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  • Aug 13, 2015

I pay my tolls every month. Now sometimes it might be late, and I do understand a late fee.

But Tampa-Hillsborough County Expressway Authority (THEA) Sends their late tolls by plate

to this Attorney Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson and they want to collect the late payments,

with a $15.00 late plus $2.50 late fee from (THEA). So (THEA) Says if you pay late it goes on your account for

future fees while using the crosstown. Well I have never seen a credit on my toll by plate bills.

Now I have this attorney telling me he wants to collect ; 1ST One goes back to JAN, 2015 For amount of $87.97

+ $7.50 Late Fee, + $ 2.50 for invoice + a $ 10.00 Delinquency Fee.That all came in with 1st letter.

2nd letter: From same attorney. Linebarger Goggan Blair, & Sampson, LLP.

They say now as of July 31st $ 69.50. And a additional fee of $ 15.00 from (THEA).

It also says Notice of Registration suspension for unpaid toll violations!

So now (THEA) says once it goes to the attorney you have to pay them, even though I have all receipts

that go back thru 2014 to current. This is such a scam. You are double billed for a late charge.

I'm tried of getting the run around and this needs to be stopped. I'm gonna turn it over to the attorney I use

Then they also say (THEA) can issue a $100.00 uniform traffic Citation if this is not paid.

This is double jeperdy.

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