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Trinity Appliance

Country United States
State Florida
City Tampa
Address 9702 Yellow Stone Pl
Phone 813-448-9074

Trinity Appliance Reviews

  • Jun 23, 2016

I was having a problem with my window AC unit and called the manufacturer who recommended Trinity Appliance LLC. So on their recommendation I called them. They came May 19 and told me what was wrong and told me how much it would be. So I got my credit card and he told me he couldn't take it because of the new chip cards and that he would require a deposit. So I wrote him a check for his required amount. It, of course, cleared the next day. He also said it appeared they weren't making one of the parts but that he would find out. I waited and called them later that week and he said the part would be in either tomorrow or the next day. I also asked about the other part he said he didn't know and would find out and call me. No return call.

Using his part number from the receipt I searched on my own and found both parts. Then he decided he had found the parts and they were ordered in a later call. So I wait another day or two and call and the guy says it should be in tomorrow or the next day, Tuesday or Wednesday, so I set up to have them come Friday! Friday yet another no show. I call and he tells me he didn't come because I wanted to use the credit card. I told him that was not what I told the guy and that what I said was I just wanted it fixed and just preferred to use the credit card but would pay for it. So now they're coming Monday this is 3 weeks later. Monday June 13 another no show. Called several times and they would not answer or return my calls after I left messages.

They offered to refund my deposit less the service call but I have seen nothing of it. I later found out through a neighbor that the company is fictious and they guy has been arrested 2 times for domestic violence once with a hand gun. He never gave me a name but I later found out it is Marco A Chinchilla and that they, he and his wife, have had this company under other names like Trinity, Trinity Appliance and Trinity Appliance LLC, the current name!

Please let folks know that even though a reputable manufacturer recommends someone it is still a good idea to check them out!!

PS on your categories list please add APPLIANCE REPAIR or REPAIR SERVICE.

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