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Tony Mihalopoulos

Country United States
State California
City San Pedro

Tony Mihalopoulos Reviews

  • Sep 4, 2022

I had the misfortune of connecting with Tony on a dating app. Luckily nothing worse ended up happening. He lied about multiple things. He is obsessive over music to the point where it is very juvenile, but that's trivial compared to the scam artist he attempted to be. He posed as a single guy in his late 30s with no children.

He said he went to UC Berkeley and was taking care of his stepdad who was dying of cancer. This is the ploy he uses to try to solicit money. Once he realized I was unwilling to give him money, he cut me off. I stupidly was hurt by this because he came on quite strongly, even stating he wasn't talking to anyone else.

Once I realized that I was a catfishing attempt, I had a lawyer friend use their personal database to look some things up. It turned out he was still married with a child and his so-called stepdad had been dead for over a year.

He was also actually closer to 50 than 40, which based on his photos should have been obvious. He actually does use real photos, although they are dated to try and match his fake age. The only thing legit is he is a fanatic over music.

He has a bunch of band tattoos all over him.

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