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Treasure Island Hotel and Casino

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 3300 S Las Vegas Blvd
Phone 702-894-7111

Treasure Island Hotel and Casino Reviews

  • Aug 9, 2017

When we were looking for that special place to be married once I discovered that the Song Ship at Treasue Island was an option it was decided there would be no other place we would want to be married. We are pirate lovers and wanted to have a fun wedding verses the traditional wedding atmosphere. So we purchased the Ever After Package

In July 2015 we contacted the office to inquire possibly having our wedding on the ship and a time to meet to discuss our plans. Kriza Dagdag was our contact person. As time went on we kept in contact and met with her to get the details set. The last meeting we had with Kriza before the wedding was on December 4th to get the finals in place. On this appointment Kriza told me while I was there at her desk she made an appointment at the Oleksandra salon for Saturday afternoon January 14th at 2 PM too have my hair done and at 3 PM to get my makeup done. Approximately around 4:00 ish I would be able to use the dressing room as soon as I was done at the salon to change for the wedding. Well I showed up earlier than the 2 PM appointment time at the salon as I was told to do and I sat and waited to be brought back to the hair stylist as time went on about 2:15 I asked the receptionist why the holdup and all she said was they did not make the appointment? I did not understand what that meant at the time and I was getting upset.

As more time passed it was 2:35 and the receptionist at the salon still had me waiting to get my hair started. I was panicking so I called Bianca in the TI office and told her I was still in the waiting area what is going on and she then called the salon. When Bianca called me back she said it would be soon that they get me to the stylist. It was 2:45 before I was taken back to get my hair and makeup done. I found out that there was NO appointment made for the hair or makeup and that this does happen often at the salon??? So my wedding coordinator made a huge mistake in my eyes by not getting this done. It stressed me out so badly on the day of my wedding and when I was in the salon they were booked with other appointments and had to “squeeze” me in between what they were doing. At one point the makeup artist and hair stylist were both working on me at the same time. Luckily they were able to do so for me. But the pressure I was feeling was not the way this day should have been. When they were done I had 25 minutes to get downstairs to the dressing room and actually get dressed for my wedding. I have spinal damage and it is hard for me to walk and move fast, this was also upsetting. My original plans were to be dressed early so I could calmly awaiting the 5:00 wedding time. I cannot express how disappointed I was with the way this went.

During my appointment with Kriza on January 13 for the rehearsal I also brought along our bridesmaid, who just happened to work with Kriza at her last job and I was told that there were issues with her employment there. So I can’t help but wander if she is not qualified as a wedding coordinator. The appointment for my hair and makeup were very important to me and I consider this a big failure on her part.

Then add to this included in our contract was pictures taken by Cashman. That also was disappointing, the pics they took were on the ship but you could not tell we were being married on the ship as the photographer stood right next to us on the ship. After the ceremony the photographer took us inside and the rest of the pics were taken in the church setting at T.I. I am so disappointed in the experience we had this day. We did not get the memories or pics capturing the wedding on a pirate ship as we hoped for. Unfortunately this was a onetime event, there are no do overs.

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