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Country United States
State Virginia
City Herndon
Address 205 Van Buren Street,Suite 140
Phone 888-266-1699

Travomint Reviews

  • Oct 19, 2020

At this point I'm convinced Travomint is scamming me and has stolen my money. Stay away from this company. I had to cancel a flight to Europe in early June because of Covid. A refund was promised (the ticket was over $1,500). Over 4 months later, countless phone calls, and countless promises in every call that the "refund department is looking into it" and that I will get a refund "within one week or ten days," and after telling me to call some refund department that is a different company that does not even answer the phone, I've reported the scam to my credit card company, as I feel helpless and ignored (that is, robbed) by Travomint.

  • Oct 28, 2018

They are running an online scam operating multiple websites and multiple toll free numbers to con the unsuspecting travelers on the internet. They are pretending to be airline reservations and customer service line (FRAUD).They have not listed their exact physical address on a number of their websites. A lot of their reviews online are fake as. The following websites are related to them one way or another.

An internet search for 1-877-287-1365 will prove my point. You will see their misrepresentation. They are also operating multiple toll free numbers as well. All the following numbers go to their same call centre. Just call to check if you don't believe me.

ALSO do a Google search of these toll free numbers. You will see the numbers listed on many self created web sites to advertise their scam. Some of the self created sites may be related to the Computer Helpdesk Support scams.







I think it is important that I let everyone know about my experience so that none else will have to go through the same experience. They conned me for over $3000 and telling me that the fees were "TOTAL AMOUNT CHARGED INCLUDING ALL TAXES AND AIRLINE IMPOSED". It was a staright out lie. They charged over $3000 to book my tickets on top of the airline flight ticket cost.

When I went online to my specific airline web site to check my reservations, the total ticket cost should have been half of the price Travomint/Flightszoom charged me. I could not fight them right away because they had all my information and they might have cancelled my reservations without notice. I believe that through this report I can bring their scam public and give them an opportunity to dispute my claims.

  • Jun 21, 2017

Beware of Travomint, it's a scam company. I found this website when searching for flights. They offered great prices, much cheaper than the airlines directly. I booked up and received a confirmation email. Then I received a phone call six hours later form an Indian sounding lady asking me to check my email and please respond. I looked at my email, sure enough there was an email from them saying, my bank had blocked the payment. To get my flight I would need to fill in their form/attachment with my full name , date of birth, address, my credit card details and a copy of photo ID which would allow my bank to process the payment. This sounded like a scam, so I called the bank, they advised no request had been made by Travomint and not to proceed with them. I then put a block on my credit card.

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