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Tread Quarters

Country United States
State Virginia
City Virginia Beach
Address 390 Independence Blvd
Phone 757-497-1047

Tread Quarters Reviews

  • Jul 16, 2018

I made an appointment to have my oil changed 07/17/2018 at noon today for the advertised price of 14.99 and when I got there to get the oil change the manager badgered me until I agreed to a higher priced oil change of 34.99, 20.00 more than advertised on top of trying to sell me an additional 300.00 in un-nessary repairs which I refused flat out. I also noticed that other females who came in for the same oil change only for the same manager named Steven Jahn to push other women into the higher priced oil change charging 20.00 more than adveritsed which the advertised price is even on their website as 14.99. The last time I looked they use to call this bait and switch which is also if I remember correctly is fraud but auto service centers do this across this country and target females becasue we are easy marks and this is exactly what I beleive they pulled on me. It would be nice to see them exposed for this becasue if I am a target along with many other females we are getting ripped off simply becasue we are women and they know a lot of us do not service our own cars.

  • Jul 3, 2017

Took my car in to have 4 brand new tires installed mounted and balanced on rims. Took them 2 days to do the work. They called me to tell me they were having a hard time mounting the rear tires but that they would eventually get them mounted. They said the bead was difficult to get set properly and that they could not get enough pressure into the tire to set the bead because of a tpms sensor preventing high pressure to set the bead. After 2 days they finally called and said my car was ready. I picked up my car and took it for a test drive. First thing I noticed is that it shakes bad now and it didn't before coming from the rear of the car at about 70-80 mph. I checked the air pressure and one tire had over 150psi !!!!! I set the correct pressure and inspected the tire. I noticed a huge piece of metal right in the middle of the tire. It was a piece of metal shrapnel about 2 inches long and a quarter inch around. It was not sharp on the end after removing it which seemed odd that it would puncture the tire.. Also while pullingnit out a large amount of tire sealant came out as well... Which is also odd because I had just picked the car up and I didn't put any sealer in it. It would appear to me that they purposely had a hard time inflating the tire to set the bead and puncutered my tire on purpose to get a large amount of psi into the tire and then made it look like I ran over something by placing a large piece of metal in the tire. They left it over inflated. Also the balancing for the tires is the worst job I have ever seen these are high performance tires on 19 inch aluminum rims brand new tires and they have over 10 oz of weights on each tire. That is extremely excessive. This place is dishonest. They don't have the capability to perform quality work. They lack the tools and equipment to do things properly. They ruined my brand new tire and had me drive off with an extremely unsafe situation. They actually gave my car back for me to drive off with over 150 psi in the tire. I am very didsapointed and upset that they would do such intentional things and careless service. I spent over a thousand dollars for tires that now I have one and possibly two rear tires that are ruined. I'm not sure but the front tires could be ad well. All of then have excessive weights on the tires. This place is horrible they shouldn't be doing anything with tires. This place is like going to someone's back yard for service on your tires and all they have are some hand tools. You would get the same results by doing that. They will lie to you and send you off in an unsafe car. They should have said they couldn't do it and or paid to have a place do it properly and at this point they should replace my tire they intentionally destroyed by a place that actually had the proper equipment to do the work. Then when checking out to pay for the service they claim the printer was down and could not give me a receipt. How convienint that all the sudden was for them.... Bring a car in without problems leave with all types of problems and pay for it. If that's what you want then go to this dump hole for auto service.

  • Oct 5, 2016

I took my truck in for a simple state inspection and needed to leave it overnight. I received a call from the manager the next day stating that the truck overall is in great shape, but that I needed three (3) new tires, nothing more was mentioned in regards to my truck aside from it now being rejected. I say thank you, I will take it elsewhere for the tires. He then tries to sway me into purchasing three new tires from them. I say, no thank you. End of conversation. I pick up the truck, and a new front desk person briefs me on why the truck was rejected, NOT the manager who originally took in my truck and called me the day before. "The truck needs two (2) tires for the front, and there's something here for a break pedal but it's not clear, shouldn't be a problem, the third tire is suggested to be replaced but is still good." Roger that. I take care of the two items that clearly needed to be replaced and return the next day. IT FAILS INSPECTION AGAIN. I thought once you correct the issues it failed for originally that it should be able to pass. I'm speaking to the new front desk person in why it was rejected again. "I apologize for not informing you properly on the parking break light being faulty. It needs to be replaced. " I'm clearly upset by this time, but respect the fact he apologized for his mistake. I'm thinking, it's not this guys fault, if the notes weren't clear from the manager then the manager himself should've taken care of me on what needed to be replaced. I pick up my truck and take it to get the switch replaced. I return the truck for inspection this morning. This is time I'm being serviced by Reggie the store Manager. He checks out the truck and then calls me outside. "The light is still faulty, and you need to get it fixed. If you bring this truck back to me with issues again I'll have to call the troopers on you!" I've had enough. I'm a combat vet with PTSD that finally found a career as a gov. Contractor making an honest living. My truck cannot get on base with a rejected sticker and now I've got this incompetent manager threatening to call the state troopers on me for something that wasn't clearly stated as being a problem in the first place. Now when I attempt to call the place of business for information my calls don't go through. As if my number is blocked or something. I still need to take the truck back to this location for the re-inspection. Can someone help suggest anything regarding reporting this place to the better business bureau? I'm already trying to make contact with their headquarters but cannot get through. Thanks and God Bless!

  • Mar 25, 2016

Took my vehicle in this morning for a state inspection. Got a call a few hours later saying one of the head light bulbs were installed improperly, and was going to fail inspection if not corrected. The price to properly install this bulb was going to be $34. And because the vehicle was already there, and I had no way of picking it up, I verbally authorized the work. I went back a few hours later to pick up my vehicle and wanted to know why I was being charged that amount of money to straighten a light bulb. Replacing it is one thing, but taking it out, adjusting it and putting it back is another. Something I shouldn't have even been charged for. While questioning the mechanic, he got very heated and was comparing car services to our healthcare system.

After going back and forth for a few minuets, covering several points for including, my choice of shops, ripping people off, other shops in the area and risking certifications, convince fees, and experience, I asked for my invoice. The mechanic threw the envelope in the trash after slamming the paper work and my keys saying he would eat the cost of my inspection. After he left the waiting area, I told the receptionist I was very sorry for the incident and that I would still pay for services rendered because that's why I was there, to get a state inspection. The receptionist was very rude too after the incident and said "I ain't saying nothin about nothin" and proceeded to process the invoice. Over all I believe this was a bad experience and will not be bring my other vehicle here for an inspection, nor will I ever do business with them in the future, despite having a plesent experience with them before today.

  • Mar 14, 2016

Went in on Sunday to have a New Tire (less than 2 weeks old) plugged from a Nail. Car was pulled into the service bay and jacked up. Despite my watching from the showroom and the parking lot, never saw anyone working on it and never saw tire removed. It stayed up on the jack for 45 minutes while other cars were being serviced. When the manager noticed that I was getting impatient, he went back into the service bay, talked to the technician, the car was immediately released from the jack, backed out of the service bay, and pulled around the front of the building. When I got the bill, I noticed that the bill was for $26.00. My neighborhood service center does this work for $10.00 and the tire is almost never removed from the car. Closer examination of the bill indicates that I was charged for a "rebalance" of the tire! I asked why? The tire was less than 2 weeks old! I was told that it's standard operating procedure. That inflamed me. You see, some years back, I went to another Treadquarters in Yorktown. I was about to take a trip and took the vehicle in for a wheel alignment that was going to cost $70.00. The mechanic and manager took the car for ride. When they came back, they told me that my ball joints were bad (never looked at them to my knowledge--only test drove), they said that the "tires were out of round!" (never heard that before in the 50 years I've been driving--before or since). By the time they had added up what they wanted, the estimate was over $800.00. I became very irate at this point and demanded that they give me my keys and I took my business elsewhere. The neighborhood service center was my next stop. They checked the ball joints, no problems. They checked the "out of roundness of the tires--no problems! I gave them the $70.00 for an alignment and advised the folks I knew to steer clear of the business. I can only imagine the money these folks have made on the unsuspecting public.

  • Oct 31, 2015

I had my wife take our 2010 Volkswagen Jetta TDi into this shop for an inspection this morning. She called me to tell me that they said the windshield wipers were not working and that they can put the car on their scanner which is normally $117.00 but would be real nice and only charge her 1/2 ($58.50).

I told my wife no...I'm not paying sixty bucks plus parts for a fuse. I told her to ask them how much for a fuse? $20.00. NO! I'm not paying $20.00 for a $2.00 part that takes 1.5 minutes start to finish to install. I get on the phone with the guy behind the desk. He starts trying to explain to me that they need to run a scan on it to find out if it's only a fuse or some other problem. I tell him hell no, just slap a rejection sticker on the car, I'll put the $2.00 fuse in it and I'll bring it back. He says okay.

So, the manager who had gotten on my wife's phone with me gets incensed when I Tell him he's trying to rip women off. He hangs up.

My wife calls me back, tells me she'll talk to them. sure. I'm on the way.

She calls me back. They said that they were really concerned for her safety that this may be a problem if they don't scan it. I tell her bullsh*t. They want you to think the car has a faulty something or another so you'll pay them. tell them no, I'll be there.

I get there and I tell them take my car out of the shop. They tell me it "takes time to input the information to state police signifying a rejection". I tell them slap the rejection on the car, I'll get the fuse. "It takes time...." "Get me my ****** car".

The manager scoots out to the shop with his "scanner/reader" (good thing he did not plug it in, he'd be getting his stitches right now)

Low and behold, the wipers are working. I tell the manager "hey! A miracle just occurred". "the wipers now work!!" Praise God".

He tells me get off property and I tell him give me my car. He and the mechanic are saying it's a bad relay....really??? A bad relay?? Either relays work or they don't. Not sort of work. That's like saying a blinker relay only works half the time, the other half it's broken.

They tried to scam my wife out of $60.00 bucks to "read" what may or may not be wrong. It's a relay switch they say. Really???!! Either a relay switch works or it does not. Eitehr way about it works. Wipers working just fine. I have a rejection page AND a pass page timed 7 minutes apart.

I'd highly advise you to think about shopping elsewhere. Scammers.

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