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Tri State Carports Inc

Country United States
State Missouri
City Bethany
Address 4101 Roleke Dr
Phone 1 877-494-2997

Tri State Carports Inc Reviews

  • Apr 4, 2021

This is the worst Company I have ever dealt with!!! We ordered our carport in September of 2020. We were told they were running a little behind but we should have our carport the end of October. October came and went nothing.....we called and was told they would call us back........another month nothing with a few phone calls in between leaving messages and NO return phone calls! We are now into November. Finally got ahold of them and was told it would be the end of of December - we reminded them that we lived in the Midwest and it was going to be cold and the ground could be frozen. They said "no problem” they are equipped for that.

December came and went, phone calls, leaving voice mails with NO return phone calls. We would call in and they would transfer us to the scheduler for our area and we would leave another message or the voicemail box was full (that was always disturbing.). This has been the theme since September, voicemails, promised return calls and promises of delivery that never happened. Now it is April and we still have no carport!! They did come February 22nd and refused to set it up because they felt it was not level enough and said they would level it for an extra $300 cash - hmmm the sounded fishy. We said no that we would bring in more rock ourselves.

The the head of the erection team said he would be back in a week to put it up. They unloaded most of the carport and left. They drove through our property on the Saturday before they were "supposed” to come back - didn’t stop to talk to anyone and just left. They didn’t show up on Monday as promised - we text him and he said the truck had broke down and they would be there Friday. Friday came and went. We call Corporate on Monday to be told that they should have never have left anything on our property - we said not our problem! Started the same song and dance - call, leave a message, promised to receive a return call - NEVER happens.

We have never received a return call from this Company to date! Finally they did call and said they were coming to put it up last Wednesday, March 31st , then they called and said it would be Thursday or Friday and then they called and said it would be Saturday-Didn’t show up and no phone call!!! It was Easter weekend and we stayed home so we would be here for them. Missed time with our out of State family for Nothing!! Called this Morning, April 5th, 5 times and got sent to voicemail of 3 different people. We asked if the person we were trying to talk to was in and was told yes but she will not answer her phone. We paid our Deposit back in September!!!!

We are so discouraged and cannot believe we cannot get our Carport and it was ordered in September!! Promises, promises, promises that have never come to fruishion!

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