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Todd Spodek Law Firm (Spodek Law Group)

Country United States
State New York
City New York City
Address 85 Broad Street, 30th Floor, New York NY 10004
Phone (888) 676-0283

Todd Spodek Law Firm (Spodek Law Group) Reviews

  • Oct 18, 2019

Warning! do not hire the todd spodek law firm!

This is a warning against hiring the todd spodek law firm!

These people are common criminals, dirt bags, fraudulent inducers to contract, liars, lazy, incompetent, and will betray and f*ck you over every chance that they get, if they can make more money off of you.

They are so bad that the us attorneys office and the us department of justice should investigate and prosecute them for racketeering influenced corrupt organizations act (“rico”) with its chief russian jewish mafia leader todd spodek thrown into prison Who knows they might already be under investigation).

They have no attorney-client loyalty or honor, will lie, cheat and steal from you, to the fullest extent of the law, in order to desperately pay their rent and bills and overhead for a staff that is more vampire-like, than professional Because they have no more clients).

Let’s discuss some of the ways that the todd spodek law firm is one of the worst, most unethical, most incompetent law firms to have ever existed in new york city, and possibly the world:

(1) if you are in a criminal case, even if the opposing side or accuser has admitted that they lied, or wants to drop the charges, todd spodek, because he is such an idiot and incompetent, will still force and convince you to accept a “plea agreement” because he lacks the basic communication or trial skills to get the criminal case dismissed;

(2) if you are a celebrity, or a reasonably well-heeled or successful prominent person, todd spodek and his team of vultures will dishonestly contact the press, such as the new york post or new york daily news, in order to give them a “tip” on your case, divulging all of your attorney-client secrets and making your case appear to be as salacious and dirty as possible, making sure that both his name and law firm name appear in the news story, so that he can pretend that he is a “high profile lawyer” and therefore get more business based on your misfortune or bad luck - he will still probably lose your case anyway - look up his results - they are by and large completely and totally dismal;

(3) his criminal, idiot russian gangster “paralegal,” named alex zhik, will literally lie, cheat, misrepresent, and steal from you while you cry, during your misfortune, if he can get you to sign the todd spodek law firm retainer agreement, when he states initially both verbally and in writing, that the fee is a “flat fee” - however soon after you pay their emailed invoice, they make you sign a completely different contract - calling for upwards of $500 per hour that you were never told about, or never agreed to! but at this point it’s too late because you have already

A) paid them;

B) given them your case file;

C)trusted them;

D) told them your entire story; and

E) they have already appeared in court or made it too late for you to hire another lawyer, thus disrupting your case and matter - and if you complain to alex zhik, he will laugh in your face, as only a true sociopathic russian gangster criminal can do;

(4) if you make it past this motley crew of fools, you might be assigned to one of his “lawyers” such as abigail miller, who apparently is todd spodek’s “master of divorce/family law,” when in fact if you dig a little more, you will find out that she was only admitted to practice law in 2014, like 4-5 years ago - in other words not only does she not know what she is doing, but she is a relative neo-phyte and child, and has no real experience, skill or idea about what the hell she is doing - not to mention that abigail miller refuses to either call, email or text you back, even if you are in jail or in a truly desperate situation - yet this is todd spodek’s “star matrimonial/divorce/family lawyer” on staff - run as far as you can from these people;

(5) all the while this frontal gang-rape is going on by these todd spodek law firm staff in the manner described above, you are also getting a*s-raped from behind by todd spodek’s “billing department,” consisting of such bloodless, compassionate-less, automatons such as danielle mezzatesta and noelia minaya who try and bamboozle and confuse you with incoherent indecipherable billing statements and invoices that make no sense, are altogether probably fraudulent, and are basically back-door attempts to pick-pocket you while you are dealing with the above described idiots;

(7) all the while todd spodek, the hyena-like coward running this “law firm,” hides behind all of them, rubbing his hands, scheming and planning on how to financially rape and plunder you while you are in your time of need, so that he can line his pockets with more of your hard-earned money and gold.

If you aren’t convinced already, run as far as you can from this “law firm.”

And if you have already been screwed by them either ethically or financially, do yourself a favor and first do a credit card charge back for fraud, and then write an ethics complaint to either the departmental disciplinary committee first department, 61 broadway, 2nd floor, new york ny 10006, or

File a fee dispute at the nycla fee dispute committee, 14 vesey street, new york ny 10006 -

You can also find their addresses and contact information online.

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