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Toyota of Lawton

Country United States
State Oklahoma
City Lawton
Address 7110 NW Quanah Parker Trailway
Phone 580-215-6810

Toyota of Lawton Reviews

  • Oct 14, 2016

On Thursday October 6th at approximately 2:30 PM, an employee from Lawson Toyota approached me at work stating that he was there to pick up the vehicle. When I asked him to explain to me what was going on, he stated that they had been trying to reach me, my husband and my references by phone to resolve the issue, but could not reach anyone. My husband and I have our phones on us at all times and answer all calls since we work for the state and our phones are state issued. I told the employee that no one in fact, had tried contacting me, which he then said, "well if our representatives said they called then we assume they called, whether they did or not". After speaking to the finance director, he stated that they do not keep records of calls. My husband and I had our phone records pulled, (and I asked family I had listed as references who also have no records of attempted calls) which in fact showed that they absolutely did not call us trying to resolve anything at all. The last call documented from the dealership was on September 9th, when Ramon called to tell me that all of the information was received and sent to financing. After speaking to the finance director he stated that the bank did not accept the information that was sent (Ramon had me send over reciepts showing that the other vehicles had been taken over by new owners....which he also said wasn't accepted and that I would need to provide the DMV release of liability form) I emailed the DMV release of liability and called to make sure he had received it, which he said yes. After speaking to the bank myself yesterday, it appears as though the loan would have been accepted had Ramon sent over the DMV release to them as said, but instead, it sat in his email and the bank rejected financing due to not receiving it. Now at this point, since the dealership ran my credit through 12 different credit checks, my credit score dropped 40+ points, making the bank unable to work with me if we started all over. Due to this, any dealership we go through will now have to be an in-house finance, requiring a 2,500-3,000 down payment. Toyota of Lawson has dropped the ball horribly, causing me and my family humiliation at our workplace, and a serious hardship since we were forced to hand over our previous vehicle in order to not have more than 2 vehicles under our name at a time,when buying the van. We now have limited transportation which is going to critically impact our jobs. Had we had proper communication and notification, we would have had the time to either resolve the issue, or properly prepare an alternative travel solution for work purposes. I lost another $67 (salary) plus $36 (travel) today due to no transportation to work. This situation have had a very traumatic, embarrassing and impacting effect of our entire family. I have all documents and emails supporting this complaint.

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