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Transport Connection

Country United States
State Florida
City Boca Raton
Address 5555 NE Trieste Way
Phone 561-982-1275

Transport Connection Reviews

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  • Jul 2, 2019

bill avrich scar face multiple time convicted felon

google transport connection owner named bill avrich and pay no mind to all the fake positive reviews he and his shill buddies posted to try to fool and scam victims that havent taken time to research this verbally violent repeat arrested inmate. check google images for his police arrest prison mugshot photos and get ready to laugh at the huge red scab deformity william avrich has on his psycho racist fake lawyer face. ha ha ha

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  • Mar 22, 2018

Don't believe the reviews. They damaged my car and then ran from all responsibility. They even blocked my number so i couldn't call them. Run from this idiot. I believe he posts fake reviews on line to bury his negative reviews. When you investigate this it becomes very obvious he is doing this fake posting.

I asked another industry expert who is highly rated. I was told bill avrich is the sleezy guy that everyone hates in the industry. He is basically a one many company because he probably can't get anyone to work for him. He is a sleeze ball.

Do yourself a favor and do your research! bill avrich and transport connection is a scam! i can't stress enough to do you research! bill is a liar and convicted felon in miami- dade county currently on felony probation for extortion, exploitation and assault and battery.

He has even been arrested for prostitution. This is public record, look it up!

My wife sent an e-mail to transport connection and bill called our home well after 10pm. When i informed him that we were in bed and that it was far too late to return phone calls he became verbally abusive, then hung up on me. He then continued to call back, again verbally abusing me and being very disrespectful towards my wife the one time i picked up. I had to shut the phone off.

As an aside, a cursory search will show that 5 star reviews online are easily and cheaply bought online. Don't be fooled!this guy is a criminal of the lowest sort. Don't get involved, it will bite you.

Look at some of his yelp reviews:

1) 1/5 stars

I called bill for a quote and he gave me a quote of 1500+250 broker fee and very impatient and gave me attitude, i was like, i will check with other companies and hung up the phone. He called me back and call me f**king cheap a*****e. He is a d****ebag. I have never done business like these before.

2)1/5 stars

This d****e bag has no class and deserves negative stars. Bill left my wife a very disrespectful voicemail after she accidentally clicked the link to his phone number while scrolling through his email at night. He called my wife "a stupid b----" and an "idiot who doesn't respect my privacy" and a "f------ moron." as soon as the number was dialed she hung up so as not to disturb him.

Here's the best part. In the email it clearly states "we are available 7 days a week at 561-982-1275." that same number is listed as his office number See attached photo). Hey genius, common sense dictates that if you don't want people calling you from different time zones at all hours don't put your cell number as your office number. Get a separate line. This jerk is clearly a joke. Better business bureau will be contacted. Do not do business with this clown.

3)1/4 stars

I am going to go out of my way to let people know how big of a d****ebag this guy is. I put a inquiry in on a 3rd party websites to transport a vehicle from florida to missouri, i got a bunch of calls and some good quotes, this guy calls me gives me his quote and i politely answer no thank you, what does he do ? He proceeds to call me cheap and tell me to move it myself ? Why because i got a lower quote somewhere else? I am livid right now and again i will make sure to let every site, review possible know about my experience with this company. That is not the way to do business.

4) 1/5 stars

Earlier today, i called transport connection. There was no answer, so i hung up and planned to call back in the afternoon. A bit later i saw i had a new voicemail message -- i checked it and heard an angry message from a man named bill claiming to be the owner and president of transport connection. He berated me for having the audacity to call his business number and not leave a message, and scolded me that if i was too lazy His word) to leave a message, i shouldn't have called in the first place. He sounded downright furious.

I don't know much about the transport service that bill provides. It may be excellent, for all i know. It's clear, however, that his customer service skills are deplorable. I'd hate to be in any situation where i had to work with him to resolve an issue that came up with an auto transportation that he'd coordinated.

I should have checked the reviews here first.

This guy is manipulating other websites ... He sucks.

5) 1/5 stars but the review even states he would have given zero out of 5 stars if he could.

Would be giving this guy a 0-5 star if i could.

Asked bill how this transporting vehicle works because it would be our first time transporting a vehicle, he was rude, "drive it yourself then."

6) 1/5 stars

My experience with bill was several months ago. I put a review up then but he called my job and told them he would sue them and wanted me fired if i didn't remove it. He stalked me on social media threatening me. But what he didn't know is that my family is both law enforcement and works in the criminal justice system in south florida.

My review: i called transport connection one morning when i researched companies to transport a couple of cars across different states. The call went straight to voicemail so i left a message asking for some information about transporting vehicles and the company. He called me back but got my assistant, to whom he was yelling at and saying "someone called me from this number but i don't remember who it is so you need to figure it out." she got the message to me. I called him back and he picked up yelling "hello" i said "hello is this transport connection" he said "yes stop playing on my phone. You sound like a dirty, dumb n****r" i said "excuse me "i'm calling for a quote". He said "i would never help you b***h get off my phone"

I told my assistant. I put my review up and that is when the real hate started. He called my job and wanted to talk to hr, my supervisor and the president to get my fired because i put up a review on yelp. My job fully supported me but i decided to take the review down. He called me back but this time i sent the cal straight to my father whom is law enforcement. He missed out on transporting 10+ cars.

I have also received messages from people who saw my first review and said they experienced some of the same things. Please be careful!!

I wish i would have seen these reviews before i moved forward with this jack off.

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  • Apr 1, 2017

I called to see if he took credit cards and the owner (Bill) began yelling and telling me not to waste people's time. It was a simple yes or no answer but the owner felt the need to go into detail about how the industry worked and how I wouldn't find anyone to take a credit card. This is a corporate move that my company was paying for. The company wanted to use a credit card and it was my job now to find an auto transporter that could help. After the owner was very rude for no reason, I went onto the website he suggested I visit to see his reviews. I wrote a review of my experience and he called from an unavailable number and began cussing me out! No class, no professionalism and borderline stalking. Under NO circumstances should anyone use this company. Seriously bad, bad, bad business.

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  • Sep 10, 2016

I sent out a generic request for an auto transportation quote and the owner of this company called me with a quote. We'd already decided not to ship our car after all and when I told him as such he screamed "you're a cheapskate and a w****!" Into the phone. Then he proceeded to call me several times yelling at me that I'm a cheapskate, I'm a w****, my mother is a w****, etc until I blocked his number.

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  • Aug 27, 2015

Do your homework. I did mine after receiving a bid to transport a car I bought online. I called the guy out through an email stating "Hell would freeze over before I used his service" after checking reviews online through Google. His response was a late phone call at 22:12 central standard time cursing me for my purchase. As a Truck Driver, I have unwillingly transported some cheap freight, but I did it with pride and without judging my customers because I'm a businessman. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do catch the next load. Sometimes cheap freight puts a good word on the street. I need a bottom dollar shipper for this car and I should not have to explain my reason, nor should I be judged or scolded like a child for my bid. Therefore, I am sharing the script of the voicemail received from Transport Connections followed by emailed reply.

Voicemail script: "Listen you stupid f* c-cksucker. I get home from a fine dining restaurant in Miami, okay. I took the f* evening off, I get home to your email telling me hell will freeze over before I use your service. A "98 Saturn you low class piece of s*!? I wouldn't f* recommend even junking that car. It's not worth the price to have a flatbed tow it to a scrap yard, let alone to transport it from Florida to Missouri you low class piece of trailer trash s*! Who the hell do you think you're talking to? I drive an Aston Martin and a Porsche. You drive a f* Saturn? Go shovel some s* you low life and don't f* email me again."

My email reply: "Thank you so much for your kind words left in the voice mail from a restricted phone number with no name. Hard to image people like me gladly join the military to sacrifice our own lives for someone like you. You do NOT scare me. I'm really sorry you drive an Aston Martin and Porsche. I ride a Harley-Davidson and Bikers know a thing or two about respect and being judged. Since you seem so judgmental, the Saturn is nothing more than a second vehicle to use to get from point A to point B once a month. Why would should I purchase $100,000 vehicle to your liking just to drive back and forth to work? It will be used as a learning vehicle in the near future for my fiance's son. Yeah, it's a Saturn. They're plastic, they're easy to work on, insurance is cheap, and they get good fuel mileage. Perhaps you should learn to ride Harley-Davidson motorcycle? I'll be Blue Collar and proud 'till the day I day because of people like you. You are apparently a very unhappy person. Sounds like you're enduring a lot of stress owning an Aston Martin and Porsche? You know Porsche helped design the Harley motor for their VROD motorcycle? I wouldn't want to work in your environment. Must be hell? Thank you and have a nice day. I'm so sorry to bother you."

This man claims to have good reviews somewhere, but I can't find them. Google is no friend of his. This man goes beyond evil and apparently lives a very unhappy life. I will proudly drive my cheap Saturn car because at least it doesn't define attitude and arrogance. I will also proudly ride my Harley-Davidson motorcycle because that world is structured by respect. "Give respect, get respect"

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  • Apr 20, 2020

DO NOT use this car shipping company "Transport Connection", and if you do be sure you have a backup plan. I’ll start from the beginning, I was in the midst of moving across the country from Rhode Island to Las Vegas and have a flight booked for 7/11. I chose this transporter because of their great reviews from multiple sources and the information on their website made me believe that they were trustworthy and would be extremely helpful throughout the process of my vehicle’s delivery. This was a HUGE mistake and not at all the case. The only good that came from this company was their quick quote and ease of scheduling services.

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  • Jan 13, 2020

william bill avrich of boca raton florida, owner of Transport Connection is a convicted psycho scammer felon

the title of my review says it all. one google search will prove it.

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  • Dec 19, 2019

google search bill avrich aka transport connection first!

really scary and horrible experience with bill avrich of transport connection of boca raton florida when i contacted him to transport my car. omg why dont the police do something when tons of evidence is right on google to prove how dangerous and harassing this convict is? do your homework and do a google search to see the hundreds of complaints against bill avrich and his several police mugshot arrest photos as a multi time convicted felon.

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  • Sep 5, 2019

Bill is abusive and mentally retard never use his services a 1 star review of transport connection by david e. Https://

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  • Aug 25, 2020

bill avrich transport connection boca raton florida, racist psycho scammer

If you don't want to be threatened and stalked, avoid many time convicted prison convict inmate Bill Avrich William Avrich at all costs, as a simple google search will prove, as his boca raton florida police department mugshot arrest photos will show. His violent, sexist, homophobic, racist face is disfigured and scarred with a big red scab on it. He posts fake positive reviews about his business under various false user names. All this is easily verified with a quick google search.

  • Jan 1, 2016


I consider myself an astute and tough negotiator. I've negotiated business deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars throughout my career. So I initially thought I couldn't possibly need an intermediary to help me find someone to move my car back and forth across the country on a reasonable timetable and at a reasonable price.

How naive I was to think that I could do this on my own. In reality, the world of auto transporters is full of smoke screens and charlatans and broken promises.

How lucky I was then to find Bill of Transport Connection to work on my behalf to cut through all this crap and find a reliable company and negotiate an appropriate schedule and price with them.

I've just booked my second cross country move through him (shipping a car from CA to CT and back for my daughter's use at college), and I will be happily using him again for her remaining two years of school. (And, gulp, perhaps grad school too?)

Yes, as some of the other reviews here indicate, Bill is a character and can be a bit hot headed -- but I found those traits to be extremely helpful when he is working on behalf of his clients to push the trucking companies to deliver on time and on budget. He will fight for his customers like no one else!

  • Jun 14, 2016

Transport Connection run by a scammy ex-convict, Bill Avrich

Bill Avrich, the mentally unhinged ex-convict who runs Transport Connection, is a serial liar. He spends inordinate amounts of time posting fake positive reviews of his business online and chasing down and harassing people who post negative reviews of his business. He even (bless his heart) thinks people believe that the thoroughly corrupt is a legitimate source of reviews. Here's a tip, Bill -- don't be a jerk in the first place, and you won't have to deal with all the negative reviews. And I hope you respond to this review so that we can continue to boost the Google rankings of pages like this.

I'm giving Bill an extra star because he's always good for some laughs.

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