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Todd Hanshaw

Country United States
State New York
City Brooklyn
Address 101 Bedford Avenue #C404
Phone 702-927-8197

Todd Hanshaw Reviews

  • Mar 24, 2017

In the 3rd quarter 2015, loaned Todd Hanshaw of Morfeo, LLC $40,000, which he agreed to repay.

Repayment Terms:

20k via cash/check

20k which would be in exchange for sales performance and showroom use at 2k per month

For the 20k via cash repayment:-

In Jan 2016, Todd Hanshaw wrote me two checks, each for 10k - one he said I could deposit right away (which cleared and was PAID) and another he said I could deposit in a few weeks as he was waiting for monies that was tied up in Paris or overseas as a result of him leaving his job at Phillip Plein (a brand which he worked with). He indicated that it was taking time for Phillip to settle this with him.

I repeatedly asked Todd month after month about the check, often his reply was that the money wasn’t there yet or he was still having issues.

In September I finally confronted him about the check he said I could deposit it and it would be ok. I did so and the check bounced.

He then suggested a way to work off the 10k check, by offsetting showroom fees against the check and the balance of an engagement in Paris (where there was a balance due by me). I agreed on condition that the paris engagement be completed.

Subsequently around mid september, in a review of some accounting records, we noted that Todd attempted to cover up the loss of production samples by not disclosing that he lost some company merchandise 2 months prior.

Once we identified the fraudulent activity, I terminated his services. Due to the fact that he returned my samples he could no longer deliver on the promise of a paris engagement, which made the bounced 10k check in effect become yet again a central issue as monies due to me.

He has refused to pay or settle the bounce check.

Total Balance Due to Me:

10k - Bad/Fraudulent/Bounced Check

16k - Undelivered Pre-paid Services

26k Due.

Including a delivery of zero sales -- unable to sell anything although he advised on what to create because he supposedly had all these buyers lined up for selling.. scam scam scam! He listed VP's on his sales reports, these people are not even buyers, they are executives who don't go to fashion buyer appointments. ripoff!

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