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Total Home Protection

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Philadelphia
Address 325 Chestnut Street Suite 800
Phone 1-800-545-0402

Total Home Protection Reviews

  • Jan 10, 2021

This company denies all replacement claims. They denied a claim to replace my sump pump and told me the reason for the denial was that the sump pump was not covered in the policy. My policy actually lists sump pump as a covered item. This is pure fraud.

  • Oct 5, 2020

I call every month since Feb 2020 about the $100.00 dollars they said they would send to me, but all I get is maybe this coming Friday your check will be in the batch to be sent out. I'm not just talking to the operator I'm talking to the billing managers named Desiree orCherish and Emily all working in the billing department. Who can I REPORT THIS TO SO I CAN GET MY MONEY? THIS company Total Home Protection IS RATED ON THE 10 MOST BEST COMPANIES for home warranties FOR 2020, what a joke !!! there are other people trying to find a ligament company to go with that would protect them So when people pull up the information they see T H P as one of the best.

  • Sep 30, 2020

The only reason they are getting one star is because I can't go lower. This is the worst home warranty company I have ever dealt with. Their customer service is non existent. They only paid one claim out of 7 that I filed. Your claim is assigned to a "claims manager" & then the contractor has to take photos of the issue. They always manage to find a loophole in order to not pay your claim.

They even sent a contractor to my home that insisted I pay cash for everything & I never heard from or saw him again. This company is a scam & the coverage is worthless, however when the salesperson is selling you the coverage, they claim that everything is covered. In addition, they charged me last month after trying to cancel for weeks & have as of yet refunded my money.

  • Sep 13, 2020




  • Aug 24, 2020

Total Home Protection, 325 Chestnut St. Suite 800 Philadelphia, PA 19106 (800) 545-0402.

Denied replacement of A/C blower motor that is covered under the agreement.

I am unable to contact them to dispute or inquire this concern. I have emailed sereral times and called on the phone, however the answering device "Will Not Accpet any more calls". Therefore I can not resolve my concerns..

I have paid for several years of coverage in advance, but the Total Home Protection company denies any and all claims out of normal operating procedures.

They Rip-Off SENIORS & VETERANS (as I am) with their falls advertising and do not supply the services they sell.

  • Aug 18, 2020

Filed a claim for a broken washing machine. The tecnician came and gave them the estimate to repair. Total Home Protection refused to pay and offered me $200 towards the cost to replace the machine. I reluctantly agreed but they will not send me the $200. It's been over 2 months.. no $$ yet.

I have since filed another claim for a broken Ice Maker in the fridge (for which I pay extra for the coverage). They have been unable to locate someone to come out and check it. The company that came out on the washing machine stated they will not answer anymore of their assigned calls because of the way they do business. 2 others states that they do not work on Samsung refrigerators. I'm here waiting on the $200 from the first claim and a broken ice maker that they can't get anyone to come out and even look at it.

  • Jun 10, 2020

2 years ago we purchased this warranty through a guy named jeff he called us randomly and said since we had just purchased a new home a warranty would be perfect to cover evrything in the house his exact words were if we cant fix it we will replace it well they sent some crazy person that was cursing and very unproffessional than they sent someone else a week later and he said we need a new unit he lied the unit only had a leak but he refused to fix the leak and they denied the claim to replace it > than the ac guy trys to sell me a 5000 dollar ac unit really? so this warranty is useless and oh yeah we paid it in full so we now have holes in our ceiling water still leaking from the ac and they refuse to honor it

  • Apr 20, 2020

Beware, this company will not repair your appliances, nor compensate you for replacement. This is my second claim with them, where I have a $2,000 LG refrigerator (cost is roughly $1,700) in which Total Home reuses to repair. The total repair cost is only about $493. Instead they are only offering me $200 to replace the fridge. This is unacceptable.

I had a similar issue with the 1st claim regarding my washing machine, where I had a $650 washing machine (energy efficient, front load, 4.5 Cu, multi cycles...etc.) and Total Home offered me $100 to replace it stating they compared it to the cost of a similar washing machine (top load, not energy efficient, 2.3 Cu, 2 cycles). When asked what similar feature there compared it with, the lady in charge of the case said 'It washes clothes'..... that is a definition of a washing machine...not a feature. I was able to get them to to go up to $200 in which I was told it could take up to 8 weeks to receive a check, but the check never came. In fact after 14 weeks, I was finally able to get a hold of a manager, who then credited my account $200 instead of cutting a check.

  • Feb 19, 2020

Took out this protection plan due to my age thinking I would have good coverage and not have to worry so much so on 10-05-19 Paid my total fee with T.H.P. upfront. (Fri) 01-31-2020 called reported my 1.6cu ft sears over the range M.W.did not work.

T.H P. gave me claim#, said serviceman would be in touch with me,(Mon) 02-03-20 explained he would write a report to T.H.P. I told S man I would be gone on (Mon) 02-06-20 to be sure to tell T.H.P I paid my $60.00 co/pay.

When I returned home the same day I noticed T.H.P. had called, I called back 3 times left my name, phone#, claim#, on (Fri) 02-07-20 called 3 times,(Mon)02-10-20 called 3 times, NO ONE EVER CALLED ME BACK!! (Tue) 02-11-20, I called spoke to Maxamillion he passed me to-Ron, he passed me to a manager Tommy he said the parts were no longer available, I ask manager Tommy what to do.

He said it was up to me to find and buy another M.W. and have someone to install it. I knew I could not install it myself I'm 73 years old and can't lift 50 to 55 lbs, he was very rude not very compassionate. So I have to find someone to take me on a 70- mile round trip to Sears to locate and order a Sears M.W to fit over my range, This is what it will cost me.

A Sears 1.6cu ft O.T.Range M.W. with tax $254.00+$60.00 co/pay to T.H P.+$10.00 gas for the 70-mile round trip to pay someone to take me to Sears+$50.00 installing fees total $374.00. Manager Tommy said T.H.C. should send me a $100.00 check-in 6 to 8 weeks.

This is not a very nice company I've been so upset ever since I've had to deal with this company I have read the other horror stories of this T.H.P company with other customers I will not go back to this TOTAL HOME PROTECTION PLAN, THEY ONLY PROTECT THEIR SELVES. Live and Learn. PROBABLE WILL NEVER SEE MY CHECK EITHER. THANK YOU,JO-ANN HOPE OTHER PEOPLE READS THIS POST

  • Sep 26, 2019

I contacted this company as one of my AC units stoped cooling. the units are over ten years old. they sent three different people out the first one whom i pade the service fee of $100 to stated the unit was just worn out and would need to be replaced as these units run as r21 thay had to be replaced with a newer type of system.

The second person came buy and put the company o speaker phone covered the same things with the company and there represenative told the repair person the company would deny the claim as the cost was around $4000.

The company repsentative asked if the unit was grounded the tech said yes but just worn out. They claim the tech said the compressor was shorted to ground therefore they were off the hook for the repair as short to ground was a exclusion of there warranty.

At no time did the tech say shorted to ground and this could only happen if they twisted the questions to imply this results. I have had two other companies look at this and they both stated normal wear and tear usage casued the failure. This company continues taking there monthly payments without any service.

I am a 76 year old senior without AC in the south.

  • Jun 30, 2019

My dryer went first. The first technician didnt repair it correctly he jerry rigged it to work. The second technician got it fixed. My house heating unit the first technician diagnosed the problem but refused to complete the job citing the warranty company hadnt paid him, the second technician came out and took pictures of the unit and they denied it claiming we didnt keep it serviced it had too much dust.

Our dishwasher went down, they stated it was to much to repair it so they gave us a check for $150. Our stove had an issue with one of the eyes, they refused to fix it claiming they couldnt get a part. We could get the part but they cant? Our refrigerator has a cooling problem it requires a part. After 2-months and 2 technicians, the problem again is a part, they say they cant find and offering a $150 toward a new refrigerator. In all of these scenarios we have had to call the warranty company multiple times because the repair techs they farm this out to dont respond.

The warranty company knows its your number so they dont answer or put you on eternal hold. My wife was fed up and when I tried they answered the first time but not the second or third. I had to use another phone not associated with my account to get an answer from the warranty company and their contractors. They are a rip-off as they calculate what they will and will not fix, and offer you a token when they dont choose to fix it. Mind you if I pay $50 for someone to come out and you offer me $150 because you claim it cant be fixed, and I payed for the warranty for the year, what the f*$#k!!! I know I am not the only one.

Water heaters and garbage disposals are what they are good for, maybe a toaster. If you have anything of value they will find a way around doing what they claim. That has been my experience.

  • Feb 5, 2019

On September 11, 2018, I contacted Total Home Protection per my home warranty I purchased from them effective April 6, 2018, indicating that I could not turn tub on. On September 12, 2018, an e-mail was sent to me referring me to Amichi Plumbing.

I contacted Amichi, scheduled an appointment for September 18, at 1:00pm. The technician did not show up. I contacted Total Home with this information. They then referred me to J & H Appliance; they do not do that kind of work. Contacted Total Home with this info. I was referred to Golden Plumbing; they were no longer in business.

Again I contacted Total Home. After days of no help, I contacted Total Home; their solution that was offered to me was to cut me a check for $150 and I find my repair service . That's what I paid them for was to provide the repair service not for me to do it myself. Plus, since I am not a technician in this field, I couldn't know if $150 would cover fixing the issue.

  • Jan 30, 2019

We had a water leak in the wall of our shower which caused serious water damage.

Originally, the first plumber who came to our home stated the leak was coming from a problem with the drain, weep holes, and/or drain pan. OF COURSE, THP says this is not covered.

When we tore out the wall to enable us to tear out the floor (cultured marble floor and walls attached together) to "fix" the problem, the contractor advised the problem was NOT what the plumber claimed. The drain was intact and draining. The weep holes were not stopped up. And the drain pan was undamaged. We called in a second plumber.

He found the leak to be coming from the shower valve with a break at the valve which turns the water on and off in the pipe. Our valve system is a three way one. Claim denied because the many reps we spoke with including "supervisors" and "managers" stated that our "valve" was NOT a "valve" and that only "shut off valves" are covered.

The "PART" that has the problem IS a "VALVE"--it is the valve that turns the shower water on and off. I(wit is the ONLY "shut off" valve associated with our shower valve system. We live in a newer home and any so called "shut off valve" is located at our meter which of course, is located outside the perimeter of what THP covers.

  • Jul 25, 2018

Months ago I had my hot water heater tank develop a leak. When I called to file a claim I was told the tank was not included in the coverage. I read the policy and sure enough it said tank was not covered- everything else pertaining to the hot water heater was covered except the 1 thing that goes bad- the tank !

I decided to call Total Home Protection to double check my air conditioner coverage. Sure enough- the rep says there is no coverage for anything mounted on the roof. I reread the policy with the rep- it was 10 lines pertaining to what is not covered as related to the air conditioner system. Nowhere does it state no coverage for roof mounted a/c systems. His answer was- that is our general policy about roof mounted systems. It does state crane rental is not covered so I asked him why they state that crane rental is not covered. He said that he already told me there is no coverage for roof mounted air conditioner units.

Total scam.

  • Jun 6, 2018

This company tells you in their ad that they screen and vet all tech's and that they have them all over the country,which is false. they had no service techs here and said i would need to call a contractor and pay for it then submit a report which i did. the contractor told me that he had never seen any repair that this company would approve and that they would just string the claim along until i finally gave up. i called and spent 2 hours on the phone waiting and when i was the next call to be answered i was cut off and had to start all over again. my first call for help was on thursday because it was 110 degrees and the air conditioning was not cooling prroperly. i finally called the following tuesday because no one ever called back or contacted me. i told them that the home was not cool enough to live in the person i was talking to told me to have a shot of whiskey and chill out. what a reply! i think that these people are just liars and really enjoy what they do because they think they can say anything that comes to them in their denial while they laugh in you face any deny your claim. horrible, horrible liars

  • Dec 28, 2017

I, along many others (do your research) have been scammed by Total Home Protection. They do not honor their contract and do everything possible to avoid paying out any repairs. Their tactics include not picking up, diverting, stringing you along, long delays, no call backs, bad contractors, creative ways to find loop holes in their own contracts or simply not honoring what their contract stipulates and hoping you will go away.

For everyone that has been scammed by this poor excuse of a business, here are some things you can do to get back at them.

1) file a complaint with the Better Business Burau at

2) Call, write the Attorney Generals Office of Pennsylvania (Josh Shapiro) at

3) Post your experiance on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc

4) Call your credit card company and request that they attempt a charge back for non-performance.

5) Tell everyone you know to stay away from Total Home Protection.

Dont just take it and let them scam you. This is what they want and expect. To take people's money with bogus warranty promises and then they use every excuse in the book not to cover what they advertise or what is even stipulated in their contract. Even their own contractors will tell you how this scam works. They think (and are right) that most people will just not bother and go away. That is how they get rich of hard working individuals who put their trust in their scam. Dont let it be you.

  • Jun 22, 2017

Purchased a home warranty. My ice maker went out so I called for repair. Spoke to Ms. Paris who said she was claims person at total home. They sent someone out who said they had to order parts. Never heard back. A few weeks later a contacted Total Home Protection and spoke to Ms. Paris again. they said they were denying my claim and said a power surge caused the problem and that a board was burnt. They claimed the technition that came out told them that this is what caused the issue. I told them that the tech never even looked at any board. He just looked at the unit and said he is going to order a few parts and replace them to see if thats what the problem is. He never tested or diagnosed anything. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was transferred to Dane Morgan. He said he was Paris' supervisor. I explained to him the issue and advised him that I had spoke to the technition while on hold ( I called the tech on the other line) the tech advised me that he never told them anything of the sort. Dane put me on hold and said he was calling the tech.

After a few minutes he came back on and said they would replace one of the boards. I asked will this fix the problem he said he didnt know but that all they were willing to do. I told him to go ahead hoping this would fix it. He said he would contact the tech and have hime come out to fix it. No one ever showed. a few weeks later I called back to Total Home and Dane answered. When I said who i was he transferred me to Ms. Paris. I asked her to trasfer me back to Dane since he was the supervisor. She then claimed that she was his supervisor. ( feels like they are playing a game) She again went through the same speal as if choreographed about how the tech found a burn on the board and knew it was from a power surge. Again this never happened and the tech even said he would go with me to court if I decided to take legal action. I advised her that Dane said he would send someone out to replace a board. She kept denying that they will fix it and said there is nothing they can do. She even said she has no record of me ever talking to Dane and said that they log and record all conversations. I told her to pull up the date that I spoke to Dane and she could listen to the conversation. She refused stating their is no recording because I never spoke to him. She refused to fix my appliance and when I asked her to contact the tech to prove that there was no burnt board she put me on hold and pretended to contact him.

While this was going on I had been texting the tech and he was waiting for her to call. He said she never called. She came back after about 15 minutes and said she could not get ahold of him and left a message. (not true) per the tech. She again refused my claim and said there was nothing more she is willing to do. Called them again on June 21, 2017 and spoke to Dane. I advised them that I was pursuing legal action. He then said he would send out another company to inspect the unit. I told him to do whatever he had to do but i want my ice maker fixed. We shall see if it goes anywhere. Im sure this is just another of their scams.

  • Jun 20, 2017

I contracted w/THP in December 2016. In March 2017 my dishwasher was acting up so I called THP to file a claim. After a few days of calling back & forth I spoke w/the dispatch manager Kim she asked if I could cover costs & she would reimburse me w/a company check. I advised that I was on SSD & couldnt do that. She told me if I found someone to come out & check it out she could cover it on the company CC card & she did ...

Monday 6/10 I noticed I didnt have hot water I went & checked the hot water heater & found that it would not stay lit so I called THP again & filed a claim. After 48 hours of not hearing anything from the company I called at 8:03A & spoke w/a supervisor I forgot his name he first told me that when dispatch picked up the claim they would be out. When I asked who it was he couldnt tell me he then precided to tell me the truth that there wasnt anyone in my vacinity so they were trying to call about to find one to come to my home ... I received a call Thursday at 4:28P from THP no VM was left.

I called back Friday in hopes of speaking w/Kim as I was being transferred the call was released. I called back & spoke w/sales asking questions like whats the protocol when you cant find a servicer in my area how long does it take to get a servicer out to look at the appliance? He really didnt have a direct answer for me.

Today 6/19 I spoke w/a floor supervisor named David he was totally rude to me & tried out talking me. When he stated to me that you have refused their reimbursement procedures I them advised that I was on SSD & couldnt afford to do that I also asked how he would feel if his mother was out of hot water for a week he casually stated it wouldnt bother him at all & that I shouldnt use SSD as a crutch for not using their reimbursement program. I was Livid to say the least. I said a few choice words that I probably shouldnt have I then released the call.

I called back & asked that my contract w/THP be cancelled beginning July. The CSR advised that he would cancel & that I would be getting a refund back. When I asked what the refund was for he placed me on hold for a moment & came back & stated I would be getting 2 months payment refunded if I would resend the BBB complaint I had filed 6/15/17 I advised that I was never going to resend the complaint I advised Im sure Im not the only one this happens to & it needs to stop.

  • Jan 28, 2017

I was sold a home warranty package and also paid for a gaurentee life price yet I ohonee in a problem on the 25th of January and had to call back the next day since not hearing from anyone on a hotwater heater that shut down now this hot water heater was a RUUD and was installed on July 2005 and told finally after making three more calls as to where someone is to fix it and finally getting someone to come on the 27 after they had to set up a company to come, was told the heater exploded out the bottom and after talking to home shield, find out it's not covered. I was told I didn't have to worry about anything when I was sold the package and paying extra for he coverage....Stay away from these group of sellers. they will tell you anything to get you to buy, but when it comes to coverage, they only cover the componets, in other words, the small stuff. here you have a water heater thats 12 years old, and its not coveredand the plumbers that installed the unit came to repair it said well its only covered for five years. appearently they sold me a cheap unit and charged an arm and a leg for it. You buy extra coverage and told that everything is covered and find out they lied to you, its not, just the componets not the hearter, that's not what they tell you.

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