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Trade Show Travel Company

Country United States
State Florida
City West Palm Beach
Address 2708 N Australian Ave Suite #2
Phone 1.888.556.1485

Trade Show Travel Company Reviews

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  • Apr 27, 2017

I had just recently attended the Monster Truck Tour show Saturday April 22nd at the Portland cross insurance arena... I am writing to inform to you that when I first walked in to the arena (after security let me in) there was a booth/few tables straight ahead, set up for people to enter some type of drawing.. There were a bunch of people all around the arena handing out little green pieces of papers to have people put down their name, address and income amount. Apparently, it was to win an "all exclusive vacation package".. There were not banners or anything set up, nobody behind the tables/booths, people where just handing these papers out left and right and people (100's) were actually filling them out. Well I was someone who had actually done that, along with my boyfriend and brother... We had put down the information like they had asked, name, address, phone number & a rough estimate of our income.

Well last night April 24th, I had recieved a call from a gentleman named Aaron Rivers, and then another man jumped on the phone who's name was Jason White.. They had let me know that I had indeed won a trip, it was all paid for through the Monster Truck show event... They informed me of all the information I needed to know about the event, and how the event was... And of course, like anyone, I was very, very hesitant at first and just couldn't believe what was going on.. They kept reassuring me it was a for real thing and that I really had won.. Stating "the arena and the monster truck show wouldn't have allowed them in to set up their booth if it wasn't legit and legal". So after a while and gathering more information, it seemed real, and I believed them... (silly I know) They showed me their "website" sent me there names, email addresses and even sent me their phone numbers... It sounded and looked really legit and real... And after about 45 minutes on the phone... There was one little catch they had informed me about... They told me in order to book the hotel resort (they were paying for) I had to give my credit card information to them for identification... Made sense, right? Cause you do indeed have to do that kind of stuff when you book and stay at hotels... Through this whole process they kept informing me that it was a real deal, and I honestly believed them... I did ask at one point why I couldn't do it in person at the arena and they informed me that since it was part of the "monster truck tour show" they told me the tour and guys were all long gone and back on the road for their next show... They stated "we do this every year at the monster truck event, hoping to give hard working Americans like yourself a break".. Once again I was very hesitant, but as the phone call lasted almost an hour and they gave me a lot more details and we had exchanged credit card numbers, I found out it was all a scam... My brother had came to my house as I was on the phone with "Jason White" stating he got a call from a women saying he just won the same trip that I had won! Right then and there I knew I was in trouble, I contacted Portland Police Department, canceled my credit card and made them aware, I had messaged the Monster Truck Tour Facebook page and also made them aware of this... They tried and still are, trying to charge my credit card, I have had multiple emails from my online bank account stating people are trying to charge my account.. Today, I had called the arena and spoke to one of your employees by the name of Denise.. She told me I should email you and make you aware of this situation, seeing how you were not in the office to take my call today.. Now I'm not sure who allowed this scam artist into the arena without asking for probable business information, but I know I'm not the only one who had filled out that little form.... 100's, and I mean 100's of people were filling out those forms and handing them in.. There was no walking away from it, people were handing those out left and right.. I would hate to hear about any other person getting caught up in a situation like this from one of your events you guys had hosted, but it's very concerning.. I hope you guys can watch and look into these kinds of things a little closer before they just get let in the arena. I had also googled the name "dream vacation and Jason white" and you see so much stuff about how these people go to all sorts of events to do this... It's super scary. Feel free to email me back and or call me (it's okay to leave a voicemail, I'll get back to you asap) and I can give you any more information that you need.. I have saved the numbers, emails, website, and names. But, please look into this, I'm not sure if it's a wrong with the monster truck show, or a wrong on your arenas part, I'm not sure but I feel as if you guys should take a little bit of this responsibility. It's a huge deal, Channel 6 news even wants to set up an interview with me tomorrow and discuss this matter. Its something really serious and a problem all around the world.. We need to try and nip it in the butt while we can before it makes matters even worse.

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  • Dec 7, 2016

Early October my girlfriend and I entered and won a trip to Orlando, Fl for a trip to Disneyworld. We had to pay a $498 travel fee and they would take care of the lodging, ammenetities and tickets to Disneyworld. I was also told, because of my public service I would be graned another trip later either out of country or to Daytona beach.

After book the trip I discovered I had to sit through a 120 minute presentation on time shares when I would arrive in 3 months. I didn't mind that, despite no one told be before hand. I continued to make arrangements with Jason White, the supposed manager and president. I discovered that now along with the 120 minute presentation that I also need a valid credit card, it can't be debit, and that I will also be charged a "running fee" of $360. When I called back to inquire about this I discovered I was also upgraded, against my wishes and had to pay for the upgrade which would cost me an additional $320. I also then learned I had to pay all taxes, which were also higher for going through Trade Show Travel Co. I then learned that there would be a credit check done upon checking in, and if I did not make more than $60k I would not be eligiable for the deal and have to pay for the trip out of pocket anyways. I then finally learned I would not be recieving any tickets to Disneyworld.

When I inquired about this to Jason White he claimed there was something about the fire marshal requiring I get the upgrade since I was bringing 5 family members along. He told me he'd call about the fees and see why it was costing so much.

While I waited, I contacted the hotel seperately. Unlike what Jason and his company said, I am not required to have a credit card when I arrive. This is also when I learned that I'm paying more for the "taxes" through Trade Show than I am had I just booked the hotel room. I also learned that the hotel/resort had no such issue without getting the room I was first promised, that I was not forced to upgrade, and finally the most suspcious part of all, the "required" credit card is only required by the Trade Show Travel Company, they taken the money out and there is no promise the money will be returned.

Of course the $498 is nonrefundable.

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  • Aug 16, 2016

If you signed up for a chance to win a free vacation from a travel agency at a trade show, specifically from the Ohio State Fair and you received a phone call saying "congrats, you won", don't bother calling them back. We got a call from a fast talking salesman named Mike from West Palm Beach, Florida in regards to a drawing my girlfriend entered at the Fair. After lots of congratulations and pointing us to a hastily made website with little to no content, he tried to get us excited for the free trip that we had won. A series of all expense paid trips for up to 5 people from a travel agency that combed through 10,000 entries and selected only 100 winners.

5 days/4 nights in Orlando

3 days/2 nights in Daytona Beach

Plus 2 Bonus Vacation destinations

After 30 minutes of smooth talking fluff and quickly paced repetitive reassurances of the travel agency's legitimacy, we were told that the only thing we had to pay for is $499 in travel fees. He explained that they don't pay for hotel taxes or travel, which was understandable. He told us he would discount it to $449. Then discounted it to $249 now and $249 later. He assured us we didn't have to pay for it before we got off the phone, then told us he couldn't hold the offer for us if we didn't confirm the trip (by giving him a paypal confirmation number) before we got off the phone.

He gave us a Booking number but wouldn't give us the emails with the relevant information until we paid for our free vacation, which we had to redeem on this phone call. They aren't allowed to have second conferences, only one phone call per 'winner'. He encouraged us to try and charge it on our maxed out Discover card and 'just deal with it later'. When we refused to pay any amount today, he got frustrated and said 'you guys shoudn't be going on vacation if you're broke'. He told us that if he wasn't legit, we could just call our credit card company and they can dispute the charges. He assured us that only legitimate businesses can be vendors at the Ohio State Fair since it's state regulated..

Background: I've managed hotels and currently design websites for a living. I've been traveling the country representing various businesses at trade shows for the last 5 years. I've lived in West Palm Beach. I've been trained in Sales by a vast array of marketers, sales trainers, con men, and entreprenuers in every variation of hard, soft, and subliminal sales tactics. Several of whom were from West Palm Beach, which has the largest conglomeration of wealth in the US during the winter months, along with the largest conglomeration of skeezy fast-talking salesmen with get rich quick schemes and predatory scams. He qualified our position, diffused my objections, created a false time constraint, used our names repetitively to gain trust, gave us a plethora of contact information so we felt taken care of and did everything to make himself seem legitimate. I'm sure many people fell for it.

I've been trained to do what he does, better than he does it, and I can assure you, this is a scam.

The travel agency's website was established in March of 2016, but he claims they've been around for 17 years. It was built using GoDaddy's free Website Builder, but he claims he makes $28 per hour as a customer service manager in a legit travel agency. The website has 4 pages, 0 external links (other than 1 to paypal and 3 social media dead-ends), and no payment gateway. The only way you can pay is by sending them a dollar amount through paypal directly. If you wanted to book a trip online, or even look into traveling with them, you couldn't if you tried. There's nothing there.

They have Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ with a few scarce generic posts; but not 1 single review.. in 17 years of alleged operation. The only info they have on the entirety of the internet is their cheap contentless website and three completely bare social media pages.

Once you send the money, call to schedule your trip, realize there is no travel agency and try to dispute the charges; PayPal will tell you that you entered the payment amount from your computer or phone coming from an IP address associated with your account, therfore you personally and manually authorized the transfer and there's not much they can do for you. They'll open an investigation, it will go nowhere, you'll probably never see that money again. Good luck.

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  • Jun 15, 2017

I recently went to the Govenors Ball on Randalls Island in NY. I ( drunkenly) Signed up to "win" a trip for 2 to Floral and the bahamas. A few weeks later ( today) I recieve a phone call from a woman named Helen, claiming she was from Trade Show Travel Co. She had my information from Gov Ball and said I was selected to win the trip and began to provide me with the information. 5 nights in Orlando, 3 days in Daytona, and 4 days in Nassau. All food was included and she made no mention of air fair. The trip total was $4500 so she made sure to tell me how great of a deal it was. After a few minutes of her providing information ( 2-4 people , the Silverlakes suites ect. ) She then tells me, " All I need from you today is a $99 per person tax deposit for 2 people. The other two people were free of course. ( So a total of $200). Now I have learned growing up to Never give out your CC info over the phone to a complete stranger. So I asked her If I could call back and provide her my information in two days when I had the available funds. She swiftly said no, that I wouldn't be able to secure the discounted cost after today. So then I asked to call back in an hour so that I could finish work and have all my questions prepared. That she agreed to.

NOW is where I had some fun. I looked up the company and they have a very poorly done website, that is NOT backed by the BBB. ( first negitave ) Next I had asked her for a return phone number that I could call back, She gave me 646-645-9174. When Googled, the first thing that pops up is "How to catch Fraud phone calls" ( Second Negitave) Also the number she provided and the number on the website are completely different. Next I of course looked at the rippoff reports I saw for the company and found out they were kicked out of the Vermon Comic Con for being a Scam. All in all friends, Listen to your parents and Don't get caught in a SCAM! These people will take your money and because you provide your information it is very difficult to get it back!!! Thanksfully I did not lose any money to this company but please BE Warned!!

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  • Aug 25, 2020

Told me I never used a $698 travel package I paid for...(which I never paid for)

Offered me a 'super great deal'...a bunch of vacations for a extra special $498...blah blah blah...2 slick and very familiar guys...ugh. Decided to read some reviews. Of course it has to be questionable...esp during Covid uncertainty.

  • Aug 6, 2019

To the gentlemen who wrote the report on this i am including the parent compay that is responsibile for the scam you suffered at the Governors ball. This kind of scam can usually be haulted by reaching out to the providers of the establishments, so each establishment belongs to a time share company. You would need to reach out to that office and let them know you had been scammed.

More than likely this person was a sub contractor who will try this again at any venue they can get into. If you run the licnese through floridas states offices the company name comes up (parent company) the Ttavel Co name is a knock off related to the parent compnay whihc is Mack Daddy, counsutants or something, that guys goes by the name of Jason White. the comonay can be pulled up as license number Florida Seller of Travel License

# ST40407 Surety Bond # 10039961

  • Jun 11, 2019


I had the misfortune of buying two different travel packages with trade show travel.. Life and family , prevented me from travel. Was told my total purchase cost was not refundable. Told I had to pay additional $2996, to NOT use my travel benefits and cancel out. Paid original $896.00. Now told booking fees and taxes, total to close the contracts was a total of $2996, more.

Simple math total by Trade Show Travel, pay them a total of $3892 and NEVER get/go on a vacation..

This is a farce!

Please be Warned. June 2019

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