Jan 8, 2021

I spoke with Jermey on January 1st about the sewage back up at the area that he performed the work that was not finished and left open in my basement bathroom and he stated the earliest he could come would be on the 5th and he no called no showed once again. I attempted to contact him the morning of the 5th and then again on the 6th with no response. I also sent him an email with no response.

I have sewage backing up in my basement he told me that he left part of the cast iron pipe in there that had corrosion but all of the cast iron under the basement slab was supposed to be replaced per our agreement in the contract.

He also cut my tub in half making it not useable and causing me additional expenses which was not part of the agreement nor was it discussed with me. In the contract he states everything would be put everything back to normal except for the tile. He also did not finish the job in that bathroom, laundry room nor the kitchen vent per contract. He left the bathroom a disaster and did not show up several times making me miss appointments and work that I needed to get done while waiting on him to no call no show again and also my daughter missing work to be here. I ended up having to leave my home unsecured which I expressed I was not happy about but he left me no choice if I didn’t want to miss anymore work and wanted to get the job finished. Several times of no call no show.

He also came the last time with the full understanding of the drain with pictures of the original drain that I wanted put back in which was not an irrational request. I sent him messages explaining I was not happy with the pvc he left above grade not complying with code nor back to the original state (same or comparable to original drain.) It also was hindering my Hvac system from draining. He agreed to come back and put the proper drain in and once again for 2 days I sat here and he no called no showed again making me leave my home unsecured the next day because I could not miss anymore appts. He still did not put a proper drain nor the one we agreed on.

He quoted me for materials to replace everything and put it back to normal except the floor tile which is what I expected and did not receive. I asked for him to replace the drain with the same style of drain that he removed which is not unreasonable and anyone having work done would expect the same material to be replaced to its normal. He also quoted that he would tie in the kitchen sink vent which he also did not complete. Then he left the bathroom a mess which I have had to clean up.

I have spent hours every day suctioning sewage water out of the hole in the bathroom floor. We have discussed these issues and he promised that he would be back out to get the work done. I have had to contact him several times and he has been unreliable and making it extremely difficult for me and stressful. And now is refusing to respond to me.

I am requesting a refund so that I can have another company come out and finish the uncompleted work and fix the problems the with the work they did caused. The stress that they have caused me has greatly affected me and everyone in the house seeing that we have had weeks of not being able to use the necessities that we need and sewage back up which is unhealthy.

He has also left me with a county inspection without final approval. I was promised a 3 year warranty and he refuses to answer and messages or attempts to get ahold of him or show up for problems with his work.

When I made the final payment he did the work while I was not there once again was another time he chose to come unscheduled and he text me and said everything was completed. I paid him and when I got home that night found that the job was not finished and contacted him.

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