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Triple D Motors LLC

Country United States
State South Carolina
City Wellford
Address 321 Spartanburg Hwy
Phone (864) 485-3178.

Triple D Motors LLC Reviews

  • Aug 31, 2015

I placed my car on consignment at this dealership In June of 2014. My car was a 2006 Jeep Liberty. I had been told from the car sells man that they charged $300.00. If they sold the car. I was instructed to call the Mother company to see if I should bring them the car first. I called Mother company which was Reliabe Autos. It is up the highway from Triple D Motors. I was asked for the vin number and I assume he looked it up on the computer and then told me to take it to their other car lot which was Triple D Motors. Once I arrived with the car Ms.. Day came out to inspect the car and complimented on how well the car had been kept. She proceeded to do a test drive on the car. My car also had a one year warranty left on it.

Ms. Day then got on the computer to look up what her competitors were selling a car like mine for. $7,500.

The car had 101,000. miles on it. She explained that she knew she would have no problem selling the car. She said that they would notify me when a sell came up or if they were asked to sell at a lower price. I was also told that when they got a buyer they would call me so I could give the buyer my story about the car.

Then Ms. Day infformed me about a form she needed me to fill out giving her permission to put the car on the lot and for insurance to cover the car. She stated that she did not have the proper form but the form she was giving me would look like I was giving her my car but in fact would not be. The form was a Bill of Sell form.

How ever the Form also stated if it was not completely filled out it was illegal. All that was on the form was my name the company and my address and phone number. I left the car with them.

My Husband would pass this lot daily, one day he saw a yellow tag on the car and went to see what it was. It was a for sell sign of $9,999.00. I thought that was great, but a month passed and my husband noticed he had not seen the car so he told me that the car must be sold. I thought maybe they moved the car to the mother lot.

I drove there and did not see my car. So I began to call Triple D Motors but was not getting an answer. So I drove over their and there was a note on door to say ggo or call Reliable Autos to test drive or for information.

I got in my car and called the number inquiring about the Jeep. The sells man told me that the car had been sold almost a month ago. I saidd I am the owner of the car and I was not notified. He then said the lady that sold the car is in the office but she is on the phone. Give me your name and number I'll have her call. I waited over two hours then decided to go over there. When I got there she was gone but I was given her cell phone number.

I called Ms.Day I said I heard you sold my car. I thought you were suppose to notify me. I then asked for how much was the car sold for she said $6,500.00 and that the bank made her buy a new tirer and they charged $1,000.00 for paper work and that I also had to pay $300.00 sells tax for the buyer. Pluse my car had a lien

for $4,500.. Any way I told her I could not agree to that. She then stated that the deal was not final and I have all this in my phone texts. I was asked if I wanted her to cancel the deal I said yes and I will pick up my car Monday. No car no money. I went to police they would not release the car. I have an attorney and they still won't release the car. So Now I am Going to Sue them. Its been a year and now they have gone out of business and still have the car and the money. The crazy thing is I have the Original Title and I will not release it. This lady has been in a wreck wirh my car and my warranty is now over. their are recalls I can't get with no car.

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