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Trek Prop Zone

Country United States
State Alabama
City Huntsville
Address 104 Grindingstone Way
Phone 256-858 0559

Trek Prop Zone Reviews

  • Jan 7, 2021

The Trek Prop Zone (Powered by Star Trek Props!!) SCAM

The Trek Prop Zone is a forum and portal where TV and Movie Props from "The Star Trek Property" of CBS and Paramount are infringed upon.

Created on Feb 12, 2006, The Trek Prop Zone is the largest Star Trek Infringement site on the Internet.

Props are bought and sold without the vendors' having a license to sell, therefore the practice is Piracy and it is illegal to buy as well as sell.

The Star Trek name is misused as shown in the images without royalties to CBS or Paramount Pictures Corporation.

Although Viacom was strict in the past about websites using the Star Trek name private forums have sprung up with far more infringement problems undermining CBS & Paramount's property.

The forum is closed to the casual viewer but open to pre selected members at intervals. Members use their talents to re-produce Star Trek items for sale. Many buyers get ripped off because the vendors don't deliver as promised. These same vendors also sell on ebay.

Sooner or later a pirate will not meet the demand of buyers and disappear with the money which has happened frequently on the Trek Prop Zone.

I was ripped off for hundreds of dollars. BEWARE

If you have been scammed by this website contact CBS Copyright Lawyer at:

Mallory D. Levitt

CBS Corporation


51 West 52 Street

New York, New York 10019-6188

Tel: 212-975-4321 Fax: 212-975-0114

Useful Info:

The Trek Prop Zone


Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.

14455 N. Hayden Rd.

Suite 219

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Whois Server:

Referral URL:



Expiration Date: 10-jun-2009


The Trek Prop Zone

thetrekpropzone on ebay

Roger D & Kathi L Manley

104 Grindingstone Way

Huntsville, AL 35811-8612

(256) 858-0559

[email protected]

[email protected]

Pirate Star Trek Vendors from -The Trek Prop Zone -

on ebay

UFP-1701 = thepropzone

Eric Ardros = eric_blackwell

Tripper= ailw460153

Kyp Durron = sci-fi_collector_1701

FHC = Fatheadcookie

Lord Abaddon = lordabaddon

blufive = blufive

stingray = stingray-28

propaholic = propaholic

The Plasma Infusion = billanddeb

Archie Opteryx = archie_opteryx

Robert J. Sawyer = rjsawyer

General Mayhem = shadowdalecreations

phaserfetish = advertiser

Greatwazoo42 = Edgelord

Orion Woman = mikeravenrenfrow

imahomer = imahomer

ahyue2 = ahyue

alhartman = CaptAction66

NightSeed = Dark1Rises

DefiantVulcan = wschieb

Christian Murfet = cmurfet

7of69 = 7_of_69

First Light = th0t

WilberWisdom = SciFiUSA

Brian = mom_scrappin

jebjohn = jebjohn

Trekfan1701 = papaproud1966

GMProps = GMProp

TVThemeGuy = TVThemeGuy

Templar = highnoonsports

robn1 = robeb1

The_Donster = The_Donsters_Toys on eBay

Robbin 9 = thecollector67

BlueMirageStudio = TheKillingFrost

jafa100 = jafa100

raddin5 = raddin005

osprey1111 = osprey1111

Chris = gofourindian

phaserphantom = boeing707

the wasd man = entnx001


captyoung = robinkyrke

feek 61 = fendert61

thecapn = thecapn32

caseyatbt = caseyatbt

Capt. Pike = piketos1701

stapleton13 = killmenow0

scifipropguy = starwarsnut1701

zerovzero = zerogravity00

forgottenrebel = forgottenrebel

lee = leeandkate

Bink = bink77

Blalok = ou812

jdebord = jdebord

PHASERNUT00 = pamels201985

FreddieK = freddie_k

USS Cassiopeia = usscassiopeia

also http://www. (this website does not deliver, don't order)


Champlain, New York


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