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True Derma LLC

Country United States
State Colorado
City Aurora
Address 6105 S. Main Street Suite 200
Phone (877) 334-2691

True Derma LLC Reviews

  • Jul 4, 2016

Same trial offer as others, no addresses or phone # untill I got a magnifying glass and looked on the bottle! But by that time they had started during names that meant nothing. My bank and I looked up one called "OCINSTANTLIS "WHICH I'D BEEN BILLED $241on three different occasions. The only email -contact us was [email protected] which is the go daddy site where,as I read it,you can buy or rent multiple domains. Which accounts for the various names used and cities. Now I'm not blaming go daddy for this scam. Just shows how shifty and unscrupulous these lowlifes can go and how it can be done. I'm on a fixed income so it really hurt me. When they catch you fraud I hope they reopen Alcatraz and throw all you creeps on it.Humanity and dignity shouldn't apply to simple greedy folks like you.

  • Apr 9, 2016

These people are a blatant scam.

They send you a free offer "from Amazon" (false) or other legitimate company. They charge $4.95 for shipping, and 2 weeks later $98.41 for the "free gift", which is a small bottle of some cream that does absolutely nothing.

And then every month after that they charge your card, under a different merchant name.

They have multiple websites promoting their scam as if they are recommendations from independant site.


I had to call Visa 5 times to get them blocked from charging my account.

  • Feb 4, 2016

I was duped as others reporting the same have attested to. My complaint is against an internet offer from a true derma sponsor offering a $4.95 trial offer of their true derma collagen serum. Before ordering, i thoroughly read the fine print and the terms and agreement which did not indicate anywhere that any additional charges would be expected nor if there was a 14 day cancellation policy.

I ordered this product on january 13, 2016. Today my checking account was charged $98.41!!! i contacted their customer service no. 888-598-0354 and was finally connected to a rep after 50 minutes on hold!

I immediately refuted that claim and stated that nowhere was this outlined on their site. She said she was reading it as we spoke. I asked to receive a copy of where these terms were stated and she said she could not provide that.

I requested cancellation of any further products and received a cancellation number. I also said that if i did not receive a credit for the $98.41 that i would file a dispute with my bank and have payment stopped. She said go right ahead but you will not be able to get anywhere with that. So does this mean its their word against ours? Where is the consumer protection and rights with this.

One other note, if you google true derma, there are a multitude of sites selling the same product and offering the same free trial but nowhere does it list where they are located. Even my packing slip does not contain a return address which now creates speculation on my part.

Buyer beware is the protocol right now. If it seems too good to be true, it most certainly will be! always read the fine print and if you have a way to capture the terms for your own proof, i would suggest you do that.

Ps: regarding question about credit card use, i used a debit/credit card so i guess this does not qualify as a yes to their question about using a credit card for this transaction.

  • Jan 29, 2016

On or about 01/03/2016 while registering a new product I had received for Christmas, there was a pop up for True Derma advising of a free product, just pay for Shipping and Handling of $3.95. After reviewing the offer, there was no mention of it being a subscrition or paying any additional charges ($97 and $98.00 for a trial size [1 oz bottle]). On 1/4, my credit card was billed for the two products S & H. On 1/14 my computer was hacked and locked up, so I purchased a new computer and had a company download information from the old computer. I got the new cxoputer on 1/19 and on 1/21 noted that I had been billed the $97 and $98 on the 18th (the same day I see znother person has filed with a Rip Off article). I am contesting this purchase, returning the product and advising True Derma to cancel any subscription that they say I might have signed.

  • Nov 30, 2015

I purchased the Instantlift cream. The ad states that with the purchase of the Collagen Serum the results will enhance. So stupid me bought them both.

These two Items shipped together and where charged separatly. You are ripped off 2 times. if you are to call 1-877-334-2691.1-888-202-2179. they are the same company.

Not even with in the normal 14 day window I was charged 97.41 for the instant life cream and 98.41 for the serum. I was charged 8 days after receiving the products and it was 14 days from the intial order date. How could a risk free trial cost me financial ruin. These charges without my consent cost me a total of 434.00 my account became overdrawn, since I was not aware I was being charged, This company should not be allowed to do this kind of business, I will talk every customer I have at my place of employment out of all true derma products . RIP OFFFFFFFF.

  • Nov 24, 2015

My report is pretty much the same as the two previous reports except the questionaire was (allegedly) from Yahoo. The fine print that spells out the "real deal" apparently is "legal" so all consumers need to read the fine print even it is in a 6 point font. I paid the postage and got what appeared to be a "trial" sample (@ one ounce jar). I later found out that this one ounce bottle WAS what True derma was selling for over $100 !!(FMTT). (I disputed this transaction to Pay Pal explaining I had never received the product (still being under the impression that I had received a "Free Gift Sample"). True Derma rebutted to PayPal that no, I had been screwed "legally" as I had not cancelled this " Free Gift" within 14 days. Pay Pal felt their "giant hands" were legally tied and eventually back charged me the additional $98.41 for this pathetic product (TRUE DERMA) that TRULY would NOT smooth the wrinkles on a PISS ANT were he swimming in an ocean of this "natural" crap.

I'm sure at this point the mastermind behind this scheme is off scamming someone else having made millions on this scheme. Maybe he/she is teaching seminars to bankers or stock brokers about online techniques for ripping off widows and orphans. As a marketer myself for 40 years I must say that if this company is allowed to continue their ripoffs then it will encourage others to replicate this type of fraud. States's Attorney Generals/ Consumer Affairs Depts. need to start investigating and shutting down this type of consumer fraud - don't expect any action at the Federal level, with the exception of the IRS which should take a "peek" at their ledgers.

Conclusion: This scam began in Spring 2015 by my calculations. If only 3 people have reported this so far it means that either $100 bucks doesn't mean squat anymore or people haven't grasped how they've been royally and cleverly screwed by this company. It is fortunate for the owner of this operation that I don't lve near Colorado..."

"It's easier to fool people than to convince them they've been fooled" Mark Twain

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