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Tradesy, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Santa Monica
Address 1217 2nd Street Floor 3
Phone 844.988.7233

Tradesy, Inc. Reviews

  • Apr 21, 2020

I purchased a pair of broken moccasin boots from Tradesy on April 13, 2020 for $54.26. I received a pair of pink Mukluks (UGG type) boots a few days later. The original merchant EcoFriendlyFashions sent me a message asking me to return them so my boots would be shipped. However, the seller wants me to ship the wrong boots back with my money.

I put in a return request to Tradesy and I have been getting nothing but the runaround from them. This is my first experience with Tradesy and let me tell you it is the last...

I am also going to file a BBB Complaint, Consumer Affair Complaint and blast them on social media...

  • Oct 27, 2019

Real Name?: Nikiya Whitmill or as she's known on Tradesy Nikki B. and recently changed her name attached to her email to Nekhol heads up Tradesy's Trust Dept. She's a tyrant who continuosly disrespects sellers, threatens people, closes accounts for no legitimate reasons and has lost Tradesy over 1 million dollars in revenue. She is counterproductive to what Tracy Dinunzio stands for and has done the company irreparable harm in her interaction with clients, sellers and potential buyers.

When Tradesy finally fires her I encourage any executive interviewing her for a job to steer clear. She has anger management issues, she's unprofessional, she receives so many negative reviews that she has to constantly change her Tradesy e-mail address/name so people won't know who she is. She now goes by "Nekhol" and once this posts I'm sure she will change it again.

Her info and social media pages are below (which she changes regularly as well). I've attached a screenshot of her latest threat to me

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