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Triangle Small Engine Repair

Country United States
State California
City Raleigh
Phone 919-741-5155

Triangle Small Engine Repair Reviews

  • Apr 6, 2021

Triangle Small Engine Repairs I had Harry one of the Owners come to my house. I gave him a $200 Deposit. Harry set up several appointments which he never showed up nor did he call. Just NO SHOWS. I have contacted the Johnston County Sheriffs Department and filed charges against Harry one of the owners of triangle small engine repairs. If you are considering doing business with these Crooks be prepared to be ripped off Research other sites they have horrible reviews.

I believe all these reviews are from their company or bought from companies that make your bad reviews not stand out. Research and you will see the TRUTH Go to Yelp Reviews BBB Reviews You will see a completely different Rating Nothing but one stars. Then to make matters worse Harry responds back to me in a text that my complaint is Racial Motivated. The good reviews on line I believe are paid for YES there are companies that for a dollar amount will give you good reviews.

Read his ONE STAR reviews They all have one thing in common He comes to your house collects money and never returns. Be Careful Harry at Triangle Small Engine Repairs is a CROOK. They DO NOT have a Physical Location because there place of Business is in a STORAGE UNIT in 2 different cities. STOLE MY DEPOSIT Raleigh NC

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