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Tom's Tactical

Country United States
State Texas
City Cypress
Address 16635 SPRING CYPRESS RD #513
Phone 512-489-7833

Tom's Tactical Reviews

  • Jul 29, 2020

I had won on a auction to "buy it now” for $800. 3 days go by and no word from seller. I emailed him several times and had heard nothing back. Finally I got irritated with not getting a response because, I saw him on the auction site updating items but yet could not respond to a buyer who had just clicked "buy it now” for his item. I then emailed again saying I was going to file a bpp (buyers protection program) if he could not let me know the update of my part I had paid $800 for! This is right after seeing he had placed the other 2 items that are the same (because he had 3 at first), price at 200$ more. He responded back saying "ok we will cancel your order”. I told him "no I don’t want my order canceled I want the part I paid for”. He responded back saying "order has been canceled and you should receive refund in 2-5 days”. The site I bought it off of through him was gunbroker. He’s a seller on there(Toms tactical llc) He has great reviews and I think they are mostly fake or I think he priced it too low and didn’t want to lose on it... so he decided to handle it this way! I am so pissed

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