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Country United States
State Florida
City Orlando
Address 14 West Washington St 300 A
Phone 888-611-4472
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  • Dec 13, 2017

I called and purchase a vacation package with Jean Claude and was included was 6days 5 nights all incluive with a bonus of 4 days 3 nights in orland with 3 days 2 nights in daytona with either two tickets to ddisney or universal. I repeatly ask if this was my packet and if all of this was included. i was informed yes. long story short after donally recieving my confirmation I called to lock in dates and was told that because i live in florida that I may not take the trip to Orlando . Call what I thought was customer service and spoke to a liar named Chris. He got the phone very aggressively, talking over me, I ask him to please stop talking over me and he hung up. I cried because I was so frustrated and I called back S/w David and he was helpful then David transferred me back to Chris. I asked Chris why did you hang up on me and he told me because I told him to shut up(untrue) I told that was a lie because I don't talk that he said yes you did you basicly told me to shut my mouth. I told him no I ask you to please stop talking over me. I told that I was at dialysis and my pressure is really high because I'm frustrated with this situation and I just want my refund back. He tried offering other trips . I said no after a while of me crying he told to send an email requesting my refund and now I'm still waiting. The worst experience I ever recieved.

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  • Nov 9, 2017

Payment was $388.00, after paid, the payment was increased. also all meals included was disregarded. requested refund of the payment, because I felt something wrong. Reported HR dept, then revealed that information was not distributed by my company, they were break into our company system. I requested regal advise from my friend, then my friend called into the travel office for seek reimbursement. Then owner made a statement to Threatening , If we request further reimbursement, they will find us to sleep forever (killing or prepare for assassination) because the company has my personal information. ( They requested submission of my driver license while I made payment.

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  • Apr 1, 2019

Phone Number

Can someone please give the phone number so I can speak to customer service please

  • Jan 17, 2018


The company is a total rip-off, they contract says 100% money back gaurantee where in fact if there is a emergency they will ask all types of questions to avoid giving you your money. They are rude when you request a refund and they never send you any of the information promised. I have called and asked for my money and they say once the dates are set you can’t get your money back when in fact you don’t have any confirmation of dates. You have to call several time to get the information you need for travel. The customer service sucks and they have no remorse, why do you have to give a reason that you are canceling. If you ever get a notice for a cheap trip and you think it is, follow your gut.

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